USC Afternoon Notes: Rasheem Green Signs Contract

USC defensive end Rasheem Green signed a four-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks worth up to $3.372 million with a signing bonus of $684,417, according to

  • Does anyone know where Max Nikias is? He is on what looks like a two-month vacation while provost Michael Quick is the acting president at USC for the summer.

Why does it matter? Because he has not officially stepped down and is getting paid around $3 million a year. Oh, and is he still the chairman of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers.


5 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Rasheem Green Signs Contract

  1. Scooter,

    I know where he is, he is one step ahead of the law. Why hasn’t USC stop paying this dude? They should tell him when he is leaving and it is now. Have him pay for the lawsuits out of his ” Greek Mad” money he made while at usc.

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  2. Way to sneak in Max Nikias dig under the Rasheem Green post. A more genuine post would be a Nikias comment with an oh-yeah BTW Green signed for $3.372M

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  3. I hear Mad Max is going to pull a Trump and reverse his decision to step down. Then he’ll replace the board and pardon himself. C’mon football season we need something to talk about.


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