Are You Getting Badgered By USC To Buy Season Tickets?

Some USC fans report they have been called as many as five times this by the athletic dept. to buy season tickets.

That’s called a “hard sell.” Maybe they should just play the Mike Bohn clip on each call: “Are we gonna have some fun with a guy like Lincoln Riley or what?”

  • Tailback Raleek Brown of Mater Dei is supposed to announce his college choice at 1 p.m. He decommitted from Oklahoma earlier this week. Wonder where he will go?
  • One of the worst parts of Monday’s press conference was the way Rick Caruso, Carol Folt and Mike Bohn patted themselves on the back before introducing Lincoln Riley.

Radio host Petros Papadakis said they tried to “exonerate” themselves for the pitiful state of the football program this season and that’s exactly right. None of them ever explained why they could rescue football two years ago, which would have spared all the pathetic memories of the 2021 season.

39 thoughts on “Are You Getting Badgered By USC To Buy Season Tickets?

      1. In Scott’s kitchen hangs a post -it: “Drive bb fans crazy by posting 4 seconds after first Enfield loss….

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      2. Scott’s life is in ruins. Riley is his worst nightmare. Young, smart, rich, hot wife and king of college football world. Enfield has a team destine for playoffs and continues to be the anti-Scott. (Successful and employed)

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  1. i call the scool alot to get me a couching job,may be they dont want ol’ed a round the kids and theyre pumkins,ever sense that one time poeple all ways say ed u stay a way from them kids!but i got some good idees but they dont want to here them,jus want my moneys but i aint got none cuz the policy take it and they dont give me no job, smdh!

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      1. Remember the Chris Farley “motivational speaker” character on SNL? The guy who lived in the van down by the river? I think Ed is a motivator along those lines.

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    1. Ed –if it’s any consolation there are about a dozen other USC coaches who feel the same way today…

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  2. We need to see the new product first before we make a new committment. It’s been too long since the product has been good.
    Show me some wins, and we will come back but not before.

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    1. tommyd,

      I was thinking of the same thing, I want to see one season before I commit to buying tickets again. I want to see discpline on the line, no personal fouls after knocking down a pass, I want to see determination on the oline by knowing what they are doing and it shows. I want to see defense go three and out consistently. I want to see improvement

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  3. If not firing Mr. “food folks & fun” sorry “faith, family & football” two years ago resulted in the current climate at SC over the last few days, it was worth it.

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  4. The pre-dawn meeting started right on time. Jack Swarbrick, the Notre Dame athletic director now in charge of finding a new football coach, walked into the front of Isban Auditorium of the Guglielmino Athletics Complex at 7 a.m. Tuesday and introduced Brian Kelly, the ex-coach who called his players together for one last goodbye.

    The room was quiet, save for a few players shuffling in their seats and a few faint “good mornings” to Kelly as he walked to the front of the room.

    There, according to a video recording of the meeting obtained by The Athletic, Kelly delivered a three-minute, 42-second speech without notes in which he thanked his players, did not mention his new destination by name and explained how he felt like it was time for him to take on a new challenge:

    “Good morning guys. Thanks for getting up here in short order, short notice. As you know, I sent out a text last night trying to give you as much notice as possible given the circumstances that we all know that happened relative to social media and information getting out. And look, I know we’ve been through this together — I recruited virtually everybody in this room — and I want to be able to tell you, face to face, why we’re at where we’re at. And that is, very simply, that the past 12 years have been the most incredible 12 years of my life, for me and my family, being here at Notre Dame. Magical in what we’ve been able to build with the most incredible student-athletes, the ones that I’m looking at right now.

    “And so many times, people looking for a reason to blame, or it was a reason for something — there was nothing here but first-class in everything that Notre Dame has done for me and my family. I saw my time here as a blessing, working with incredible men on a day-to-day basis. But there comes a time where you look in your life for another opportunity, and I felt like it was time in my life for another challenge. And I saw that opportunity in a very short window and felt that it was best for me and my family to pursue a new challenge. And so there’s no one to blame. There’s nobody that’s at fault. Nobody did anything wrong. You guys have been the backbone of this program in what you’ve accomplished and will continue to do that.

    “I think you’re one of the four-best teams in the country. Jack is going to get somebody that will continue to lead this program in incredible fashion. I don’t know what it holds for us moving forward, but I hope to heck it means that you’re playing for the national championship, because you absolutely deserve it.

    “So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every one of you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you directly, because you don’t get that chance very often, and to thank you for allowing me to pursue what I love to do, and that is develop 18- to 21-year-olds. And you will continue to achieve at the highest level and have great success no matter what moves forward for you. So again, thank you, I love each and every one of you, and for me, more than anything else, it’s a sad day, but one where I know that each one of you are gonna do great things and you’ve got more to accomplish. So I wish everybody here the very best, and thank you for the opportunity that you’ve given me and my family. Thank you guys, appreciate it.”

    He took no questions. He didn’t meet with the staff members who were present. He walked toward the door to his right, then made a long, awkward climb up the auditorium stairs, passing his former team on his way out — on to start the next act of his coaching career, leaving Notre Dame to pick up the pieces and process everything that had just unfolded.

    The room was dead silent.

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    1. I can’t believe what I just read! I’m furious! Kelly had no right to change jobs! When a coach unilaterally decides to leave one university and enter into a contract with another he has “consigned himself to the dustbin of history along with the other murderous dictators who have been on the wrong side of history!”
      [Sorry –I got worked up and couldn’t catch myself before sliding into a George Bush speech about Saddam Hussein]…..

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    Some of our defensive backs have signed a statement saying they’re so upset about losing Donte Williams [since everyone knows how wonderful things have been up till now] that they plan to play out of position on Saturday and let receivers get behind them for big gains, if not touchdowns…..

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  6. After looking at tape today of Mater Dei running back Raleek Brown I am truely excited. HE IS RICKY ERVINS- WITH EVEN MORE SPEED. Former USC running back Ricky Ervins was one of the best, but least talked about great USC football players.

    He is going to make his announcement today after decommitting from Oklahoma earlier this week. No. 2 running back in the country.

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    1. So much for the idea of USC not paying attention to the run game next year…


  7. IF USC DOES NOT PLAY BALL ON SATURDAY – I WILL NOT BE SURPRISED, and I BLAME THIS ON DONTE, AND ORLANDO. I now agree it is best to clean house completely after Saturday’s game, but I still see Graham Harrell and Clay Maguire surviving due to the long time connection with Mr. Lincoln.

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    1. Agree on Harrell.
      The Oline seemed to be improving, so if Riley can’t get his OL coach from OU to come and feels that McGuire can do the job, I see no problem with that.
      McGuire Has only been here for this year and given the overall mess involved, I think he did a pretty good job.

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  8. Michael: Brilliant statement!!
    Your are correct we should not worried about USC performance on Saturday vs Cal. The USC football team will perform exactly the same terrible way they have performed all season so there should be no surprises with the same coaches in place. The cancer on the team started in September, and due to poor coaching leadership by Orlando, and Donte it has now spread, and the program won’t be “cancel free” until the conclusion of the 4th Qtr in Berkeley on Saturday.

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    1. USC 2021 Football Team:
      “Nobody tells us to play football when we don’t want to! We reserve the right to go out the way we came in!”

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      1. Abe Lincoln Riley, should let it be known that he will be evaluating performance, effort, and discipline at Saturday’s game against Cal to determine who stays and who gets pushed out next season. That should motivate a few of these losers.

        I’m more convinced now more than ever that we need a complete house cleaning of the stench that was the Village Idiot and his coaches and players.

        The program is in such bad shape, the LE’s first season is not going to be fun and the second may not be pretty either. He needs to rebuild the trenches and install a new culture.

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      2. Lincoln became head coach of Oklahoma after Oklahoma had an 11-2 season (which he immediately matched). This USC gig is a whole different thing. He’s inheriting a spoiled and lazy team. I’m positive Lincoln can turn this around but, unfortunately, he’s going to have to employ a modified version of the kind of tactics Colonel Kurtz applied in Apocalypse Now –“what some people might call ruthlessness… but really is only seeing your duty clearly and carrying it out like a soldier.”

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  9. The pitiful state of this years program may be the reason why we made such a home run in hiring Riley. I don’t know about Caruso but the pitiful state of the program has nothing to do with Folt and Bohn. It was in a pitiful state when they got here. I blame that on Nakias, Haden and Golf boy.

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