USC Loses Fifth Straight To Colorado

It was a disappointing start to Pac-12 play for USC, which lost to Colorado, 72-62, at the Galen Center.

Evan Mobley struggled and made only 5 of 14 shots. He finished with 12 points. The Trojans trailed by as many as 15 points in the second half.

USC (5-2, 0-1) had its nine-game winning streak at the Galen Center snapped.

The Trojans have lost five straight to Colorado. Coaching matters.

7 thoughts on “USC Loses Fifth Straight To Colorado

  1. Andy Enfield is a mediocre coach. and needs to be replaced.
    He can’t beat good teams rarely. This team will not win one
    road game in the Pac-12 except maybe a WSU or Cal.


  2. C’monnnn Andeeeee!

    You can’t beat a Colorado team at home?
    You can’t have a game plan ready for a conference opener at home?
    You can’t surprise us by having the team locked in, focused and handle buisness at home?



    1. Not quite.

      But definitely SUCC BB continues to succ, home & away, vs Pac-12 and Non-Conf. big-boy BB competition.

      Andyain’twinning does best with cupcake teams at home.

      When the Mobley’s depart, will Andyain’twinning fire their father?


  3. Thad Boyle is an awesome coach.
    ESPN pregame gametrack had the Buffs at 67%.
    They are a good program.

    Nevertheless, gotta win at home in MBB.


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