USC Seniors Ask To Practice In Pads

Clay Helton has had a “No Pads November” tradition as USC coach. But today he said the seniors requested a change.

“That’s something our seniors want this time around,” Helton said. “They wanted a sense of urgency.”

I guess the players have to step forward when the coach doesn’t have a sense of urgency.


13 thoughts on “USC Seniors Ask To Practice In Pads

  1. Pretty soon the Seniors will decide to hop over a fence and skip their last practice. What kind of a program would stoop to such low levels of ineptitude?


  2. SO ,WHAT is the matter with the Jr. Soph and Frosh class? They don’t think the ass kickin’ they been gettin’ is because the other teams are better prepared ? Or do they think all 4-5 star athletes lose to 2=3 star athletes …guess they their education is failing them. The AD is more clueless than Haden was…no wonder he failed to win public office .

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  3. Incredibe, the great teams practice in full pads and have full contact each and every day. helton decides not to practice that way. That is why his teams are not great.

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