Drake London First Receiver Off Board

Well, all that talk about his injury and seperation speed turned out to be NFL gibberish as the Atlanta Falcons selected Drake London with the eighth pick. The Falcons obviously didn’t have doubts about London.

USC has had four receivers taken in the top 10: Mike Williams, Curtis Conway and Keyshawn Johnson.

29 thoughts on “Drake London First Receiver Off Board

  1. Funny how MG earlier brought up the name Mariota, and now that great Hawaiian quarterback will have the equivalent of an all-pro wideout AND
    Jumpin’ Jack Drake London to throw to. Atlanta could be interesting this year if they can defend.

    Also, from a selfish standpoint, this is good for SC in that kids know if they can catch a football they should become Trojans.

    And what Drake went through rehabbing what looked like might be a career-ending injury adds a cherry on top of his NFL cake.

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  2. London should thank his lucky stars that the great talent evaluator Clay Helton recruited him and coached him up to be the top 10 pick in the NFL draft!
    Thank you clay helton for taking a slow-footed basketball player and making him a first-round draft choice.


    1. I’m with you all the way Fat Fact Flap-Jack.

      In fact, if it weren’t for Clay and his 7-year regime, SC would never have landed Wiley.

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    2. ugh,but ol’peenus breth u wuz so sertin that no one wuold wunt him,geuss u wuz clooliss abuot that jussed like u iz clooliss abuot who ur dadey iz,smdh

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      1. “Jolly good shot, I say! Right in the hull! Boom! We are taking on water and going down! Could you be kind enough to swing by and pick us up?”

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  3. The upside to Drake is to much to let pass by. I figured he would go top 10, and I think every team considered what they would do if he was available when their turn came up.

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  4. The Falcons will come to regret selecting London at #8. He’s to slow and lumbering to be anything more than a possession receiver – hardly worth a top 10 selection. Is it any wonder the Falcons SUCC.


      1. …so close….and yet so far…


      1. P.T. the 1st round isn’t the only round in this year’s NFL Draft.

        BTW, how’s the Piglet doing these days. I believe the Piglet was informed by Carolina’s GM of the team’s intention to draft a QB – OUCH!



  5. Agree with OWNS -London might have a tough time in the NFL despite being a very physical receiver. I see a long career, but not a Pro Bowl type receiver. To me Robert Woods is one of the best receivers to come out of SC right there in the top 5, and yet he did not receive all this artificial hype coming out of college you see in players today.


  6. My Facebook memories go back 10 years or more. Today’s memory from ten years was that USC had only three players in the draft (assuming that day but I can look it up) the bright lining was Ucla had none.
    Facebook memories never fail to amuse. How many first round kids were from Ucla this year? Anyone? Anyone?


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