Why Did Vic So’oto Leave Colorado?

When I talk to Pac-12 coaches about Colorado, it sounds like a mess.

A lot of players have left. Coaches seemed unhappy.

Former USC defensive line coach Vic So’oto was hired Dec. 30 to coach the defensive line but quit to become outside linebackers coach at Cal.

Colorado coach Karl Dorrell said So’oto left to be closer to his family but So’oto disputed that on twitter.


My take: So’oto decided he needed to get out of Colorado, even if it meant not coaching his natural position (defensive line).

3 thoughts on “Why Did Vic So’oto Leave Colorado?

  1. According to talk radio, there’s a P5 AD who has Eric Bienemy at the top of his HC list go 2023. Anticipates firing coach after next season and putting out feelers re Bienemy through an intermediary. I immediately thought of Herm and maybe Whittingham if he retires. Colorado is a house of cards and EB played there and also coached there during #TheBohner’s time.


  2. The Athletic director at Colorado should’ve been fired the minute he named that bone head idiot, Karl Dorrell his head football coach. I can’t think of on qualification that Dorrell had that would warrant him to be named coach, he is literally a football imbecile, which was made very clear during his tenure at UCLA. And if he’s replaced by Eric Bienemy, then the whole University of Colorado administration should be replaced.


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