I’m Bringing Back A Blog Tradition

First, some housekeeping. Tomorrow, I’ll have a report card on the USC-Notre Dame game.

I actually forgot to do one for the San Jose State game (who cared?). And then I wasn’t really motivated after watching USC play plus I didn’t feel that great.

But now I’m ready to bring back the tradition. So tomorrow, the coaches beware!

  • Carson Palmer dropped Mike Tomlin’s name on the Dan Patrick Show today. I’m going to investigate this but NFL coaches rarely leave for a college job.

17 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Back A Blog Tradition

  1. Those who question Scott’s love of USC oughta take notice of the fact he never whined about his health while putting out memorable pieces on USC history and updating us on his thoughts about Bohn, Clay and Wild Bill Harrell.
    Mighty glad he’s feeling better (& hope he’s past whatever was ailing him) and looking forward to the Notre Dame Report Card. [I think it’s probably best the entire Trojan Coaching Staff, QB, O-Line, Defensive Line, Defensive Backs & Linebackers spend their time on other blogs tomorrow]….

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    1. The Biggest Loser Of All Time

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      Pranksters have already defaced Trump’s new social network.

      Truth Social has some hypocritical rules for a Trump-run site as you would expect: It reserves the right to ban users if they criticize Loser Trump or his Crime Syndicate family…so much for Free Speech

      The Idiot Loser Trump touts the site that has already been hacked and shut down as a site where anyone can practice Free Speech, so the Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump lies straight out the gate…as usual.

      No wonder Trump where’s his pants backwards, his head is so far up his ass they have to leave the zipper down so he can breathe…


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  2. Read these quotes and laugh, or cry.

    Truth be told, USC interim coach Donte Williams said, he didn’t feel like the Trojans lost Saturday night. “I feel like we ran out of time,” Williams said. “I feel like if we had another quarter, there’s no telling what could have happened.”

    “We made way too many mistakes against a really good football team,” Williams said. “Way too many mistakes in all facets. Whether it was special teams, offense, defense, coaching. We. We all made mistakes, and we took turns making them, and that’s the example you get.”

    Williams went on to say the same mistakes shouldn’t be made by the same people in the same program. But they keep happening.

    The end of the game wasn’t the first occasion USC “ran out of time” Saturday night. That came during a head-scratching sequence to end the first half.

    The Trojans had a fourth-and-2 at the Notre Dame 47 with 39 seconds left in the second quarter. The first time USC was about to attempt this play, Notre Dame called a timeout. The Trojans came out of the timeout, almost let the play clock run out and ended up calling their third and final timeout right on the back of Notre Dame’s timeout, a gaffe that would have been bad enough.

    Then USC picked up the first down on a 10-yard Keaontay Ingram run. That was fine, except Ingram carried the ball on the next play, too, with 27 seconds left and no timeouts. Another poor decision. Slovis scrambled on the next play and picked up the first down, but by then there were only three seconds left, and USC failed to get a spike off in time, leaving three points on the board right before halftime. It was all a mess.

    Williams said he wanted the ball spiked on the play Slovis scrambled. “They were trying to hurry up, and Kedon called a play,” Williams said. “He scrambled and thought he could come back later and spike the ball. But at the same time, that play you have receivers way down the field so it’s hard to get everybody back, so you can’t spike it.”

    That decision was bad, but the choice to run the ball with no timeouts the play before wasn’t great either. Williams said they ran the ball by design because Notre Dame was dropping eight men into coverage. Offensive coordinator Graham Harrell said they wanted to throw the ball on that play. So the explanation is unclear. Meanwhile, Slovis, a third-year starter who should have some good clock awareness, placed the blame upon himself.

    “Some miscommunication from the sideline. That’s my fault,” he said. “I thought we would get the first down, the clock would stop, we had three seconds left and be able to spike it. The chains weren’t set either, but I guess they ran it when the ball went down. I didn’t hear a whistle or anything, so that’s on me again. … That’s my fault as a quarterback. I’ve got to get everyone on the right page.”

    “We just have to finish, be more physical,” Ingram said of the red-zone issues. “I feel that was one thing that over the bye week that Donte kind of preached about. I feel in the second half we were more physical this game. Just finishing, taking advantage of the opportunities and maximizing them.”

    When USC did get the Irish into third-down situations, Notre Dame converted 8 of 12. The Trojans didn’t help themselves with pass interference, 12 men on the field and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, either.

    “It’s the handful of plays when you play against a good team,” defensive coordinator Todd Orlando said. “I told them how do you feel when Washington State plays you well in the first half, and then they gave up a strip sack and an interception and the game is completely turned around. When you’re playing a good team, you have to be exact or at least have to be in the ballpark on third down and just making the routine plays, and we didn’t do that.”

    hahahahahahahahahaha, aaaaaaaaaaaah FUCK

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    1. Mike Bohn is going to have Clay Helton, Graham Harrell, Todd Orlando and Donte Williams attached to every resume he fills out, he better make goddamn sure he makes a homerun hire with the next head coach or his name won’t just mud…it’ll be shit for brains.


    1. Little Petey Pom-Pom in now 2 – 5 at Seattle. If you wish to recruit a Loser/SUCCer as Clown U New HFBC, Little Petey’s the guy on the short list.


  3. Mike Tomlin would be an outstanding get. He won a Super Bowl.

    100% sure he would not bow down to Nikias/Folt/Caruso or Bohn.

    Not sure he is interested but there is always hope and prayer.

    Happy to hear you are on the mend Scott.

    Not to preempt you but my grades are F straight across the board.

    Please add a new category – “Accountability” – Add Nikias, Haden, Swan, all BOTs, Folt, Helton, Bohn and Sosna!! These buffoons are all responsible for the demise of USC football.

    This team has no leadership either. In prior years, someone on the Defense would be a leader. This year you get celebrations from DBs when a ball is overthrown or a DE who is a Jr declaring in training camp that this is his last year.

    I will there on Saturday to see a victory. If we lose to winless/happless AZ, then this team will go down as the worst USC has ever fielded!!!

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  4. Other blog traditions we’d like to see:
    – Proofreading
    – Comment moderation. Sometimes it feels like the same four schoolchildren flicking boogers at each other over and over again.


    1. “- Comment moderation”

      – The Editor


      The Editor obviously graduated from Trump University, where he excelled in Neo-Nazism, Fascism 101, White Nationalism and as a Hater of Free Speech…besides being a well known misogynist and closet lover of men


  5. hi fans, well tomlin wears glasses and is dark !? how about thompson in the drive way in california ??????????? on a bicycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Edward


  6. hello sports fans, aahhhh a sun spot today!!!! 8 minutes to earth?????? the sun spits out that energy very fast!!!!!!! sincerely, E tomlin is seedy profootball scum bag!!!!!!!


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