NASCAR At Coliseum!

USC is aggressively looking for new ways to bring in revenue through the Coliseum, especially after the dreadful attendance this past season. So the Coliseum field has been ripped out and NASCAR is building a temporary short track at a cost of more than $1 million. It only cost $954,872.98 to build the Coliseum in 1921. The NASCAR Cup Series cars will race around the quarter-mile … Continue reading NASCAR At Coliseum!

Sunday Notes: USC Narrowly Loses To Cal

The NCAA men’s water polo championship was today and USC narrowly lost to Cal, 13-12 in Westwood. USC led 12-11 with 2:29 left but Cal tied it and then scored the winning goal with 28 seconds remaining. Linebacker David Bailey of Mater Dei committed to Stanford over USC late Saturday night. Linebacker is one of those positions USC needs help, like offensive and defensive line. … Continue reading Sunday Notes: USC Narrowly Loses To Cal

Donna Heinel Agrees To Plead Guilty

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me the status of Donna Heinel’s Varsity Blues case. Here’s the news of the night: Prosecutors are asking for 37-46 months in prison and forfeiture of $295,000, a fine and two years supervised release. They're arguing the $$ gains from the crime were large enough to warrant a harsher sentence. — Melissa Korn (@melissakorn) November … Continue reading Donna Heinel Agrees To Plead Guilty

Just When You Think USC Can’t Get Worse

Just when I think USC cannot go any lower, comes this factoid from a column by USC professor Ariela Gross: “The noted ethical experts McKinsey & Co. have been on campus for two years advising the president on improving USC’s “culture,” among other things. Yes, you read that right: the consultants known for their role in the opioid crisis . . . and the centerpiece … Continue reading Just When You Think USC Can’t Get Worse