The Golden Child Works Out Again

Quarterback JT Daniels participated in his second player-run practice Tuesday evening. He looks good but he is supposed to look good. Let’s wait for workouts in full pads and full pash rush.

The workout was watched (of course) by his father, Steve, who initially observed from Cromwell Field where some media were stationed until security told him to watch from Dedeaux Field. Someone did not want him hanging around the media. Too late.

I don’t think these summer workouts have ever been this scrutinized. You can watch the above video and oooh and ahhh.

  • The NBA draft is today: De’Anthony Melton is projected late first round and Chimezie Metu in the second round.
  • Will anyone take a chance on Elijah Stewart? Or Jordan McLaughlin?

20 thoughts on “The Golden Child Works Out Again

  1. ‘these summer workouts have ever been this scrutinized’….because:
    1. It’s USC
    2. we live in the 21st century where everything is ‘scrutinized’.
    3. Footballis king – college , pro NFL – CFL – AAF
    4. It’s USC
    5. Helton knows w.o. Darnold it is now time to – produce or get out.
    6. It’s USC

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  2. Hi Krystal,

    A “full rush” is where he is practicing against live scrimmage and the players are going at 100% against each other. The defensive line will rush and give its all to tackle the qb for a sack and loss of yardage, to make him hurry his throws, to confuse the linemen in their blocking, and create havoc for the qb and the offense. Their will be blitzes or rushes from the lber’s or db’s as well. In essence, the defense will throw everything at the offense and the qb to make them look bad and humiliate them. This is good experience for the offense because this is what they will see live against their opponents. I hope this helped.e

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  3. JTD’s release is kind of slow. He has a little bit of a wind-up. Sam did to, but Sam’s stemmed from beginning his throwing motion with the ball below his shoulder. He could get away with that because once his arm got moving, the ball left his hand quickly and, more important, up high at the top of his motion. Not a lot of batted down passes with Sam. Turnovers, yes, because he has ball security/football-handling issues, but batted down/blocker passes were never a problem.

    JTD keeps the ball above his shoulders and it looks like he’s been well-taught. It doesn’t ball security will be an issue. But he cocks his arm back before he throws. His release is fluid and easy, but it is also languid.

    He looks like a better version of Cody Kessler, a Cody Kessler who is accurate down the field. That’s pretty good! The new and improved Kessler 2.0! USC can win a lot of games with a Cody Kessler who can complete the deep pass. But some of these folks need to back off the hype a little bit. He is not an amalgamation of Palmer/Leinart/Darnold. His ceiling is more like the best parts of JDB, Sanchez, Barkley and Kessler.

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    1. To my eyes, J. T.’s release seems to improve as he warms up. Maybe I’m just engaging in wishful thinking but his mechanics appear better to me at the end of practice. After a “languid” start (perfect description, by the way), his release seems quicker and he knocks off those wobbly 25 mile an hour passes (of course —in real game situations —that could be two interceptions down the road). But, if you’re right, and he turns out to be Super Kessler, that should be enough for USC to have a very strong year (as long as the receivers don’t drop perfectly thrown long balls the way they did in the video)…..

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      1. Would like to see JTD shorten that delivery a bit. Well-coached and talented DBs are gonna take their shots and break on routes, although if the downfield accuracy he displays in practice is shown in games, it should keep DBs honest.

        Bigger concern is batted down balls at the LOS.

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      2. Independent George —-I’ve watched J. T.’s high school videos and I noticed something interesting. He actually has a quicker release and a more confident throwing motion on the long stuff —-that slow release you’re noticing is on the short slants. I don’t know why that is —-but unless it’s corrected, we are going see a lot of batted balls.


  4. Seemed to me the workouts when Sam and Max were competing were scrutinized and dissected and over analyzed as any. This year’s seems just to be hype and will probably stay that way until the Fink and Sears get it going. Here’s hoping for a lively competition to bring out the best in each of them.

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  5. That darned J.T. Daniels – yeah, he looked good, but he could have looked incredible! He’s supposed to look GOOD! So USC loses! Darnold will always be my guy! Damn the fumbles! – Scottie

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    1. I’m a big fan of Jordan McLaughlin!!!!!!! Good luck buddy! (And I never met him) He has done great work and I hope he gets a chance, maybe Sacramento


      1. We are living through the Reggie Bush situation still and I hope USC petitions the NCAA to reestablish relations with Reggie because there has been so much pain and suffering on all sides and the NCAA should not be allowed to tell USC who USC talks with eternally….


    1. What you talkin’ about Pasadena?. How many NBA titles did he win
      with the Bulls? Listed in the top 25 all time players in the NBA.


  6. Is any one scrutinizing and dissecting and over analyzing the offensive line personnel? It would be nice to have some ooohs and aaahs from spectators observing the O line practice pass blocking techniques.


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