USC Suffers Defensive Line Injury*

Tailback Raleek Brown (ankle) dressed for practice but worked on the side with the strength coach at the beginning of the workout.

Defensive tackle De’jon Benton, who led the defensive line in tackles vs. Rice, had his left arm in a cast and was not fully dressed for practice.

I’ll update this post when Lincoln Riley meets the media.

UPDATED: Riley said Brown might play against Stanford.

“We’ll see. It’s Tuesday. I’ve got to see how these guys evolve. He was able to do quite a bit with us today.”

Here is what Riley said about Benton.

“Another guy we’re hopeful can do something for us this week, if not next.”

  • USC is ranked No. 12 in the coaches’ poll.
  • USC moved up to No. 10 in the Associated Press poll. The Trojans were 14th last week.

37 thoughts on “USC Suffers Defensive Line Injury*

  1. The one lineman that stunk the least on the Trojan defensive line is out vs Stanford

    Cardinal rush for 400 yards, but still lose.

    Caleb Williams rushes for 88 yards and passes for 320 4 TD’s

    Trojans 40

    Cardinal 37


    1. T-boner….. if the trees fail to reach 400 rush yards, you need to flush your head in the toilet and promise to never post on this blog…..

      #mediocrity (same shit every year with the ruins)

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    2. hi john, steveg49 want me to play eney meeny mighty mo between his peenus n my pinky finger to drill my posterior cavity, so i pick finger cuz it bigger 😀


  2. This is disheartening, USC should be No 1, Hands down we are the best team in the country, It’s going to be an amazing year watching Caleb Williams win the Heisman, Trump go to jail, I’m already looking into securing my seat to watch USC reclaim its spot in the CFB National Championship right here in LA!

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  3. 66-14. USC could have scored over 70. Great to have a real coach back in the driver’s seat.

    And so much for the trolls claiming Raleek was out for the year with an ACL. He left the field with ice on his ankle, it was never a knee issue.

    Keep moving it forward, let’s beat the trees on Saturday.

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      1. Benton has a wrap on his wrist which will not keep him out of any games. The ankle has gone unanswered as of yet, but I bet Brown plays Saturday, somehow.

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      1. Michael, outside the top 3 teams, I think it is largely up for grabs this year. No coach is a miracle worker in one year, but the ceiling for USC is very high. Caleb is a generational talent, including his ability to lead a team. Night and day difference between this year and previous years.

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      1. I agree Releek is too valuable already nightmare for defenses. Let him take a week off and strengthen the ankle, because he makes precise cuts. Don’t want to see him at less than a 100%.


  4. I would anticipate a slightly different approach being taken with the USC defense. Stunts, and a few blitzes. All USC needs is a great game from the edge and the linebackers. If the D line gets any pressure on the Qb, which I think they will, going to be a long day for Shaw. How do they stop the USC offense? They don’t.

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    1. The only way ANY team can stop USC’s offense is to interfere with our receivers …. so expect the Stanford corners to gamble that the Pac 12 refs let them get away with it [like they did last year —to the point Drake London was frustrated as fuck with the officiating]….

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      1. There are tapes circulating of Shaw [and Kelly] telling the d-backs “interfere on every play —nothing will happen —it’s all taken care of…”


  5. I’ll be heading to the Farm on Saturday for a close up look
    at this years’s crops. Hope to get a glimpse of the world’s largest manure spreaders along the way (Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok).

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