Remembering Rich Dimler

This week’s USC newsletter column supplement remembers nose guard Rich Dimler (92).

 “The toughest player I’ve seen in 22 years of coaching,” Marv Goux said.

26 thoughts on “Remembering Rich Dimler

  1. If the Blogger wants to continue to needle the underwhelming Helton tenure and HH, more posts about some of the toughest players to wear the USC uniform would be welcome.



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  2. Just watched the UCLA Spring game. This is a team to watch out for this season.. They led the league in rushing last season, and have everyone returning on their offensive line, plus a good qb in Darien Robinson Thompson. Chip, knows he must win this season, and seems motivated to prove he can coach. Sadly, I don’t see that in Helton who acts as if he is a professor with tenure, and secure regardless of how many wins and losses he has this season.

    The better UCLA gets the better our chances of getting rid of Helton sooner. I see the Bruins as a definite contender to win the Pac 12 South Title along wit Arizona State and Utah. SC can win it also, but will not contend unless the Trojans improve the running game which is doubtful with the Air Raid offense we run.

    You are hearing it here first. UCLA will be very good this season.

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    1. You’ll be proven right or wrong in UCLA’s game against LSU…

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    2. I think the leading running back for UCLA returns also.
      There will be no problem for them putting points on the board.

      Recalling the Dux days, Chip paid little heed to the Defensive side of the ball…

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    3. tommyd:
      We’ve noted on this site that the UCLA offense would be a juggernaut since the night we beat them Dec 12, 2020.

      Thankfully the hapless Harrell offense put 33 points on the fighting Chippies in the second half of the game to get the epic “W.”

      Your warnings and predictions are duly noted.
      Will ASU finally produce as expected now that Herm has had 4 full years to build the program?

      Will Wittingham finally come through and produce the dominant Pac12 South program AND BEAT a PAC 12 North team?

      These are the dramatics going into 2021.
      Me? I still cheer unrelenting for my guys to win every game even if the style is not reminiscent of the 1960-2009 Trojans.

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  3. Sorry about that it is Darien Thompson Robinson who might be the All Pac 12 QB for UCLA. this season.

    USC needs a mobile QB which would really help a team with a very weak offensive line. Ivan the Terrible Helton needs to wake up teams can defend the air raid very easily especially inside the 20’s unless a team has a mobile qb.

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    1. tommyd — what are the chances of an offensive coordinator who played in an Air Raid offense, who totally believes in that offense and doesn’t know anything about any other kind of offense recruiting a mobile QB?
      What would he do with such a QB?

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      1. We should ask Jaxson about that the odds of being recruited by Harrell.. if memory serves me right, he’s pretty mobile.

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      2. Okay. Great point. Not that I’d trade out Slovis for Dart at this point —Slovis is a fine quarterback and he’s saved our asses many times —but I like the idea of making things harder on defensive coordinators —-right now, it’s pretty easy to prepare for the Harrell’s offense. [The fact it’s theoretically easy to defend against a pass heavy offense, though, hasn’t made it all that easy to beat us… Harrell is doing something right…… and Dart is gonna make things a LOT easier for Harrell in 2022…if Harrell is still around]…..

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      3. While I’m all for mobility, I’d point you to bama’s qb this season as an example of not necessarily “needing” one. But with our running game it would be helpful.
        I’d still say tho that primary function of the qb is distribution based on availability, or taking what the defense is giving. If any qb can’t get the ball where he should, doesn’t matter how quick or fast they are. He’s gotta be a passer first, everything else is frosting on the cake.

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      4. That’s mostly true, my friend. And that’s why Slovis is mostly the answer….Although…..

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      5. If memory serves me correctly, Darnold was quite mobile and did well when scrambling. JT–less so. I think Slovis is actually reasonably mobile–he is JUST SO COMMITTED to getting the ball to the playmakers (his job) that he sits around the pocket a “tad” too long. Sam was similarly inclined.

        But yes, we all have high hopes also for Dart (and for Moss).

        I can hear the play-by-play…
        “Jaxson under pressure….eludes the rush….breaks into the open!”
        “Scrambling….Dart darts for 15 yards.”

        With apologies.

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      6. Remember that phrase we used to hear about not particularly fast QB’s —-who not only survived broken plays but wound up completing the pass?: “Escapability”

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  4. As a Jr high and high school kid 2 hrs outside the LA area I watched the re-broadcast of every Trojan game on Sunday afternoons. I think it was KTLA with–of course–Tom Kelly on the simulcast. Knew the outcome, but it was must-see TV. First time I got to attend a Trojan game in person cost me $8,020: $8000 for the tuition and $20 for the student season ticket.

    Those teams from 1970 to 1979 had brutally tough D-linemen and LB’s, with absolute thieves in the Secondary. Rich Dimler was the spirit beast for the era, I suspect.

    Each year a group of freshman would come in and be mentored by the upper classmen (I believe).


    As a Jr, I watched Joey Browner quietly mentor the newbies in 1982. His work ethic and craft were exemplary. Always alert and on target during film study of the opponent. He was the last hold-over from the Lott, Smith, Fisher contingent. Nate Shaw was also an awesome DB coach. Very much under-recognized and under-appreciated.

    Goux pretty much assured that the D-line and LB crew played with the intensity of their 1960’s/1970’s predecessors. There was a distinct change from the 1982 practices (JR, Goux, Houck) to the 1983 practices, and it showed in the outcomes.

    Mentoring. Pass it on.

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    1. Great stuff. It’s worth remembering that it’s not just WHAT is said to the players at practice….. but WHO is saying it. It’s a fact of life that some coaches inspire and motivate….and some don’t.
      Helton doesn’t.
      It’s amazing to me that this fact doesn’t seem to bother ‘coaches’ Folt and Bohn.

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  5. Just sayin the UCLA has a good chance to win the Pac 12 South this year it does not matter if they win or lose to LSU because the Pac 12 sadly is no longer a factor in the run for the National Championship race.

    This year UCLA is as good or better than USC which means there is alot of parity in the Pac 12 this year. What happened last year or the year before does not matter especially when we need “closure” on Clay Helton as our head football coach. The days of USC dominating the conference are over especially with Helton as our CEO so I see alot of teams beating each other which will work in our favor showing Helton the exit door.

    The USC football program we are seeing today is an insult to the rich USC powerful football history we know from the past. No way USC should just be competing each year for Pac 12 South titles with the lower programs like UCLA, Utah, and Arizona State. Yes it is hard to accept, but the other programs in the conference are moving forward, and improving every year while USC has fallen asleep with great memories from the pastm but with no foundation to build a new future.

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  6. And as the wind blows, so goes the election… newsome with a not so subtle motive??

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    1. I believe the term for this is actually “misappropriation of public funds”….

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    2. Pudly76:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but…*
      I understand that the $40B budget surplus must, by law, be redistributed back to the taxpayers.

      Newsome mandated that all taxpayers earning less than $72,000 last year will get a check back from the CA gov. He specifically and undeniably included undocumented workers in the give back plan. Now if I were a high earning California income taxpayer not included in the refund plan, I’d be somewhat “ticked off.”

      *I don’t pay CA income taxes, but do drop $20,000 a year on prop and sales tax in CA.

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      1. Bourbon — correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t there been countless years where —although a ‘surplus’ COULD have been declared —- the state found itself in the ‘red’ by claiming newly discovered liabilities? Of course, the governor wasn’t getting recalled in those years……

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  7. Alabama does not need a mobile qb with their offensive line it is just icing on the cake.

    Clay Helton should be the next governor of California both of them expect to receive free money.


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