What Does Clay Helton Do?

What exactly does Clay Helton do?

Graham Harrell is looking for an offensive line coach. Mike Bohn is looking for a strength coach.

Last year, Bohn hired Todd Orlando and then Orlando hired most of the assistant coaches. I hear Donte Williams was hired via Bohn and his staff, not Helton.

Williams is now the main recruiter.

Again, what does Helton do for the nearly $5 million per year.

Wait, I know. He blames everyone else and fires 14 assistant coaches.

  • Former USC wide receiver Trevon Sidney, who has been at Illinois, just re-entered the NCAA transfer portal.

13 thoughts on “What Does Clay Helton Do?

  1. Like I said earlier in the week (paraphrasing here), there are corners within the administration that consider Helton’s and the football team’s mediocrity a feature, not a bug. As long as Folt and her faction are in charge, there will be no upgrade to the football coaching.

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  2. What does Helton do? He makes every division one football coach look like a genius, while occupying space on the sideline, ducking responsibility for breakdowns in game management and spewing platitudes he doesn’t adhere to himself realizing that each second of regulation football brings $6944.44 to his bank account.
    Does that answer your question!

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      1. You got that right. The picture above of Helton’s arms outstretched shows his Jesus complex. Most players acknowledge their faith by pointing towards heaven, some drop to a knee and pray. But Clay puts his arms out and shouts look at Jesus.

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      2. Shut the fuck up you racist ass bitch! You fucking faggot! As a so called lawyer you are the epitome of systematic racism!!!


    1. Excellent post! I would like to add (piggyback) some of my dejected points. 1) Never have I witnessed a coach that wastes more talent- Paul Hackett never had the talent that Moron has had.2) In my lifetime, I never thought an athletic director would acknowledge the deficiencies of our team,culture,staff etc! 3) go 5-1 against lesser competition & lose at home for the PAC 12 championship to an inferior team that lost @ Fiesta Bowl. After long consideration I have come to the conclusion, It’s our fault the Alumni,Students, Donors, & fans to let this moronic coach continue with his duties. I cannot & will not give a single Cent to the university nor will the I root for my ex-beloved school. I’m hoping that others will demonstrate the same refrain in all aspects to prove to Bohn & Folt that this fan base possesses INTEGRITY!

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  3. Slips and falls in the end zone at the ucla game while trying to corral his own players…?

    Runs nonsensically alone down sidelines making timeout gestures to referees before starts of plays…?

    Calls those same timeouts at bizarre game junctures which demonstrate zero clock management strategy during games…?

    Causes players at best to not develop, or at worst to regress…especially at the QB position…?

    I could go on, but not much of these hold value…so I guess the answer is… not much?

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  4. What I don’t understand about this entire scenario is if Bohn more than likely fires Helton after next season, the new hire is going to want to bring in his own staff. If Bohn thinks he can hire a new coach with the caveat of inheriting certain staff members that Bohn hire previously, he is crazy. There is no way a coach worth his salt would agree to that deal. Once again, USC is the poster boy for dysfunction.

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  5. It is very simple what Helton does?
    1) Promise to compete for Pac 12 Championships.
    2) Praise the lord, and thanks USC for such a wonderful job, and free money.
    3) Brings in little revenue for USC, and the entire athletic department due to the lack of interest in his football program from fans, and key boosters.
    4) Hires Assistant football coaches who are not future head coach candidates so they will not be a threat to taking his job.
    5) Promise fans the entire program is on the verge of something great yet continues to sink year after year.
    6)Recruits only wide receivers and quarterbacks to accelerate the growth of his high powered air raid offense which through time has never produced a championship caliber offense.
    7) Recruits running backs and promises each recruit they will be USC’s next Heisman trophy winner along with Simpson, Garrett, White, and Allen.
    8) Schedules teams with the hope he can play North Texas State, and Western Kentucky every year so his record will remain just above 500 at USC.
    9) Say yes on everything to his superiors Folt, and Bohn with the idea it is best to follow the chain of command rather than make key decisions that will rock the boat.
    10) Sits at home each evening with his wife and family, and says what a wonderful job he has at USC making 5 million a year, and how great it is to have job security at a University which is apparently very satisfied with my sub-par coaching and overall job performance.

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  6. One thing Charlatan Clay has in common with Saban is that both of them have replaced their entire coaching staffs from the 2017 team to the 2020 team. The exception, of course is that Saban loses his coaching staff to poachers. Other schools seek his coaches hoping that some of the Saban magic gets transferred there.
    Clay just fires the guys he brought in when they can’t do the job to save his own skin.


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