If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

With each passing week in the NFL, more people wonder how Clay Helton didn’t win more games at USC when he had Amon-Ra St. Brown, Michael Pittman and Drake London at wide receiver.

  • USC might finally land a four-star offensive lineman. Elijah Paige of Phoenix decommitted from Notre Dame on Thursday and USC is believed to be his new favorite.
  • Are you a K-Pop fan? Free concert tonight at USC!


Pool’s Sandwiches, 6920 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

There’s something about a well-lit restaurant circa 1938. Especially when you could get chili and beans for 20 cents. Nothing is more than 50 cents and besides sandwiches, you could get spaghetti and a 1/2 fried spring chicken. And complete fountain service!

  • And now for some history:
  • Is this really USC’s last-ever game in Corvallis?

It would be a shame if it is. It’s a unique, cozy little town and a great place to watch a game.

Here’s a photo from the 1969 USC-Oregon State game. The Trojans won, 31-7.

  • And here’s the Trojans playing the Beavers in 1981. No. 1-ranked USC defeated Oregon State, 56-22. No. 53 is linebacker John Berry.
  • Then there was the famous fog game in 2004. USC fell behind 13-0 and you could barely see what was happening if you were watching the game from the pressbox.

USC eventually took a 14-13 lead in the third quarter and then Reggie Bush had a 65-yard punt return for a TD that gave the Trojans a 21-13 advantage en route to a 28-20 victory.

The secret of that game was if you were on the field, the fog wasn’t nearly as bad as it appeared on TV.

  • I remember joking with Oregon State coach Mike Riley before the 2008 game that he could come back to USC if he upset the No. 1-ranked Trojans. The Beavers took a 21-0 lead and held on for a 27-21 victory that cost USC a national championship.

After the upset, an Oregon State official asked me and another member of the media if we would be OK after the lost? I guess it was understandable to ask since some of the fanboy media members looked like they wanted to cry after the game.

Oregon State tailback Jacquizz Rodgers rushed for 186 yards and two TDs.
  • Let’s take a moment to remember UCLA guard Greg Lee, who passed away Thursday. Here he is against USC in 1972.
  • Here is a rare color photo from when Martin Luther King spoke at the Coliseum in May, 1964. The photo was taken by  Jay A. Brown, who worked as an assistant to Congressman Thomas Rees. But it went undiscovered until it was found a drawer by Brown’s daughter about 50 years later.
  • The photo below features actor Dick Van Dyke on the far left.
  • John McKay era assistant coach told me about 20 years ago that Marv Marinovich got into the most fights of any USC player during that time.

“I can still remember the time Marinovich got into a fight with (USC football player) Lloyd Winston,” a former classmate told me in April. “It started in Marks Hall, went through the kitchen and ended in Trojan Hall. They were both bloody. No one wanted to break it up because they didn’t want to get beat up.”

Another time, Marinovich, who was a defensive lineman, wanted to show offensive lineman Hudson Houck how to shed a block. Marinovich hit Houck so hard he went through a door to the weightroom, knocked the door off its hinges with Houck laying on top of it.

Houck, of course, went on to become perhaps USC’s best offensive line coach and one of the best offensive line coaches in NFL history.

  • There was a time at USC when running for student body president was a huge deal and meant the world to the winners. And for years the students suspected elections were fixed.

In 1963, USC lineman Pete Lubisich was asked to run for school president by fellow students Dwight Chapin and Donald Segretti. Lubisich asked John McKay if he could run and McKay told him it would be a distraction.

When Lubisich told the duo he would not run, they said, “That’s OK. We could have a monkey run and win.”

They weren’t kidding.

Chapin and Segretti belonged to a group called Trojans for Representative Government. According to reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, members of TRG stuffed ballot boxes with false votes, planted spies in other student political organizations and spread false campaign literature about other candidates during the student elections.

Chapin later served nine months in a federal prison for lying to a grand jury the Watergate scandal. Segretti served 4.5 months after investigations into Watergate revealed his role in extensive political sabotage.

Lubisich was not your typical football player. He was a pianist trained by his father, who performed in nightclubs around Southern California. Lubisich later became a dentist.

You’ve heard of boxing at the Olympic Auditorium. How about boxing at Wrigley Field (in Los Angeles). Sugar Ray Robinson knocked out Carl “Bobo” Robinson in the fourth round to retain his middleweight title on May 18, 1956.

76 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. That 2004 Oregon State game also had a memorable one handed TD catch by Dominque Byrd that got the Trojans started on their comeback.

    May have been more impressive than Bush’s flashy punt return for a TD.


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    1. The trojans lost in Corvallis in 2010, 2008, 2006 and needed 2 miraculaous plays to win 28-20 in 2004. Corvallis has been a tough place for USC football. But I think that they will win this time around.


  2. It sounds like Wolf is elated that a 4 star lineman is possibly going to commit to USC. Like we all have said, “They will come” and Paige could be the first. As time moves on several of the 3 star guys will become 4 stars and Wolf should be over the moon by then.

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    1. It sounds like Wolf is elated that a 4 star lineman is possibly going to commit to USC. Like I said. I’m not only the the biggest cock sucker, but also a USC “Know it all” . And Guess what I added to my resume? I’m the new official Trojans posterior driller . So lookout fellas.. here I cum 😀👍🏼


      1. Both Elijah Paige and Deuce Robinson, go to the same high school. Deuce Robinson is still considered 100% USC by the crystal ball and Page was favoring USC before he took a trip to ND and committed there. He too is supposed to now be heading to SC if you believe the football pundants. If you watch the film, both of these guys are big time. Deuce is a 5 star and Elijah will be a 5 star by the end of this year.

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      2. OSU is actually 35-46 in Corvallis in the last 10 years although many of those years were after Mike Riley left and and before Jonathan Smith came in. So they are certainly not unbeatable in Corvallis.


      3. The chances are very good guys will flip, and LR has not stopped recruiting guys because they committed. When Paige comes so will others before the boat is filled up.

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  3. Oregon State is also where Matt Barkley was injured in 2010 on a play that looked worse than it really was. It kept Barkley out of the Notre Dame game the next week where USC struggled with Mitch Mustain under center.


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  4. The Beavers also went winless gainst the Trojans in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Three decades of being Troy’s whipping boy.



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  5. ugh,we iz know takein noter daims lines man rejecks,we neads r lines man john not the rejecks lines man,the fan bruthurs iz ok wit rejecks lines man but we aint,smdh

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      GOOD ONE
      HEY SO CAL
      THE DOG 🐶 HAS GOOD TASTE !! !!

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      1. Actually, ’67, that loss does not bother me because SC took
        the 1967 Title anyway, but don’t mention Rose Bowl Texas
        or 13-9 because you might make me cry

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    1. USC 31 – Oregon State 27.

      Since it may be USC’s last game at Reser Stadium, USC goes out in a thriller. I predict OSU even having a 4th quarter lead before USC comes back to pull the W.


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  6. Let’s take-up these Scott topics one-by-one, starting with
    Scott writes that people are asking why Ton-o-Hel did not “win more games at USC when he had” many great receivers–

    Because SC had Donald Duck at left-tackle
    and Mickey Mouse for a coach

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  7. Next up, Marinovich, oh Todd, Todd, ‘where art thou,’ son;
    Todd’s dad, Marv, is best known as being one of SC’s finest fighters
    But Todd took on a different approach to his life by trying to escape it

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  8. Linebacker John Berry (#53 in the photo of the 1981 win at Oregon State) is a veterinarian in Lynden, Washington, a quiet, pastoral rural town on the border with Canada. Great guy.

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  9. Scott is mildly boasting when he admits that he is no “fanboy” who might cry after a Trojan National Championship death-game loss.

    Really, Scott?– Rose Bowl loss to Texas

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  10. Finally, and please hold all applause,
    we have news that back in the ’60s running for SC-Student President
    was so rigged that “We could have a monkey run and win.”

    My, my, we’ve come a long way since those silly dinosaur years,
    Now we elect to office actual monkeys

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  11. RIP Greg Lee. He became a beach volleyball player after college. To give an idea of just how far the $$$ have increased in sports, he earned $1K for the tourneys that he won.

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  12. I never ‘RIP’ the recently deceased because I am assured they are well taken care when shedding their body for a spiritual form,
    if such a phenomena actually exists,
    and also knowing that there is no Hell, for why would a merciful God invent such an unimaginable, horrid place–

    Maury Wills, coupled with pitchers Drysdale-Koufax produced peculiar championship teams for the Dodgers in the 1960s when the ‘Bums’ needed every run Maury could run-down and bring to their Big-2 Pitchers

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    1. Read the Bible! Hell is mentioned more than heaven. Hell originally meant separation from God. In the Old Testament everyone went to “hell” Only a merciful God would invent a way to beat the original sin. Or do you believe there is no sin? What about fallen and rebellious Angels (excluding Anaheim)?

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      1. It is true, Stephen, there is a Hell, only it is the one people create for themselves while on earth by believing in Hell.

        No thanks


    2. John the Bible tells about hell. It is real. He is a merciful God, but in the end we have to answer to Him and he becomes our judge. Hell was created specifically for satan to be cast into in the end days. I understand your logic John, but the reality is there is a highway to hell and a staircase to heaven. That should show you the traffic pattern. That isn’t biblical, it is musical. lol

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      1. Stupid John the comic book Bible tells about hell. It is real. He is a Bozo Jesus but in the end we have to answer to that clown 🤡 . Hell was created specifically for Trojan “know it all’s” like me, to be cast into in the end days. I understand your logic Stupid, but the reality is there is a highway to hell and a staircase to my posterior cavity . That should show you the traffic pattern, and why my ass is sore. That isn’t biblical, it is fact! Lol 😂


      2. Looking at this rationally(aside from the bible….although I do believe the bible), it seems like there would be a hell or some place of punishment. If we all just live our lives and then all go to some kind of heaven, with a spiritual body or even a physical body……….
        or if after death God just anniliates the wicked people and sends the good people to heaven……I don’t see what the incentive would be to live a good life.
        Hitler lived in mansions and he was worshipped in Germany all of his life….even at the end. He wasn’t worshipped in the rest of the world but he didn’t live in the rest of the world.
        When he was getting old and sick, he just took a gun and blew his brains out and that was the end of it. He really had lived a pretty comfortable life.
        Mother Theresa, on the contrary, didn’t just give money to the poor….she lived in the garbage dumps with the poor.
        Who really had the better life. I would say Hitler.
        If you just die, go into the grave, the worms eat you and you become fertilizer and that is the end of it…..there isn’t even any conscious left…..what is the incentive for living a good life. I see no incentive to being a Mother Theresa as opposed to being a Hitler. Rationally, it makes sense that there is a hell.

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  13. LJ,

    Hell is mentioned more in the bible than heaven. Christ dieed for our sins and rose on the thrid day. People think that is a a fantasy. However, Paul expereinced heaven. People still see the bible as a pipe dream. However, if you ever read people’s account of dying and goimg to the place that they chose, they said that heaven and hell are freal. Go to Youtube and see the testimonies. Utilmatly it is your choice. Hell was only invented for Satan and his demons. Christ does not one soul to go to hell, but by rejecting him, you have condemned yourself to hell. .

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    1. There are different-levels to relationships, PT,
      for example a Jewish friend a couple of days ago wrote to me
      that he thought of Jesus as one of the great Rabbis
      and that Christianity was derivative and an offshoot of Judaism

      Point is, my friend does not accept Jesus as God Himself incarnated,
      but he certainly is not “rejecting him” by any means.

      For a long time now I have studied God and the period in which Jesus lived, and in fact have written many articles and short stories such as–
      “A Day in the Life of Jesus
      a fiction”

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      1. LJ, your Jewish friend is correct in that Judaism is the heritage to Christianity. Many Jews have the same view point as your friend. In my opinion, Jewish people who practice their faith will be judged differently than Christians or non Christians. I say this because Moses went to heaven and he was before Christ. Same with Joseph, Issac, and Jacob. They are all Old Testament. Utilmatley it is your choice. I hope you choose wisely. ,


      2. They (pre Christ Jews) went to heaven based upon a professed faith that God would provide a propitiation for their sin. “Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness” Jesus is our propitiation.

        LJ, God is loving and merciful, but He is equally holy and just. He cannot be good without punishing sin, He cannot simply just ignore it. The option is trust that Jesus has paid the price for sin and took the full wrath and judgement of God upon Himself in our place, or you can not believe and settle that payment on your own. The payment for sin without Christ is an eternity apart from God, under His judgement. That place is hell. It is void of God and all he provides- light, love, goodness, holiness, comfort.

        There is only one real resource for studying God, it’s the Bible. But, If you would like real and solid evidence for the resurrection of Christ that uses both the Bible and external resources I can point you to some great material.


  14. Hell is the laundromat that God uses to cleanse souls from earthly spirits. The only people who get stuck in Hell are the ones who refuse to let things go. That’s why the devil runs around Earth because his home is a helluva boring place . . . like a laudromat.

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    1. I agree with This World — more importantly, the brilliant philosopher Simone Weil agrees with him. Souls aren’t lost. God’s creation of the universe [consciousness becoming matter] wasn’t an act of diminution.

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    1. OSU is a decent football team, USC is a lights out football team. Fresno put 32 points on OSU. Fresno put 17 on USC. It all sounds like it will be a nail biter, but that is bullshit. USC by 21 points, going away.

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  15. That photo of the boxer getting knocked out by the great Sugar Ray is Bobo Olson….. he wasn’t in the same category as Ray [who was?] but he won nearly 100 fights….

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    1. Yes, it was Carl “Bobo” Olson (July 11, 1928 – January 16, 2002) The Hawaiian Swede.
      Scott’s desperate need for a proof reader again becomes apparent.
      Q: Who would report that Robinson knocked out Robinson?
      A: Someone who “writes” everything using nothing but copy-and-paste.

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  16. USC has a commanding series lead over Oregon State 63-12-4. Our last trip to Corvallis should be #64 in the win column, but media is hyping this game beyond belief.
    “The Trojans are overrated” “Oregon State is a trap game.” “USC will be tested with their bend but don’t break defense”
    Reality will be crashing down on the media on Saturday. Oregon State has had one signature win this season against… Montana State. For this win, the media has hyped their red zone efficiency as the best in the PAC 12. Wow! USC probably would have a higher rating if they waited until they were in the red zone to score. Reality is the Beavers will be playing USC in a stadium under construction, which would struggle to hold a Ucla home game crowd. If it were the era of 2 TV games per season, this game would not be broadcast. (And for those of us unwilling to pay a premium for 3 games a year on a nothing channel, it won’t be)
    Anyway I hope that reality comes home soon.

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    1. The Beavers will put up a fight …for a while….

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  17. USC first loss under LFR. Gashed right between the tackles all game long while using ball control to limit the offense time of possession.

    P.S. you guys are all morons and don’t know shit about the Bible or politics. Most of you went to catholic school and we all know what happens there 😂😂😂


    1. What’s a day without FU in it?

      And don’t be so cocky about your knowledge of God, FU,
      most of our “information” about The Unknowable is largely
      based on conjecture and speculation

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    2. Tell, what happens at Catholic school? Tell us. I wI went for 9 years and all I did was learn and was taught by great nuns, priests, brothers, and scholastics. Fuck your insuation that all priests and nuns are pedophiles. There are more probelms with public school teachers than Catholic teachers. Fuck you and the horse you rode in

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      1. I attended a Catholic military boarding school up til high school. Probably no correlation how I was able to slide through California public high school in three years and adios at 16. I’m sure it had nothing to do with it.

        FU, jam it you looser.

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  18. Never saw a team get crucified by the National media more than USC did after that 2008 loss. The clip run over and over again on ESPN was Mark Sanchez walking into the tunnel angrily throwing his mouthpiece against the wall. In the meantime, Florida also had their only loss that weekend at home against another 8-4 team like the Beavers ended up. The clip run over and over again on ESPN and everywhere else was Tebow’s Promise Speech. The SEC Media Machine in all it’s glory, ducking USC and getting handed Chokelahoma for the BCS Title game on a silver platter.

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  19. USC is 2nd best at getting to the quarterback and TFL’s in the nation. Oregon St? Beavers at 103rd. USC has highest completion rate in the Pac 12 at 74%. Oregon St. is at 56%. How’s this going to be a close game? Unless special teams go to hell, along with USC turnovers, it should be another early sprint to 28 points for USC then a 45 to 20 win.

    By the way, Footballscoop.com is pumping up Deion Sanders to take the Arizona St. job since USC and UCLA are leaving and the Pac12 will be desperate for relevance.

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    1. If Byrd doesn’t fly this week Foreman is going to have his coming out party in Oregon States backfield. Either way, someone is coming to kick ass, it doesn’t matter which one.

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