Discuss The USC-San Jose State Game

Just a couple quick thoughts for this post:

After listening to all the propoganda during training camp, USC goes into the fourth quarter against San Jose State with a 13-7 lead?

Are you kidding me? That was the best Graham Harrell can do? The new-and-improved Kedon Slovis didn’t exactly dominate either, throwing two touchdown passes.

Is USC just going to underachieve with Clay Helton no matter what?

  • But the most egregious thing Saturday was the announced attendance of 54,398.

Does Mike Bohn think USC fans are stupid?

There was no way 50,000 showed up. There might not have been 40,000. That is why Brandon Sosna was promoting the student section. He knew no one else was coming.

53 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-San Jose State Game

  1. The first half demonstrated the lack of USC coaching. San Jose State proved that notwithstanding the lack of first level recruits, with first level coaching, it was possible to keep it close. Only the better talent, not coaching, won the game for USC. Good luck when better coaching and a first class recruiting class meet USC. (Or should we say, Texas Light West.)

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    1. Jaxson Dart should transfer to UCLA, that’s the only way he’s going to develop into a pro prospect…it ain’t going to happen under Helton.


      1. Oh and, had LSU played USC yesterday, they would have curbstomped the Trojans.

        Slovis throws like a fucking girl, no zip on his passes, she’s developed into chuck & duck 2.0


    2. Listen boys, I trust in our Athletic Director and our Head Coach. They are good men of faith and will keep our undefeated football team going strong. To all you negative commenters, keep your hate to yourselves! Besides, have you seen our beach volleyball team??!! National champs. Out of 358 D1 colleges that compete in the NCAA, only 17 have won National Championships last year. USC won 3! I’d say that is success in every sense. Go Trojans!


  2. I have no doubt, after the performance I expected and saw today, that this will be Helton’s last season. Contract until 2023 or not. This is it. He’s toast. Has to be. If not, Folt really does steer this ship. And steering it into mediocrity, or worse. And I think she enjoys it?

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    1. There is somethig strange going on here. Every time Helton calls a time out the players lose momentum and the team does badly, if he would just stay out of it things would be better. Kiffin would do the same thing.


      1. The same thing happens with pudly, everytime he hypes a recruit/player, they end up being crap.

        Those two idiots Helton and pudly must be related.


  3. Worst thing that happened to Clay Helton was UCLA smoking LSU and the media spending the next week talking up Chip Kelly and the “gutty little Bruins.” Clay’s got the paysite sycophants, the LA Times guy and maybe still the guy from The Athletic no one has ever heard of – and he’s been slipping of late.

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    1. Yes, Clay KNOWS this is gonna be a very long year. That’s why he looked like he was gonna bust out crying at halftime when he got asked a hard question: “why can’t your team score from the 4 yard line?” Clay’s little lip started to quiver and he jogged off. He looked more upset than Hillary did at the Benghazi Hearings.
      But–don’t worry —Clay is busy right now thinking of ways of pinning this on the NEW assistants….

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      1. sow beats two teams that were barely .500 last year and they’re crowing like they’ve won something…

        Wow. sow doing work.


  4. Another uninspired performance. Very boring and disappointing game for a multigenerational USC fan to watch. I just finished watching the LSU vs UCLA game and based on the performance of both team I believe UCLA would easily beat USC at this point.

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    1. We’d have to get a lot more physical, a lot more balanced and a lot more disciplined to beat UCLA….

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      1. STFU NO NOTHING PIMP. Bullshit, LSU way over rated with same
        mediocre team as last year. Orgeron can’t beat ucla which cost him
        the head job at USC.

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      2. I don’t agree with you often, but Coach O is in trouble, BIG trouble. anyone putting great stock in beating 2 .500 teams has to be a ruin.


    2. They beat a bottom mountain west team in Hawaii and LSU team that finish 5-5 last year 4th place in SEC west this is not national champ tigers Lol


  5. We learned:

    Helton is Helton – some things will never change

    London is London, he will be double-teamed from here on out, so need to look elsewhere for other receivers – plenty of talent at that position, including Washington.

    Plays still take way too long to develop when Slovis goes through the progressions

    Could have had a disaster with Nixon fielding the punt on the one, and then letting another bounce 25 yards to the one.

    Pass rush was night and day different when Drake Jackson was on the field

    Could have a good rushing game this season, need some explosion from the o-line

    As much as we like Coach O, he may just have been at the right place at the right time with Joe Burrow, who could have made anybody (maybe even Clay) look good. Long year in store for LSU – no running game.

    Georgia and Clemson was a dud. Game of the day was OK and Tulane.

    Congrats to Markese Stepp, 100 yards on 18 carries. Not quite such a good day for Stephen Carr, 19 carries for 57 yards.

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    1. Agree, agree, agree, 67!
      Can you imagine what a legend Orgeron would have been if he retired after going 15-0 or whatever it was to win the NC? The poor slob who came after him would he left holding the bag.
      You’re 100% right about staying away from plays that make Slovis hold on to the ball too long —he’s gonna get creamed…and we can’t afford it.
      [And you know as well as I do Dart is gonna get NO game time until he’s forced to go in by circumstances beyond Helton’s control].
      When Nixon screwed up players were laughing with him on the sidelines as soon as he came outta the game. There is no killer instinct on this team. Would you have killer instinct if you played for Helton? He’s a joke.

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    2. Markees was about 25% of the Nb offense last week also–though he only played a few series.

      My devoted Husker friends think Frost is an idiot.
      Friday night I suggested to them that they give Stepps the rock 30 times a game.*
      Hopefully the message got through.

      *If he can stay healthy.


  6. I thought SC looked good. I thought SJS was a real good team. But it was the defense that won this game for them. Offensively, they looked better. The run game was better than last year. I’m still not convinced that they have a really good run game. They struggled in the red zone and they were not consistently mounting drives. They punted 5 times. I’d like to see them take the ball from under center in certain situations. It was good to see them start throwing to their tight ends. I still say what I’ve said before. They’ll be an exciting team but they will finish 3rd in the Pac-12 south. I think that Utah will win, UCLA will finish 2nd and probably USC but maybe ASU will finish third. SC will lose to Utah, ND, UCLA and possibly ASU. Maybe I’ll change my picks later on in the year….who knows….but that’s to me right now.

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    1. I didn’t agree with you on USC’s final Pac 12 standing…. until tonight. We have to bring some balance to our attack or we’re cooked this year. And…guess what?…that would require physical play from our O-Line…which we’re not likely to get. That whole unit is completely lost out there.
      How did Helton not see this in Fall Camp? He was jumping around all smiles before the game….and was totally deflated by halftime —he couldn’t see this coming? Didn’t he watch at practice? The O-Line Coach has done nothing to improve this group.


  7. SC is not the most talented team in the Pac-12 anymore. According to the 2021 247 sports NCAA Football talent ranking, Oregon is now 8th in the nation and SC is 9th. Both of the schools have outstanding talent but neither one of them have great coaches. Clay Helton is average, at best, and Mario Christobal is better but far from great. Chip Kelley is, by far, the number one offensive coach in the conference. He’s an offensive genius. Graham Harrell is not in the same universe with him. He reminds me a lot of Norm Chow with all his shifting and motion and counter plays. The problem is that Kelley does not have the players that SC has. To me, the best coach in the Pac-12 is Kyle Whittingham. Herman Edwards is also a good coach although I wonder how well they will do practicing without 2 of their coaches who are on leave because of the possible sanctions. But if this whole NCAA thing had not come up with ASU, I would surely pick ASU over SC. I may still pick them. Jonathan Smith from Oregon State is also an outstanding coach. The guy from Colorado is a good coach too, or at least, he’s able to establish a good running game which is something that SC has not been able to establish since Pete Carroll and maybe Lane Kiffin . US will lose to Utah, UCLA, ND and possibly ASU(not sure about them because of possible sanctions). I predict that they will go 9-3(at the max) and possibly 8-4 and that’s with a weak schedule.


  8. HOW did LSU Get Ranked at # 16 when having a Losing record last season. 5-5 in there conference. Overall like 5-7. PAthetic. Ucla has played CLUELESS Hawaii. And now LSU that had a Losing record. Making Ucla look good…. at the Rose bowl. Not an Away from home football game on the Road.

    USC needs Offensive Line man Recruits that are 4 and 5 star. That can BLOCK and Push the other teams Defense backwards. To pickup first down s. Over and over to move the Football into the end zone. .

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  9. WELL, SC DEFENSE ENABLED SC TO ALWAYS HAVE A REAL SHORT FIELD, and score a TD; sjs q/b is way over rated, can’t hit his WIDE open receivers,who can barely catch anyway, they are not winning any conference title this year…
    on ucla that q/b is gonna’ lead them to a 2nd or 3rd place finish , maybe 1st in Pac12 south,chip has coached them to surpass sc this year, at least at beginning part of the season…stanford was dominated by kansas st, an under rated team…but stanford is a better team than sjs. I figured sc to go 7-5, maybe 8-4,still looks about right.
    LOOKED LIKE A 1/2 FULL STADIUM,EVEN WITH all the 1/2 price ticket specials,and freebie ones…maybe 35,000

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    1. it is like hellton disease is even more catching than that political flu that is still the plan to ruin any possible voting that is accurate


  10. > Hi football fans, usc starts a little slow but does whats needed to win the first contest of the season! a conservative first game is very good way to begin the season! sincerely, Edward ps way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Team stats pretty even. With its talent, USC should be crushing teams, let alone non-P5 schools. This is Clay Helton’s and Mike Bohn’s brand of mediocrity.

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  12. As I have been saying for a long time the problem is graham harell.

    The defensive line is also a weakness due to injuries and transfer at nose tackle

    O-line was not horrible. It is the limited scheme. Kedon is not heisman winner

    3-4 losses and ugly wins. Time for clay to get fired. Fire him early and save the recruiting class Jaxson dart or Miller moss as QB next year

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  13. Quietly a few years ago Clay Helton made the decision to convert USC to the pass happy Air Raid offense which was the worst mistake in USC football history. We all know he then hired Graham Helton to install this offense without apparently doing his homework, and what’s worse breaking away from a strong USC history of physical football, and a balanced offense.

    In year 3 the offense is getting worse. Defenses especially in the red zone know USC is going to pass, and will do everything to defend, and sealoff the middle of the field throughout the game which is the No.1 objective of the air raid attack. We have been through several offensive lines coaches. The true problem is at the top we need to get rid of Graham Harrell, and Clay Helton who brought this terrible offense to USC, and although it builds some nice stats for the QB, and receivers it will not make us competitive on a national level, or get us even in the playoffs.

    Like most of you I watched the UCLA-LSU game last night, and even though I hate UCLA I must say Chip Kelly has a balanced offense attack on offense with a very solid offensive line built with 3 star recruits. If you watched the UCLA offense line it is quite clear they won the game for the Bruins with some excellent fundamental offensive line blocking, and teamwork with the guards, tackles, and center opening holes that you could drive a truck through. UCLA will win alot of games this year because their primary goal is to run the football, and use the pass as a change up to keep the defense honest LIKE USC use to do in the past.

    USC, will win some football games this year because the defense is much improved, but they will not win the big games or make it to the playoffs until Graham Harrell, Clay Helton, and this terrible Air Raid offense are shipped out of town on the first Greyhound bus. A perfect example of two “nutty professors” stuck on their invention even though it is clearly not working, but the truth is inventing a new offense was not what USC really needed in the first place.

    We have a chance to beat UCLA since we play them at the Coliseum, but right now as I told you all before the season the UCLA program is curving upward, and it just might be a magical season for the Bruins after a very long wait under Chip Kelly. USC needs to make changes we cannot wait for the two “nutty professors”, and this air raid invention that is clearly not working.

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  14. Another wasted year of SC football under that idiot fraud Gomer … USC football dead since the Kiffy/Suck disasters and buried under stupid Gomer.

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  15. Agree about Harrell. Choose an offense that complements the players you have, don’t force an offense on players when it is not the right choice. And what is Harrell’s offense? It is not Mike Leach’s offense, it is not Urban Meyer’s version of the spread he ran at Florida. Whatever Harrell is running, it needs to go.

    FWIW, the second and third quarters of yesterday’s were an eternity. Like watching paint dry, grass grow, etc.

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  16. As bad as the offense looked, the defense will keep them in the games, the offense will hopefully get going. I have them winning their first 6 games before going to Notre Dame . After that good luck. not impressed with UCLA beating LSU, The Tigers were not any good last year and they’re not gonna be any good this year. They are ranked 16 because they are in the SEC no other reason. The Bruins will lose at Utah maybe here against Oregon and maybe at Washington who just lost to Montana.

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    1. how’bout them bulldogs from fresno?
      anyway LSU ‘always’ struggles with q/b play except 2 yrs ago when that boy grew with the “O” to be the best in football…losing their starter had too hurt.


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