A Half-Empty Coliseum Is Not A Sign USC Fans Are Interested

Mike Bohn talks about “intensity of interest” with the fans. The word apathy gets thrown around by some and they say at least USC fans care.

USC fans do care. But more and more are willing to care from home instead of the Coliseum.

If you look at the dreadful attendance figures the past 2 seasons how do you make the argument that at least USC fans care?

When 40,000-50,000 are coming to games at the Coliseum, it doesn’t mean fans care. It means fans are giving up their tickets and watching games on TV.

I’m sure Bohn realizes this. The window is closing to get this turned around. If Clay Helton isn’t successful, how many more fans will write off USC?

10 thoughts on “A Half-Empty Coliseum Is Not A Sign USC Fans Are Interested

  1. Let me use an analogy here: When I was younger I used to eat at a restaurant that was famous for their pies. They were a bakery first and the meal food was okay enough to give you an excuse to eat there. Over time as wages rose the fresh baked goods started disappearing from the menu. Even the pies were brought in frozen from somewhere in a factory. The food, which wasn’t good enough to keep people interest got worse as real scratch built, became boxed mixed. Soon the business declined until the entire chain collapsed under the inferior product. But before this happened they made a valiant effort to save the business-changing mixes and menus- but nothing could save them.
    USC football has become that restaurant. Their product has not kept pace with the price of admission and honestly they fail to entertain. So people like myself who are hopelessly addicted to USC football still watch, but it’s easier to turn on the tube than it is to commute to the coliseum and fight traffic, parking and security for the right to see one inch tall people playing football 150 yards away.
    Bring back the top notch coaching and the blue-chip players will follow. Bring back the competitiveness and the fans will return. Until then I will grab my pie at the bakery.

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  2. If USC gets beat down in the season opener against Alabama, then I don’t think they’ll recover the fans interest for the season. Because everyone will plainly see, that the Trojans are not a championship caliber team. You’ll probably see family and friends of the players in the stands at the coliseum, as SC squeaks by wins against lesser. and mediocre opponents in the PAC 12, and maybe a blowout win in the New Mexico State game. That’s who Clay Helton is, and that’s who he’ll always be, his history speaks for itself, not Mike Bohn’s comical spins .

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  3. For me personally the product on the field is not worth the price of admission. I have 2 boys who love the game and to love college football on the west coast makes me really proud of them. However, how can i bring them to a USC game after they watch Alabama, Clemson, Ohio St., LSU? They know what we see in the coliseum is most likely 2 inferior teams to what they just watched on TV. Have i even mentioned the price yet? those are some pretty high prices for a stadium that is kinda far away from the field we do not exactly sit on top of the game. Then there is Clay Helton: Eldest son asked why are there always 12 men on the field for USC? youngest son asked how come they always let sweeps go for big gains and touchdowns? So i came to the conclusion that even my 10 and 12 year old can see there is inferior coaching which leads to an inferior product on the field. Point is that current and future recruits can see what is happening and they would rather leave Southern California for 5 years than to play for an inferior coach and program. I guess weather isn’t everything. Bring in Urban Meyer and we will be at all home games and even a couple of road games.

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    1. “….those are some pretty high prices for a stadium that is kinda far away from the field we do not exactly sit on top of the game”-You mean you aren’t pleased with the $315 million Haden’s Folly?


    1. Generalizations such as “Liberals destroy everything” are plain wrong. Incompetent, egotistical, santimonious, self-centered, narcissistic people destroy everything. Coach Folt just happens to be one of these people as does the man who hired her and the coach of the football team. The first two are more open about it than helton.
      In a “Few Good Men” the USMC code at Guantanimo Bay was “Unit-Corps-God-Country”. If helton truly cared about the “kids” – his code would not be “Faith-Family-Football” but rather “Offense/Defense-Team-Faith-USC”. But we all know that what he practices is – “Me first-Brown-nose/USC-Faith-Team”


  4. Unfortunately, after the first loss to Alabama the schedule gets MUCH easier. This team will win and Helton again will look like a champ. It is 2021 when things get back to the way they were.


  5. People underestimate whats going to happen to attendance when the new NFL stadium opens next year. New stadium ? Or spend your money going to The old LA coliseum


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