USC Morning Buzz: Workouts Begin

I hear USC workouts today will have players split into four groups of 20-24. The first group worked out at 7 a.m. USC has not yet announced results of coronavirus tests.

  • Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach will be in Jackson, Miss., to lobby the legislature to change the state flag.
  • Kiffin’s son and father were featured in a USC football Father’s Day tweet:

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Workouts Begin

  1. Im pretty sure that’s the new painting/mural in the mckay lobby commisioned by helton commemorating when he threw the game ball to bohn instead of slovis.

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    1. Blocksaremental — You’re close. The “new mural” is actually Carol Folt throwing the game ball back to Helton….

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      1. You are correct sir. Once i wiped away the tears that automatically fill my eyes everytime I see helton standing on a football field wearing ‘sc gear i could see it was helton readying for a catch by holding his hands palms up like a dude who’s never caught a pass in his life.

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      2. Helton was just afraid that Carol’s pass had too much on it….he wasn’t really trying to catch it —only knock it down to avoid getting hurt…..

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    2. gotroll22’s mom getting her workout on…




      1. Peaceful Moderate Democrat senileobama’s wife tells us that whites are the devil!



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  2. J.K. McKay a.k.a. Lane Kiffin’s babysitter

    Los Angeles Times…

    At USC, J.K. McKay is still Pat Haden’s go-to guy


    AUG. 20, 2010

    J.K. McKay says he is not George Orwell, this is not 1984, and he is not Big Brother watching over Lane Kiffin.

    “That’s not how I see it,” McKay says, “and not how Lane sees it, either.”

    Then McKay smiles, something happening a lot these days at USC’s Heritage Hall.

    “Yes, Lane has been something of a lightning rod,” McKay says. “My job is to keep him off ‘SportsCenter.’ We’ll look up at the TV screen at that little scrawl across the bottom and I’ll say, ‘See, you’re not there. Way to go.’”

    It was barely a month ago that McKay picked up the phone in his Century City law office. On the other end was his lifelong friend, Pat Haden.

    “I remember exactly what I said,” McKay says. “You’re going to do what?”

    Within an hour, McKay had left the law firm of Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Marmaro and returned to the winning sports combination of Haden and McKay. Haden would be USC’s new athletic director and McKay would be his associate in charge of the football program.

    “I was an easy convert,” McKay says. “This is a lot more fun than being a lawyer.”


    The last 10 years have been a nightmare for Trojan football, Pat Haden was a big part of that.


      1. Hey gotroll22-Karen, only you and pudly shit stain would be stupid enough to think that story referring to Lane Kiffin was meant to be breaking news.



      2. Hey senileobama the preachy libtard…. have you noticed even s-head, IQ82 and Clay Russell have abandoned you?



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    1. Question: What do senileobama, s-head, IQ82 and Clay Russell have in common with NASCAR race driver Bubba Wallace?

      Answer: They are all lying cry baby whiner libtards.

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  3. And yes I know that Haden didn’t hire Kiffin, but he tolerated him longer than he should have.

    Haden’s biggest mistake is still with the program.


  4. There’s no way in hell the CFB season will happen with outbreaks of covid-19 happening all over the place. Just look at how cautious workouts are, let alone practices and potential games.

    The season is never going to happen.


  5. I know I am a broken record regarding Markese Stepp, but here is an interesting interview with Markese and Shaun Cody:

    Markese is humble, thoughtful, knows what he needs to work on, and talks about wearing number 30 in honor of a kid he knew who died of cancer.

    Cody likens Markese to Stephen Jackson (Oregon State), whom Shaun believes was more difficult to bring down than Adrian Peterson.

    Slovis, Stepp, Christon, St. Brown, Vaughans, Carr, VM, London, McCoy,…


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    1. Thanks ‘67, he’s a great kid who’s about to have his time in the limelight… now it’s up to his body to show he can handle the load. Sure hope he’s as durable as he is powerful.

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      1. Hey Jack-Pudly76, guess what ? Somebody deleted my post, again! 😭😭😢😢😭😭. Goo Goo Gaga Baby 👶 🍼. LMAO 😂


      2. He is a really great kid. When Markese decomm’d from ND to come to USC, an ND “fan” went ape shit, calling Markese every name in the book on twitter or FB. Markese answered by saying “have a blessed day.” I hope he has a healthy and successful year, and that he goes for 150 or more against ND.

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      3. My only worry is he hasn’t played a whole season in over 3 yrs. I’m hoping this is the year he shows all he can do.

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      4. 67 — I hate to court fate…but…I’m kinda hoping that Markese breaks all records in the Notre Dame game……and rushes for 400 yards…..

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