Morning Buzz: At Least USC Will Have A Happy Coach

How happy is new USC offensive line coach Clay McGuire?

Here is how happy:

  • Texas State was 2-10 in 2020.
  • Texas State was 3-9 in 2019.
  • Texas Tech was 5-7 in 2018.
  • Washington State was 9-4 in 2017.
  • The Cougars were 8-5 in 2016. And 9-4 in 2015 and 2014.
  • Washington State was 6-7 in 2013 and 3-9 in 2012.

Some questions: Why didn’t Mike Leach hire him at Mississippi State? Did Kliff Kingsbury, who hired him at Texas Tech in 2018, ever consider bringing him to USC? Or to the Arizona Cardinals? Maybe but he never hired him.

Remember I made an Alabama comparison last night: The Crimson Tide are reportedly close to hiring Doug Marrone as offensive line coach. Marrone was only the head coach with Syracuse, the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • Robert Zangrillo received a pardon from Donald Trump on Tuesday night. Federal prosecutors said Zangrillo’s daughter turned in a USC application that falsely said she rowed about 44 hours per week for 15 weeks a year.

After she was accepted to USC, Zangrillo reportedly made a $50,000 donation to USC athletics and paid Varsity Blues mastermind Rick Singer $200,000.

Among those who lobbied for the pardon according to a White House press release was USC trustee Tom Barrack. It would be interesting to hear Rick Caruso explain if a trustee should be involved in seeking a pardon for a case that involved USC.

UPDATED: Barrack’s spokesperson said early Wednesday morning the White House press release was wrong.

“Mr. Barrack had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Zangrillo’s pardon. He never intervened and never had discussions with anyone about it. All reports to the contrary are patently false.”

39 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: At Least USC Will Have A Happy Coach

    1. Lay off! Every one of those teams was in the process of going “from good to great.”

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  1. Hey, it’s called “Pay to (NOT) Play”. But, who cares? A private school should be able to have their own entrance rules or even hidden entrance rules, or fund raising methods. If affirmative action is good for the poor, it is also good for the rich. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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      1. Yes. Thank God for the Public University system……
        —-USA Today

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      2. MG,
        Familiar with higher level thinking, my friend? Memorizing and recalling inane facts are the considered the easiest and lowest level of thinking. Conversely, Creativity and Improvisation rank highest. Not to disrespect or anything, but who the heck cares about King Midas? Question (off the top of your head, do you who were the last two emperor-gods of the Aztec Civilization? Similar question, similar importance. Us public edumacators ain’t all schmucks just like not all lawyers are puss- producing detritus.


  2. Bohn in his resume: “They said hire an offensive line coach, they never specified how offensive he could be. His first words during the interview were F -you, so I hired him. “

    Why I think the clown college title fits better than ever now?

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    1. How can you turn your back on a candidate who’s unafraid of asserting himself?
      [I should add that Arturo could be right about this guy —let’s keep open minds —the Stanford & BYU games will tell the tale]…

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  3. At this point, it is impossible to hire quality coaches to USC. Noone wants to take a chance they will get canned a year later if a new head coach is hired.

    This is the ultimate ammo to replace the head coach. How can he say he will fix problems now? He has no ability to replace any more coaches. In the deep end with no life jacket.

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  4. ALL I SEE AND HEAR IS NEGATIVITY AND HATRED. . About USC FOOTBALL… just like the Demonic Democratic Party taking over America to Divide America .. CRIminal Dementia joe Biden And Communist HARRIS. SAID. ..Joe Will Welcome IMMIGRANTS from Honduras and El Salvador that joe Biden would give them Free Health care and Citizenship in America. ..Getting RIDD of the Border Wall…. while these Immigrants bring in Covid 19 more VIRUS Disease s. This is What Biden and Communist HARRIS want in America. .


    1. Understanding liberal behaviour
      Rule 1. Liberals screw up everything they touch.
      Rule 2. Whatever they accuse you of, they are doing.
      Rule 3. Liberals lie about anything no matter how insignificant.
      Rule 4. If all else fails, they call you a racist.

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      1. The error that some of the people in my life and on this site (all of whom I respect —some greatly) are making is that they assume just cuz one party is bad (the repubs), the other one is good..

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      2. MG, you are correct. IMO, all politicians are POS. All they care about is re-election, not what’s best for the country, state, city, etc. OK, there might be an exception(s) but they are few and far between.

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      3. Correct. There are lots of good people in this country —but they’re not in politics. The terrible thing is some of the best people I know are so innocent they lack the capacity to recognize evil……


      4. Many, many Republicans are rich, successful, and are people to be admired. Speaking in very general terms, however, I don’t see real Christian values in the party (I see judgment more than anything -which isn’t Christ-like. I also don’t see America as a God fearing nation and I am the biggest hypocrite of them all.)However, there are, I reiterate, some incredibly generous, humble, salt of the Earth people in the party and I deeply respect their principles.


      5. Arturo — I honestly am not. Walked today —saw a rainbow, citrus swallowtail, happy neighbors, clear waves and and beach.
        Let’s talk politics in 6 months —when things start to shake out. Lurking in the shadows are Samantha Power and Susan Rice —who see war as a permissible political option. It’s how Libya happened. It’s what they tried to do in Turkey. Let’s wait and see how long it takes for them to get ‘back on track.’


      6. P. S.
        Just saw the addendum, Arturo. Thanks for the clarification. [My concerns still hold, though —- I’m worried there are some very serious hawks in the Biden White House —and who is gonna stand up to them? Jill?]…….


      7. MG-
        I am, by all intent and purposes, a hypocrite and therefore, if I ever resort to name- calling and insults, let me know.
        As far as waiting for things to shake out, I am good with that as long as we keep the generalizations and talking points to a bare, bare minimum. Let’s also make a pact to ask questions and not accuse? (At a big disadvantage here. You are, after all, an attorney).
        OK, my friend.

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      8. Arturo, you need to get out more. I am bitter of not a Gawd damn thing. Stop being judgemental with people you do not know.



      9. Cal 75,
        If I sounded judgmental, my apologies. With a new POTUS being sworn in today and you sounding off on liberals, I drew some inaccurate conclusions. FU and I are cool actually, however, if he, for some reason, directed his ire my way, I’d try to understand why he was so upset with me.
        If it makes you feel better, us liberals have screwed up many projects but it doesn’t mean that we are all screw-ups.



    2. You got one thing wrong, all about, immigrants will come here, not to spread COVID, but to catch COVID from Americans as the virus and all its variants run amok across the country.
      I guess GOD was only kidding when he said to treat well and protect immigrants. What was I thinking?


  5. Why would he work as a OL Coach again for anyone other than Nick Saban????
    C’mon Wolf you know that’s what you wanted to say because it’s true. He would look undesirable to everyone taking roll as OL coach having been in charge and reaching HC status on both levels. Clay Helton telling him what to do? C’mon man!
    But working with Saban he will look rehabilitated as a good hire who can coach again and he will springboard back to a higher position somewhere as an OC or HC.

    You lose value standing next to Clay Helton.
    You become valuable standing with Nick Saban.

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    1. I guess Alabama not having a Pro Football Team (the Tide is, in all actuality, a pro team) contributes to the team’s DEEP POCKETS (Sark was getting paid almost 3 mil).

      Saban is everyone’s Sugar Daddy or just everyone’s Daddy it seems.

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      1. Arturo:
        While I really don’t “like” Coach Saban, I did enjoy listening to his brief summary statement to the attractive female sideline reporter after winning the Natty last week.

        He basically placed ALL THE CREDIT FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE TALENTED PLAYERS’ BACKS and recognized REPEATEDLY their buying into and respecting “the system” at Bama. He’s a Football CEO who also brilliant and knows every facet of the game.

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      2. He was Kiffin’s mean stepdaddy and Sark’s sugar daddy haaa.
        Ed O’s the only familiar from SC’s tree that has yet to call that man daddy.

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