USC Roster Moves

With a new roster out, there are already some omissions.

Offensive lineman Maximus Gibbs is listed as a departure. Remember the huge deal the fanboys made when Gibbs participated in one play on defense last season and then ballyhooed his return to the O-line? Gone.

  • Australian punter and incoming freshman Atticus Bertrams is also not listed on the new roster. Do you remember how bad the punting was in the spring game? Walk-ons are going to fill that role now.
  • As I wrote about last month, wide receiver Michael Jackson is officially wearing No. 9. That means Caleb Williams finally paid him off for No. 13.
  • Here are numbers for players who arrived this summer:
  • 3 Jordan Addison
  • 8 Zion Branch
  • 14 Raleek Brown
  • 14 Jacobe Covington
  • 17 Jake Jensen
  • 18 Eric Gentry
  • 26 Fabian Ross
  • 27 Bryson Shaw
  • 34 Carson Tabaracci
  • 37 Devan Thompkins
  • 41 Garrison Madden
  • 51 Solomon Byrd
  • 71 Cooper Lovelace

20 thoughts on “USC Roster Moves

  1. Unretire the old retired numbers. Give some preferential treatment, but otherwise deadweight. Everybody’s going to remember OJ wore #32 and Bush wore #5. No disrespect.

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    1. Players wanting to wear #32 could pay for the privilege each year and make the checks out to “Fred Goldman-in settlement of OJ’s outstanding judgement”.

      I’m sure that debt is weighing heavily on OJ’s mind. 😛


      1. Mommy Mommy I wanna wear my special number or I’m gonna cry 😭 Mommy Mommy, I don’t want to travel cross country to play a football game 😭😭😭

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      1. ugh,i dont now abuot wut the missus ed think but a felow payin anuthur felow fir servisis is some thing ol’peenus breth nows all abuot,smdh

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    1. Anybody old enough to remember the Married with Children episode where the dad gave his son People Magazine with Whoopie on the cover to keep him from thinking about sex?

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      1. I should add that I agree with So Cal that Whoopie was once a real presence in films —she brought sincerity and intelligence to dramatic roles and, of course, she knew comedy. Now she’s just a spokesperson for the Far Left who feels she has to cater to a very specific “constituency” to stay on the air. What a waste of talent.

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  2. Yeah Charles. I thought it was weird then and unthinkable now. Frankly, I think there are a number of actors in Hollywood that have been professionally successful and I don’t know why. Whoopi is one of them. Liked her in “Ghost” and that is all. She is unwatchable on “The View.” Think of all the talented actors and personalities out there that are busing tables, never got a break, and here is Whoopi with all her millions and list of grievances. Really a shame.

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    1. Color Purple was great. So was Sister Act.

      But the best movie she was ever in was actually a musical in which she had a somewhat smaller role, Sarafina. It was based on the student uprisings that occured in Soweto in 1976. The younger members of the cast held the featured roles and were amazing!

      But she’s become Jabba the Hut since. So it’s hard to associate her with those roles anyway.

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      1. Do you freely comment on male actors bodies too, or do you feel entitled to trash talk females only? I suppose you consider yourself a hot commodity right? Seriously, you pathetic.


    1. Antonio Morales: I was told WR Makai Lemon is not visiting Texas A&M this weekend but he and Malachi Nelson committed/decommitted to/from OU around the same time and committed to #USC around the same time. So if there’s any uncertainty about Nelson’s commitment, Lemon would be worth monitoring.


  3. greetings fandom, current baseball a lack of talent hitters weak ?this bellinger player one year wonder now a 206 average! the pitchers must have grooved the the pitches down the middle for him that season ? Regards , Edward


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