USC-Notre Dame Gets Prime Time Kick Off

The USC-Notre Dame game on Nov. 24 will kick off at 5 p.m. and be televised on ABC.

A prime-time kickoff for what could be a really ugly matchup for the Trojans. How many USC watching will hope this is Clay Helton’s final game?


18 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Gets Prime Time Kick Off

  1. Can’t wait to see Scott whine and moan on his made-up site, with his made up journalism, when Clay comes back to coach in 2019. Mark my words, it’s gonna happen, and Scottie will complain, and nobody will read or hear him because he can’t even get a credential to attend a practice…. Love to see ole molester Scottie complain about something he knows nothing about


      1. To read you, you mean? Just so everyone knows, Jake Kingford is Scottie and his bed buddy Swanson only replying to posts that criticize them. Likely cuddling together in Wolf’s 20 year old hoody that boasts his high school alma mater that won’t even claim him…

        I’ll always be here, just to tell the truth about little scottie…


    1. The thing is – scott complained and was banned by kiffin – he turned out correct. Scott complained about sark, he was right again. He complained about pat haden and has been complaining about Helton for years, right again on both counts.

      The lack of positive articles is a bummer, but not a lot positive has happened in the past 10 years of SC football aside from Sam Darnold having a surprise freshman season.

      Other reporters seem to lazily assume the team is going to be great every year because we return a few freshmen all-Americans and have a great recruiting class.


      1. Scott complained about Pete too. Scooter was intimidated by him cause Caesar, as the tiny molester referred to him, completely dismissed Scott and treated him like a step-child.

        Scottie complains because everyone treats him like a second rate journalist, simply because he is… And he doesn’t complain or write with many facts, he complains and whines without doing the work. He does it by relying on ‘anonymous sources’, other ‘college coaches’, and ‘former players’, many of which actually don’t exist. He passes off his opinion here as those of others, which is why he can never quote anyone. Everyone that actually ‘knows’ anything about the actual program (coaches, staff, admin, other qualified journalists, players, etc.), also knows that Scott relies on the someone from the equipment room to get some of his scoop, and those minions are getting secondhand information too…

        Name the last time Scott had an original story, or topic, and quoted a real-life source of his own…. I’ll wait for it and it’ll never come because he isn’t capable of doing it.

        Even now, with Scott not having access to practice, or even qualifying for a media credential, he relies on other sites and second hand reports to make his arguments.

        The reality is that with the exception of Saban, you can go to any school and play the Scott Wolf card, and complain about the coach and be right at one point or another, because sooner or later the chances are greater than 90% that your coach will be fired… Those are the real facts.


  2. Notre Dame is just going to wipe the Coliseum floor with Helton and Company. USC can save face by firing Helton after the UCLA loss, and then make an excuse with the new interim coach. This is the Sarkisian disaster all over again. Only this time, you’ll find alumni drunk and crying in a fetal position under their seats in the Coliseum after the Notre Dame beat down. Maybe USC could hire Nancy Pelosi to be the new head coach. At least that broad wins stuff every once in a while.


  3. Be good to see Helton gone by no later than a week from today and a one-game replacement for ‘The Princess’ on the 24th if only to instill some change in this mess. Guerrero secured Kelly a year ago prior to bel-air tech’s game against Cal after the lost to Helton.

    Love to see Daniels reaction to a new coach who could give a rip about his (Daniel’s) ‘insight’ – instead ask him how come he throws deep passes like a female.

    Swann has to make this move – another year of Helton will implode season ticket sales.

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  4. I have a different take on the two games. Let USC win against ugly and the fairies and get blown out by some mediocre team in the bowl game. I hate losing to ugly and the fairies in anything and everything


  5. Primetime SUCC FB is a phrase meaning a grotesque, thumbs-down slaughter.

    No D-1 FB team exceeds bozo u’s affinity to choke, and absorb crushing, humiliating defeats in front of nationally televised FB audiences.


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