How Hard Will USC Hit The Transfer Portal?

USC coach Lincoln Riley said he expects to be active in the transfer portal but not as much as last offseason.

“We’ll have some attrition on the roster like everybody does and we’ll be active in the portal again,” Riley said. “Although I don’t imagine we’ll be quite as active as we chose to be last year.”

Riley said he expects to sign a recruiting class in the mid-20’s.

REACTION: What would USC look for in the portal? Defensive linemen, offensive linemen, cornerbacks, maybe a safety, a tailback, what else?

USC is going to bring in a lot of offensive linemen but they will be freshmen. It needs defensive linemen the most. It has some good incoming linebackers, but it is a position of need so it might even take one if it can.

On second thought, maybe they will be more active than Riley sounds.

35 thoughts on “How Hard Will USC Hit The Transfer Portal?

    1. Imagine rhat asshole Grinch blaming the players for his and the other two idiots Nua and Donte Williams failures.

      Grinch, Nua and Donte Williams can’t coach worth a shit and they put it on the players…Goddamn!


      1. Tebowobama is working on an expose that will blow the lid off of the entire phony moon landing coverup. However, he wants to make sure his house is fully secured before the secret police come looking for him. His other plans include disguising himself as a clown–just a minor touch up there and he figures he is ready to go. He also somehow managed to capture Big Foot and has him locked up in his basement, ready to be released when threatened.

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    2. Inner Tebowobama: I wonder–when someone gets into a transfer portal, do they end up in different dimension? A different point in time? I once saw this documentary on disappearing people who walked too close to a transfer portal. I seem to recall that Rod Serling was the host–he used to host this great documentary show. Geez, no way I am getting that talking Tina doll.

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  1. Wow, I get to be the first real comment. The others are a waste of time, right tebow?
    Riley is going after speed first. It is his passion. A 6’6″ WR would be a great add, the DL could use some immovable objects, the linebackers would have to be fast, the DB’s are not a problem as Donte will coach them up. They have a shot at the edge from St John Bosco that would be ready to start as a freshman, they just need to beat out tOHS and OR for him. They have a couple of commits that are going to be really good in Curtis and Eldridge. The new commit Peevy has a lot of speed at the LB. The guys he brings in from either JC or portal are going to be starters to help bring up the new young talent. My question is, will Moss stick around.

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    1. Moss WILL stick around, steveg! He told Sports Center, “I’m really excited about the opportunities I’ve had in the new offense!”


    2. Cheers for sticking to football! Wish more people stuck to being true Sportsmen instead of political trolls.

      That said, I remember how Pete Carroll viewed the 20-25% roster change over with his wonderful enthusiasm: He said it’s like he had 25 First Round picks!

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  2. USC needs to be just as active on the transfer portal as they were in 2022. Going to lose 3-4 OL. Bringing in some good freshmen recruits, but it’s not enough. Look at Mel Tucker and Michigan State this year after going 11-2 last year.

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    1. I had read somewhere that Dedich is able to come back, but not sure this is true. I think he will and play as center if he returns. Mason Murphy will get more playing time and will be ready to start. Jonah Monheim will be back. And Cortland Ford will be back, unless he thinks he is not good enough to compete and transfers. Gino Quinones has played a game and will be a starter, maybe. I think we still need 2-3 offensive line players who are able to play for depth and possibly as a starter on the left tackle spot. Will we get Samson?

      The D-line is the biggest disaster. We really need some bodies there. With Tuli and Solomon Byrd and Figueroa gone, we have real talent problem. Will KF ever do anything? I think the clock is running out on Korey at this point.

      Linebacker is really tough to tell. We will have Gentry. Will Davis step up and provide the pass coverage we are missing? Will the new LB recruit that is highly rated come in and play right away? Is Julien Simon ever going to do anything?

      QB is fine. Receivers are fine. If we get Duce then with Lake we have a decent TE room.

      I think we need a workhorse running back.

      We will have Ceyair and Domani at CB, but I am worried that Domani will be injured and become another Korey Foreman. It doesnt feel like we have elite talent in the pipeline.

      At safety we will have Zion Branch healthy (hopefully) and he will be elite. Calen Bullock needs to take a step forward to live up to his elite potential. Bryson Shaw will have one more year and can be elite, I think.

      The question is whether players are getting developed and the guys that have not played will actually be good enough to play.

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  3. Lets take Riley at his word. I know everyone is used to coaches that lie or overexaggerate or spew forth denial after denial but Riley has been up front and honest to a normal degree. The important thing about the transfer portal are that you get starters. We will see which starters are going to commit to leaving and then we’ll see who can realistically come to USC.

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    1. “Compliance officers are looking to the NCAA for guidance”…..
      [Athletes who made plans based on the possibilities opened up by the portal system in place last year need to hire lawyers ASAP]…..


  4. Breaking N. Y. Times Headline:
    “Moon landing found to be extension of infamous Philadelphia Experiment —- NASA admits original astronauts were lost in time warp….”


    1. tebo —PLEASE check out Fubo t. v. —“penetrating” special on “Close Encounters of the 7th Kind” [the ones wherein Aliens go further than close encounters of the 4th, 5th and 6th kind]. Several beautiful 85 year old women tearfully describe the ignominy…….

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  5. I read all the posters’ comments except those involving the Gabbie-So Cal preposterous “feud,” (they’d probably love each other if stranded on an island by themselves)

    My take on coaching is ‘does it really matter?–‘ As in the kid has either got it or he ‘doesn’t got it, my coaching might help 10% or so

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    1. Yes. Yes. And yes.
      Glad you read all the posts, John….
      I too am sure So Cal and Gabby would come to a truce if stranded on an island….
      And 10% sounds about right [but that’s 9% more than our kids were getting from Helton]….

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    2. Actually, I’d be much happier to be alone on that island than with her. She’s the one always chiming in to me or about me, often when I haven’t even posted anything.

      But thanks for the chuckle, LJ.

      I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Homecoming…we always come home with a bunch of crap we don’t need. But ya gotta support the clubs on campus. 🙂


    3. I think Riles is a brilliant coach. Doesn’t mean we go to the final 4.
      He is “fast-forwarding” to building a winning program.
      To take a team from #80 (out of 128) to top 10-15 in one year is truly astounding.

      I think “we” all have forgotten how truly dreadful was the program under “the unmentionable.”

      Next year will likely be about the same as this year, though with Oregon and UCLA losing talent, USC’s road could be a little “easier.”
      Get some freshman and Red shirts to develop, along with a few key transfers, and we should be “in the chase.”

      Top 5? Gonna take a few more years.

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  6. I think that they will be more active than we’re hearing from LR. We definitely going to need experienced(and the key word there is (EXPERIENCED) D-Linemen. I don’t see any other way to get them but through the portal.

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    1. Jayden Ott has slowed down after the epic performance versus a very bad Arizona D…still, he will likely have some chunk gains vs USC’s D.

      Their WR’s are pretty good, and PLummer is pretty good.

      Still, with a healthy D, I think USC could keep Cal under 28 points.


  7. Jon Wilner:

    Cal at USC
    Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. on ESPN
    Line: USC -21 (total: 60)
    Comment: We would view this as a trap game for the Trojans, but it doesn’t fit the usual framework: They aren’t coming off a high-level showdown and don’t have one scheduled next week, either. But a meandering effort could be forthcoming from the heavily-favored home team. Cal has underperformed its personnel offensively and could give the Trojans more trouble than they expect. Watch for a stellar showing by rookie tailback Jadyn Ott, who’s from nearby Chino.
    Pick: Cal


  8. I have yet to see Riles show a dark side to personality.
    I think he’s the kinda guy that real winners and positive minded people like to hang around with.

    So, that exempts a bunch of people on this site. (OK, bring it on.)

    Quickly, he will build a winner based on local recruiting and Texas recruiting. Plenty of talent in CA and TX to build this program.
    His portal recruiting was incredible. Next year should be an 11-1 year
    with plenty of Nov/Dec expectation.

    In 2024, his recruits will show how good a coach he is, and he will show how good he is at developing QB’s. Spencer Rattler? Not so much.
    Was Hurts developed by Saban et al, or was it the one year at OU?


  9. The collapse at Arizona State will be a boon for teams. The talent in the Glendale and Scottsdale areas has blossomed and USC has become a real possibility for these players. The portal is great for some starters. The real cache is developing talent.


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