USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Owns This Mess

Let’s look at the big picture for a second. Pat Haden’s legacy at USC is toxic: He kept Lane Kiffin too long; he hired Steve Sarkisian and then hired Clay Helton.

At one time, Haden felt like he was vindicated with Helton making up for his other disastrous decisions.

But Lynn Swann is athletic director now and he can no longer blame Haden for Helton. Swann gave him a contract extension and then gave his odd vote of confidence Tuesday night.

“I stand solidly behind Clay,” Swann said.

So whatever happens, Swann owns Helton now. By the way, Swann said he approved the demotion of Tee Martin. But he also approved Tee Martin’s three-year contract last winter. So he is all over the map and just made Martin the scapegoat.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to say Swann actually knows what he is doing other wanting to back Helton to the public and lecture the fans about supporting the team.

“We need the Trojan Family to stand behind this team,” Swann said.


26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Owns This Mess

  1. An athletic director is to a college football program as a general manager is to the same in the NFL. If the athletic director is held by an indecisive, hesitant weak personality there will be no direction towards success – it is now more than doubled with a head coach who is equally, the same.

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    1. Whatever his reason is for having said what he did, I actually feel that he has insulted my intelligence, and it makes me very angry. Is his middle name Carlo?


    2. Please put an asterisk * by your pen 🖊 name(s) to identify your yourself, Scott. It’s indecisive, hesitant and weak and creates misdirection.


      1. Oh sailor….leap…lepa on the stage of your ‘man cave’… and your ‘buds’…..

        I must say I am impressed with your ‘need’ to emote esp. those choice words you used ‘…indecisive, hesitant and weak…..’ show us the way ‘steve’….show us the way….tell us all about your ‘sense’ of USC’s future under Swannie and Heltonska….


  2. Successful organizations don’t hire people who are not qualified for the job. Neither Haden nor Swann were qualified. They had no experience in athletic administration. So it really is the case that the University owns this mess.

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      1. On the money. Plus neither Kiffin, Sark, nor Helton had a track record that would qualify any of them to be HC at a top program. The beat goes on.


      2. Garrett won national championships under Carroll. However, it was Darryl Gross that hired Carroll. They need to hire Darryl. He went to USC and was the Syracuse.

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      3. Under Garrett, we had some winnings, like Galen Center. For decades we didn’t have our own facility, now we do. I’d say that qualifies him.


    1. There’s no one on earth that I’d rather have at this point in time as USC Athletic Director than Lynn Swann….your alma mater looks up to you, Lynn, Fight On and Win….please feel free to intervene even more…..


  3. At the income levels these folks are at, the BOT owns the dumpster fire. Their approval would be required. Moreover, they would been heavily involved in the decision-making process.


  4. Swann is a Trojan. He’s not a Hater, Scottie. He appreciates Rose Bowl wins (#3 in the Nation), Pac-12 Titles, and the maturity and integrity that Clay brings to the table. In your business, even Pete Caroll in 2004 isn’t enough. (Reference the Casear digs in your blog back then.) For a ton of student athletes and their families in the Trojan family, Clay Helton is a great man and coach, and I’ll defer to their judgment. When they think it’s time for Clay to move on, I’ll believe them.


    1. What this football team needs right now is a Jim Harbaugh or Ed Orgeron type of coach – taking no one’s crap and not letting a bunch of crybaby sissies complain about working too hard. Helton and Swann are real problems right now for the university. The program will continue to tread water as long as these two are in charge.


  5. “The maturity and integrity that Clay brings to the table” ? Oh, I can’t stop laughing. Really ? Who is this jokester ? Clay Helton is nowhere near being a great coach. He is like Lane Kiffin – a snake oil peddler who has now been exposed for the fraud that he is – a guy who rode his father’s coat tails all these years and couldn’t find his A**hole if he put both hands down the back of his pants.

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  6. Standing up,beside,behind or in front ,taking the punches ? Has nothing to do with what the alumni, fan base former players, etc… are commenting on , ’cause they are worried as the philosophy of this head coach destroys this football team and program. When one constantly admits the team is not physical after each ass kicking over 3 years, and plans to correct it ,every spring and fall camp then proceeds to continue practicing in shorts…he is a liar.Anyone who supports or enables that does not love SC football…period.

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  7. The administration at USC don’t hire people in the athletic department based on merit , and that trickles down to the football team. Lynn Swann, and Pat Haden were not qualified for the position of Athletic Director, and Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton did not have the resume that to justify their hiring. When is the the BS going to stop , because the athletic programs are being run into the ground?

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    1. Not until the full hit of that perv doctor Tyndall is known and paid. In addition haviong to absorb the ‘separation’ payout to Nikias as ‘President Emiritus’ and let’s not forget the costs that were studied about thrown the ‘Capper’ on the street from the Coliseum re-do..

      Based on the state of USC in October/November 2018 wonder what conditions Haden made to minimize any blow-back his way when the Mayr scandal broke. The old adage of implanting a replacement more inept than you are legion – I give you Lynn ‘Swannie’ Swann.


    1. Haden should not even be allowed to step foot on the USC campus after all the crap he has pulled. If Reggie Bush can be banned from campus, then how can fourth tier law school grad Haden be allowed to roam free ?


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