USC Sends Five To NFL Combine

USC is sending five players to the NFL Combine:

  • Keaontay Ingram, RB
  • Drake Jackson, LB
  • Drake London, WR
  • Chris Steele, DB
  • Isaac Taylor-Stuart, DB

That’s not a great number but if you compare it to the list below, you might think USC was a 4-8 team last season.

By the way, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay lists London as his top wide receiver.

Most players invited to 2022 NFL Scouting Combine:

Georgia 14

Alabama Oklahoma 11

LSU, Texas A&M 9

Arizona St, Cincinnati, Michigan, Ole Miss, Penn State 8

Baylor, Kentucky, Ohio State 7

Iowa State, Oregon, San Diego State, Virginia Tech 6

Arkansas, North Carolina, Notre Dame, UCLA, USC 5

The full list of combine invitees is here.

20 thoughts on “USC Sends Five To NFL Combine

  1. USC will change all that beginning next year with many pro prospects on the roster. I see Drake Jackson going very late in the last two rounds. The guy was vastly overrated at USC.

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    1. I don’t agree. The coaching staff completely misused him, negatively impacting his numbers. I look for an NFL team to use him based on his strengths, and expect people will be asking in a year or two how this guy went so low in draft.

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      1. Yep…and I’d much rather be looking forward to 2022 than looking back fondly at 2021…..

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  2. Other schools were in bowls. Another clue as to the Clay Helton Effect; taking talented HS players and coaching them down. Folt and Bohn kept that guy around 2 years too long.

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      1. I want to say Helton got a $700K/yr contract at Georgia Southern plus another $4.3 mil from USC (after mitigation) through 2023. Failing up … nice work if you can get it. USC should figure out a way to retroactively fire Coach Hugs for-cause.

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