USC Morning Buzz: Kenan Christon To San Diego State

Former USC tailback Kenan Christon is expected to transfer to San Diego State.

Christon is from San Diego so a move back home makes sense.

He is a loss because he didn’t just play football, he was a contributor on the track team. Christon also had explosiveness, which seemed to be lacking from most tailbacks at USC in recent years.

But it seems like he was deemed surplus to requirements after being involved in a student altercation that led to a suspension. The suspension was later reduced on appeal.

Christon is also an example of how USC tends to discard any player involved in any type of student-conduct issue — whether they were in the wrong or not.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Kenan Christon To San Diego State

  1. Why USC football does not stand behind their players is beyond my understanding. I hope with this new HC and staff that loyalty will run both ways. USC needs to stand up for their students, not condemn them without a fair hearing, which several players did not receive in the past.

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    1. This isn’t a coaches problem.

      It’s because Nikias transferred all discipline into the hands of the Student Affairs Council. And some of the people there have an agenda.

      Before, if you screwed up, the HC disciplined you, e.g. running wind sprints, suspended for a game or two. Now, the HC has no power to do that. If you screw up now, the Student Affairs Council decides on the punishment. And they don’t have to listen to what the coach recommends.


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  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s more productive at San Diego State then any of the running backs at USC. He never had the opportunity to display his talents in Clay Helton’s system, but he’ll prosper in Brady Hoke’s run first offense.

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  3. Greetings sports fans, well Doncic when you miss your first 4 or 5 3 pointers stop shooting that thing !? you have a bad habit with that shot!? you be trying to win the game not padding your point average !!!!!???? Regards, E

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  4. Scooter,

    In the old days, McKay would have the player cleared of an issue within 24 hours. He then would rund judgement on him. Now, you have these panty waists or wastes in office and they are so Political Crapped and Correct, that they will find the person guilty before they even know what happened. Get rid of the Wokeness and Political Crapness.

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  5. Right, so knowing that SC doesn’t take well to shenanigans “right or wrong”, maybe watch yourself when you’re on scholarship?

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  6. A big loss. I predict that he will be a big star at SDS. Another casualty of the feminazi filled student conduct committees who hate men, especially USC football players since they get so much attention and we don’t have a womans football team.


  7. Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that the kid couldn’t hold on to the ball to save his life? Explosive? Sure. Dependable? Hell no.


    1. Reality.– Especially sports fans and political fans, reality is superimposed by “What do I think about this, and the heck with anybody who disagrees with me.


  8. I’m surprised that a guy with that speed and strength did not place in a power 5 conference. I can’t recall a guy who was more f’d by Helton than Christon.

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  9. USC will have no trouble scoring points in 2022.

    Here’s to hoping Christon has a great career at SDSU, graduates, and maybe gets a chance to play in the NFL.

    With a real HC/OC at USC, he likely would have had a great 3-4 years with >2000 yards rushing and >1000 receiving and signed a nice NFL contract. He did not deserve the treatment he received at USC.

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    1. True, but that was the late 1960s-early 1970s when players were about 40 pounds lighter than they are today. Besides, Garrett was in the
      Top 5% of running backs, and Kenon has yet to prove he is in that class.


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