NBA Finals Forum

It’s Game 6.

Can the Warriors possibly wrap it up in Boston?

Or are the Celtics still in good shape if they win tonight?

Danny Ainge is in the house. Good omen fo Boston?

Below is the real Boston Garden.


16 thoughts on “NBA Finals Forum

  1. I’m watching The Old Man with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow on FX. I think quite a few of our regulars would enjoy it.


  2. Looking forward to the College Baseball World Series……….Don’t care about the NBA the season is too long, very boring, and the players don’t play hard every game.


    1. You racist idiot. Large majority of black players in the league .
      This website is really pathetic with all the dumb hateful posters.


    1. “I’m not a complicated man. I like cinema. In particular, I like to see people f*cking on film. But, I don’t want to win an Oscar and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass and lollipops in my mouth. That’s just me. That’s just something that I enjoy. Call me crazy, call me a pervert. But, there’s one little thing that I’mg going to do in this life and that is I’m going to make a dollar and a cent in this business.”

      Philip Baker Hall, ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Seinfeld’ star, dead at 90


      1. Yeah, saw him a couple of nights ago in Air Force One.

        The few lines he had in the movie could apply today in real life:

        Hall: The president is not merely out of contact. He is also under duress.
        His family is held hostage, possibly himself a hostage. It creates an incapacity to discharge the office under the 25th amendment. Surely just as if he’d had a stroke.
        Glenn Close: I think the president would dispute that any incapacity exists.
        Hall: It exists if a majority of the cabinet, including yourself, says it exists.

        Let’s face it. He was installed with the idea they could immediately push him out and insert Kamala. Once it became apparent how useless she is, the plan changed.

        Someone should ask him to blink twice if he’s in danger and being held against his will!

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      2. I remember AFO but not PBH. Very prescient dialogue. Gary Oldman is great in everything he’s in.


  3. I’m fine with the NBA, Nascar, NFL, MLB, WNBA and their social statements. I’m fine with JDR’s recent statement.
    I’m fine with Kobe’s “I can’t breathe” statement.
    Not gonna deprive myself of the joy of watching great performers excel at their craft.

    If one wishes to stay in the locker room during Our great County’s National Anthem, then sit in the locker room.

    Steph Curry was a joy to watch this season, and his grit and determination and skill versus Boston was memorable.
    I feel fortunate to have watched him play (in person this season, also).


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