USC Notes: The Rumor Mill

There are rumors LSU cornerback Elias Ricks might enter the transfer portal. If the former Mater Dei star leaves, USC will be considered a strong candidate to land Ricks.

  • The Seattle Times named USC defensive backs coach Donte Williams as one of eight possible candidates for the defensive coordinator job at Washington.
  • I realize USC does not believe in transparency but there needs to be some kind of statement from Rick Caruso or Carol Folt about whether a trustee (Tom Barrack) helped secure a presidential pardon for a Varsity Blues parent (Robert Zangrillo).

There’s no reason to listen to Caruso or Folt on any matter if they can’t deal with issues like this and hope they go away.

21 thoughts on “USC Notes: The Rumor Mill

    1. Do people actually think Donte came to USC from Oregon so he could work for Helton? He came to USC because he wanted to be closer to his ill father. Not sure what his dad’s status is now, but I would think he would want to stick around because of his dad if no other reason.


  1. Doug Emhoff, also known as Mr. Kamala Haris graduated from Gould Law School of USC in 1990. Another Political Carp Schill


  2. I guess Elias Ricks didn’t like when Ed Orgeron stated that, “Just about all the team caught it (COVID-19) and so it is just next man (up).” Guy really cares about his players’ well- being. ….NOT.

    Orgeron was lucky that Joe Burrow fell into his lap.

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  3. I hope maybe we are all wrong and the air raid, implemented correctly, with a balanced running attack, will be the way forward for USC.
    Or at least it doesn’t burn another decade of futility. Unfortunately most writers, whom I respect, believe we don’t stand a ghost of a chance against teams on a national scale.

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      1. Let’s cut to the chase.

        #1 Louisiana State 52 $837,998,969
        #2 Georgia 46 $835,239,299
        #3 Alabama 68 $831,911,428
        #4 California 27 $800,350,104


      2. I fear you might be right this time……


      3. Chip is quietly building a strong Running FB team.
        Our only hope is that they never learn to play defense.
        He actually was building some decent defensive teams at Ore prior to leaving.

        Chip lost the Victory Bell game for his players.
        He won’t make those same mistakes again.


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