USC-UCLA Picture Of The Day

Where is the common sense/fashion sense?

I was going to run a picture of a past game but got distracted by this atrocious jacket on sale at the USC bookstore.

45 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Picture Of The Day

      1. When she was younger, she danced with her right leg and then with her left leg, between the two of them she made a living.
        That is a thought you cunt ansee. (Spell check error somewhere)

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      2. I once talked to a local sports TV news anchor in small market Iowa city at a bar in Newport Beach. He and a mutual friend from OC had both been kicked out of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. This guy had had sex with over 300 women including one with no legs. The question is: would Iowa Anchorman have had sex with septuagenarian Carol Folt!? Without a doubt!

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  1. University of Tixas Student observation:

    “Let’s just say every time you drive by UCLA on Sunset Blvd., you will see people selling star maps on street corners. it’s right beside Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, etc.”

    “And when you drive by USC they offer bail bonds.”


      1. James auld stick, 99.9% of the students you refer to know Clown U is located in a ugly, urban ghetto. They also know bozo u is the only Univ./College in the US to offer degrees in urban graffiti design and territorial tagging.

        #SUCC FB: Thrice reclaimed swine lard

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      2. But they still don’t know that UCLA is the regular season tenant of a stadium that only matters in the general public conscience as the site of Fighting On to glorious triumph (you frequently say the same in your own way with respect to Pauley vs Galen)…

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      1. ownsie, I wouldn’t know anything about diapers. But if you need to unburden yourself of that knowledge, we are all here to listen with a sympathetic ear.

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      2. Just Rent,

        Do you remember the greatest cheeter of all time, Johnny Cheetin Wooden wearing those Thirft Store jackets. You talke about tacky but that is what you get when you are paid by ugly. Just Rent, I feel sorry for you.

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  2. USC students used to dress well for college students. I’ve seen them now, many of them EWWWW! Even sketchy on the Row… The book store kinda reflects that too. Can’t find a decent USC ribbon belt.

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    I wonder if the designer could use the same material and pattern to create a mini -skirt for Carol Folt. The wild bright pattern might cover up her ugly legs. If not, that 70 year women should be waring pants at all times.

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  4. Just noticed on the Tommy Cam tonight that the Trojan Knights are really guarding our Tommy Trojan from Bruin vandalism.

    The defense they are putting on together is definitely better than the defense we will see on Saturday in the football game.

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  5. The jacket actually comes from Art Bartner’s early days when the uniform sported those goofy colors and Greek border. He ordered them for his assistant directors, but like Batman had to order 5,000 to avoid suspicious people. He told the school it was where the price break was. The new guy found four- thousand or so in a locked closet in Bartner’s office. The price is only $100 more than each cost originally.
    I just read these facts in an article on the inter web authored by A. Lincoln.
    Another article took twenty minutes to read about how much Dart likes to fish. He’s going fishing at the Hyperion plant after the game.
    See I know everything.

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  6. To MG–

    I have bad news, partner.

    I have officially been banned from the
    Allen Wallace blog titled TrojanDaily

    So that means I am all yours– whether
    you like it or not.

    The problems now lie with Wallace. I was
    positioned to win his betting contest for
    $150 next week. I think in there may lie
    a lawsuit.

    Second, but not yet finished with this guy,
    I have meticulously kept copies of all
    writings on that blog for 3-years, and I think
    I am going to put together a little ol’ booklet
    of 3-years of exchanges with Wallace–

    –An SC boy, you know the kind that gives SC a bad rep.
    Not all of us are overly-egotistical. And most of
    us are pretty nice.

    And how about comparing writing ability of Wolf to Wallace.
    Well, that might be 2 peas in a pod, but Wolf gets the nod. Or
    in the words of America’s humorous writer, Mark Twain, “I’d say
    his writing skill is about back-water rural Louisiana grade.”

    Anyway, enough of that nonsense, I mean, this whole
    thing is 1/1000 of my life, it is like 2 flies on the back of
    a rhino in importance, or the effect a pea has when cast
    into the ocean.

    But I did have 5 pieces of writings on that blog deleted these past
    days by the blogster, a pattern of his 3-years running. So with
    your permission, I reprint some of that stuff here. (As a side note,
    it is great to be here on this blog. Freedom of speech reigns
    here, although sometimes it should be reigned in. Say what you
    want about Wolf, and you usually do, but Wolfie lets you punch
    away at him without a whimper. Don’t you just hate a
    thin-skinned man.)

    Got my ticket, first live game for me since 2019’s shellacking of
    sucla, throwing for more than 500 yards and 4 touchdowns. Now
    that was fun!

    Speaking of sucla, what do you think of Doughboy, the sucla
    football coach– you know, the one who has lost 2 in a row to
    SC and Helton (of all people). You just know Doughboy is biting
    to try to outwit SC, and he has the dogs and Midget-Bears to do
    it this year. But he might be a bit worried about this
    running-and-slinging freshman quarterback standing in his way.

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    1. I too, was banned from Allen Wallace’s cheesy blog a month so after the initial blog launch. I proudly wear a “I was banned from Allen Wallace’s bozo blog,” button on rivalry game day.

      Allen is a petty, little twit and typical of most Clown U Grad/FB Rah-Rah fans. I have no doubt Wallace owns several bozo jackets.

      Mr. Wolcott, consider yourself liberated.


    2. What I like about the Wolfman —with whom I often disagree — is the fact he tells us what’s REALLY on his mind. His first impulse is to tell the truth as he sees it. He doesn’t give a fuck if he’s offending someone or he’s taking a position out of the mainstream. That makes him one in a million in terms of sportswriters. [One in a million, btw, is a lonely place to be —but I suspect Scott wouldn’t have it any other way]. This is slightly off topic …but… I’ll always admire the way Scott handled his recent medical leave —no sentimental excuses, no details —he just sucked it up and got back as soon as he could. Like a MAN.
      It’s great to have you back, John! And this certainly is the time for you to make the jump. In the next month we will either win or lose a game against our most unholy rival …and gain or lose an opportunity to turn the corner in the quality of coaching at USC. Either way…LOTS to talk about!

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      1. P. S.
        IF Dart wins this game —with these players and these coaches — he will immediately become a first tier USC hero.
        The way to take this game is with Ingram, QB scrambles & short passes — no more jump balls, we don’t have the physicality to win those battles. If Harrell can’t see that he’s dumber than I presently think he is…..

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    3. I was thinking it was a joke when it was announced that they had banned you. I wonder did he warn you? I usually read all the posts and don’t recall anything too controversial. I am pretty sure the page states that we are to be allowed to express our own ideas. I know I quit once because nobody responded to my posts. I don’t like being ignore because I’m really seriously important and witty. Anyway I’m sorry to see this happened.

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  7. Wish ‘SC was “Yesterday U”. This jacket exemplifies what’s happened to ‘SC. It’s thrown away tradition to be “woke” and gaudy and tacky. On a tangential note, SMU and TCU in their failed attempt to join the PAC 12 (why I don’t know) pointed out that they don’t write out the “Methodist” or “Christian” much anymore. What will USC do to make itself more reflective of it’s break with the past? University of South China maybe? Enjoying my online Bama classes as part of Operation New Alma Mater (not 100% on this, waiting for the BOT war to conclude and the selection of the next HC to make it official). lol Don’t wanna jump the gun but Roll Tide!


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