Morning Buzz: Where Is The Courage At USC?

Can anyone imagine Clay Helton yanking JT Daniels at halftime of the national championship game?

Granted, USC will never play in one with Helton as coach, but imagine Helton doing what Nick Saban did last year?

It. Would. Never. Happen.

Helton can’t even pull the center from a game. Or a cornerback who talks trash and gets penalized.

Clemson chose true freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence this year and lost veteran starter Kelly Bryant in the process but Coach Dabo Swinney did what was best for his team.

Does USC ever do that?

It can’t start Sam Darnold until the fourth game. It can’t start Jack Sears until Daniels gets hurt and then benches Sears immediately the following week.

USC has no leadership. Alabama does. Clemson does.

It’s one thing to be poorly coached. It’s another to never make a tough decision because you are so afraid of offending anyone.

This lack of courage is what hamstrings the football program on a daily basis.


14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Where Is The Courage At USC?

  1. Coaching a storied blueblood football team whose history has been established because of the courage of the past coaches and players with NO courage… It’s time for that cowardly coach to quit and starts teaching PE in high school.

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  2. In the Spring of 1940 UK Member of Parliament, Leo Amery delivered a speech, aimed directly at Neville Chamberlian which he concluded by echoing Oliver Cromwell’s words on dissolving the Long Parliament:

    “You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

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  3. CH doesn’t have the brass to make changes like DSwinney and NickS did. Let’s face it. He doesn’t even know where the talent on this team is. Furthermore, the journey btwn CH and these two coaches is a distant one—like light years. Poor question and ludicrous comparisons.


    1. As I get older, I do think that I understand conservatives better and maybe even agree with a few things they stand for. I just don’t think that this is the place to be so divisive. I am a Democrat, but I dont agree with everything the party stands for and, more importantly, am trying to not look down on conservatives and, most of all, not name call.


    2. Didnt realize liberals even liked football?!
      Probably want to hand participation awards and not keep score so nobody gets their feelings hurt. Maybe you guys should set up a “safe place” for the team and coaches.


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