Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week


Declan Manz

The 12-year-old (supposed) USC fan got Dorian Thompson-Robinson to autograph a UCLA hat after the QB scored a TD Saturday.

Chip Kelly

He can’t beat teams with winning records but a bad team like USC is no problem for him.


Little did they know when they scheduled USC for a Thanksgiving game how gutless the Trojans would play this season.

Justin Wilcox

He probably can’t wait to play USC in Strawberry Canyon on Dec. 4.


Todd Orlando

This guy deserves a medal for what he did to Drake Jackson the past 2 years.

Donte Williams

What is he worse at? Being a cornerbacks coach or interim coach?

Mike Bohn

He has played his part in creating this mess in 2021 by waiting too long to fire Clay Helton, hiring Todd Orlando and installing Donte Williams as interim coach. Oh, and he hired the strength coach too.

Lindsay Gottlieb

While most of you were focused on UCLA routing USC at the Coliseum, she was at the Galen Center getting throttled by Missouri State, 67-41. Missouri State?

The media

Some repeated USC’s claim that 68,152 were at the Coliseum even though they saw the huge swaths of empty seats for the UCLA game.

46 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of Week

    1. Let’s include the kid who got the autograph from DTR, too…..

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  1. insulting peoples intelligence and powers of observation is the current occupation of sc and political leaders…and they still demand loyalty to add further insult,or brand you something for good measure.

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    1. Tim — As you can tell from ‘fuck you’s’ posts, USC & political leaders aren’t “insulting” everybody’s intelligence….

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    1. This isn’t journalism. This is public relations which should be labeled as a “Paid Advertisement” for appearing in the Los Angeles Times. Ryan Kartje is perfecting the art form of the puff piece.

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    2. It’s fun to go overboard on the criticism here. That’s what we do 24/7, actually. And I’m proud to say I’m part of it. But maybe we should give nuance a shot once, say, every few weeks. Mike Bohn is NOT the “fucking idiot” we like to pretend he is. He’s a nice man …who wants to fit in at USC…and stick around for another few years. Unfortunately, that’s not what USC needs right now. We need a Jack Bauer. We need somebody with the killer instinct to clean out the deadwood …AND not replace it with more deadwood….

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      1. …no matter what the absolutely “on the payroll” L. A. Times writers have to say….

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    1. Urban Meyer would been the Burt Reynolds character —the one who sends an arrow right through that asshole’s chest…..

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  2. Gee whiz, I am feeling all spiritual and everything last night, and then Scott Wolf’s word has upset me. Life’s emotions can sometimes be a

    I feel like a parent and Scott is but a mere child. Do not ever again use the word “ugly” to describe my boys’ efforts. Please. — They try, and they try very hard, you have no idea Scott.

    Hey Scott, remember as kids we would play street football, and sometimes we would be getting our asses kicked. I would always slow down in a hopeless cause. What did you do?

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      1. Ha! That’s what I said to my younger brother! [When we finally took the lead he said, “We’re blowing up in Notre Dame’s face!”]….


    1. On the bright side, we can spend this upcoming special long weekend with the people we love, instead of glued to a TV watching a dominant USC program whip ND or UCLA.

      However. Soon…

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  3. Scooter,

    The big time boosters need to get together and go and see Folt and Bohn and ask what is going on, how they plan to fix the probelm, and what direction the program will go. Tell them in no certain terms, that if things don’t improve, neither will the donations. This is horrible.

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    1. NICE SPIN!
      Can you keep an eye on this for us?

      I have predicted that the lil $#iT will wind up a dropout at El Camino JC.

      Remind me of the last UCLA QB who has succeeded in the NFL?

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  4. Everything is proceeding according to Carol’s plans:

    (1) destroy the toxic masculine sport of football

    (2) rename everything on campus and cancel every white male ever associated with USC

    (3) send out tweets reminding undergrads about daylight savings time changes

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    1. And [in case nobody picked up on yesterday’s contempt] she’s also in complete charge of USC “putting out more papers than UCLA!” Wowsie. Our profs are putting out papers! In what world does that mean crap?
      Show some leadership in an area that means something, Folt.
      btw, Sorry Bourbon. Sorry Charles. Site isn’t allowing “likes” for you today.

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  5. Winners:
    1. USC fans clamoring for a power run game for the past 5 years. Your voices have been heard. Our O-line is showing that they CAN Run block! Keontay’s efforts will go a long way to helping us in the RB recruiting. Really proud of Mr. Ingraham.

    We still have the cachet to recruit the #1-5 PP QB each and every year. For some of you, might be able to beg for the Dual Threat QB (ie, Corral!) I find it humorous that Matt Corral leaves USC the day we sign JT Daniels, and now Corral is a Heisman candidate.
    (and JT is still being JT). Either way, still a great QB school.
    Unfortunately, every time we hire a QB-centric HC–Tollner, Hackett, Kiffin, Sark, Helton–we becomes LOSERS.

    2. Gary Bryant JR. Stepping up. Nice recovery after knee surgery!
    Really proud of GBJr.

    3. Dart. Nice showing so early in his rep collection. The last INT was brutal, and you could see him chastising himself. Build back some leg strength and watch out! (Remember Rodney Peete injuring himself his Frosh year?)

    4. McCree (sp?). On the catch-no catch he showed great athletic skill!
    A lot to build on.

    5. USC recruiting vs Ducks.
    Hire the kick @$$ HC and beat the Dux in all phases.
    Oregon has hit its ceiling, and it is the lack of offense scheme THIS time. Flowe, Sewell, Thibidoux must be wondering WTF?

    Pac 12 CFB.

    Kliacoff (sp) and Merten Hanks. Their only hope is a CFB playoff expansion.

    WRU. So many drops. I do not know if there is a talent shortage at WR (speed, ability to break open in the zone) or if Colbert cannot coach up this group.

    BYU FB: they thought that they would get to show-case their coach and their program on a marquee Thanksgiving day game. In August, it looked like two 10-1 teams playing for a top 5 ranking. Now they get
    “pac-12 afterdarked.” Sorry Cougs.

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    1. Hey! I was allowed to “like” a Bourbon post!
      Regarding our receivers — no, they’re not first rate cuz they don’t know how to handle having a hand in their face at the moment the ball arrives —but we’d be fine if we had Bru back —he’d take the heat off them. [In what world, other than USC, does a student go into student court and not come out of the process for a YEAR]?

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      1. Patient: “Doctor, my arm hurts when I move it like this”
        Doctor: “Then don’t do it”

        Moral, don’t go into student court.

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    1) BRU McCoy
    2) Kenon Christian

    Maybe Mike Bohn can give us the answers like he always has in the past.

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    1) BRU McCoy
    2) Kenon Christian

    Maybe Mike Bohn can give us the answers like he always has in the past.

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  8. I don’t get it with McCoy. He commits, he flees to tx, he comes back, he gets into hot water never to be seen again. If it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck.

    Hasn’t he heard of the transfer portal? I’d be hasta la vista.

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  9. Many times I have heard about changing the culture, and the result is no change in culture.
    Always easier said than done!


  10. Wrong Scott. We have our first Black head coach, who may or may not be mentally challenged, but that first went to Helton, and a Chicano DC and an inbred hillbiIIy OC, and we have a Jewish lesbian heading up the women’s hoop program… our AD is a mannequin and our university president is a troll.

    ‘SC is now the embodiment of those PAC 12 commercials, where it is explained that we are not an institution of higher education, research, excellence or even an American institution; we are a global progressive trailblazer of corruption and wokeness under “the” rainbow flag, rewarded by Morty Zuckerman at the USNWR with his arbitrary higher ranking, one slot up each time USC egregiously harasses and silences alum, students and faculty alike for not toeing the line.

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    1. Maybe too clever by half & not strictly point for point correct….but way too close for comfort, global.


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