Did You Pick Up Your Coliseum Seats?

Fans were allowed to pick up old Coliseum seats last weekend. I think it’s a great idea but when I look at the seats that fans picked up, the condition looks more depressing than nostalgic.

Who picked up this seat?

Meanwhile . . .

  • Velus Jones and Greg Johnson are still listed on USC’s roster, which must mean the coaches are still trying to talk them into returning.
  • Defensive end Liam Jimmons, best known for knocking over a fan after the Washington State game in 2017, has moved to offensive tackle. He will wear No. 71 after previously wearing No. 93


20 thoughts on “Did You Pick Up Your Coliseum Seats?

  1. That seat looks familiar. Also Jimmons will be good on the offensive line we need people who can lay out a fan the way he did.
    As for the transfer portal puppies if they don’t get any nibbles from better schools, are they really keeping?

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    1. The Nostalfic part is those seats were used for two Olympics , a super bowl, Dodgers games and many historic concerts, its not the condition you should be concerned with.

      If you knew your history, you would have known this


  2. A truly great article by Kaufman in today’s D Breeze/P Telegram (scng) pubs on Graham Harrell

    Last statement by Harrell in the article – “The reason I came here was because there aren’t many times in your career that you have a chance to be at a place you have legit chances to win national championships year in and year out,” he said, “and if you ever get one of those schools you better jump on it, because you may never get it again.”
    If this new ‘OC’ does what he states he intends to do we may be looking at the new head coach for USC – enjoy the read it is well worth the effort.

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    1. Great find – thanks for posting! Harrell has the personal character of the individual you want coaching. I particularly like that Harrell had his analyst review SC film to see what went wrong last season before he took the job:

      “Harrell asked John David Baker, a quality control coach at North Texas, to review the Trojans’ game footage. Baker watched about four games before offering an assessment.”

      “You turn on the tape, you immediately figure out and realize this is still USC,” said Baker, who joined the Trojans’ staff in a similar support staff role. “They’ve got the cats, they got the dudes who can go. The cupboard ain’t empty. That was kind of the message I relayed to him.”

      “Harrell took the job the next week”

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      1. On PMS this afternoon Petros had Joel Klatt on as co-host in Matt Smith’s absence to the NFL combine in Indianapolis. At the 5:25 pm mark Petros asked Klatt what was the major problem at USC. Klatt stated he’d seen the same @ TX until they finally got the top administration ‘in place’ followed by a solid ‘AD’ and the hire of Herman. He also cited OK – David Boren has been the president there since he left the US Senate over 15 years ago. That has resulted in deep stability and solid payout in all areas of the school.

        He had little hope for USC which has – no permanent president – instead, an ‘activist’ progressive, (who was given a ‘puff piece’ by today’s LA Times), that in turn flows into the hiring of Swann and his predecessor Haden but both connected to hapless and incompetent Helton.

        We alums may have a great gift in Graham Harrell’s hire but will that result in his securing the job if next year’s efforts warrant such?

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  3. Since the blogger gives no details I will so a thousand people don’t run for free Coliseum seats and show up for disappointment.

    The seats arw for season ticket holders.


      1. Hey Sammy, how’s baseball going?

        Did you hear anything on why Velus left? I heard there was a family problem that prompted his entering the portal. Hmm, wonder if it’s true.


      2. Hey bro.
        It’s going alright. Some good weekends of baseball and some awful one’s. We’ll be in Pomona this week and i think Field of Dreams Cathedral City next.
        But i heard Velus could be transferring to Tennessee because of Tee Martin. That was the only real nugget about him.
        I think when Spring Ball is over there will be more transfers so it’s gonna get worse.

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      3. Glad to hear it! Hard to play in the rain though, but the wet should be about done soon. Good luck with that.

        His grandfather, who raised him, got real sick. And he was thinking to move closer. But I’m hearing he’s trying to work it out so he can stay. Pittman said as much today. We’ll see.


  4. What a shame. No respect for historical monuments. No respect for an historic football program. Does USC really think that by offering these broken seats to former season ticket holders people are going to forget the fiasco it created in this Max Nikias/Pat Haden disaster they created ?


    1. Pud,

      What’s your problem? You’re always defending helton, blaming transfers on the players being non-competitive, and posting little snippets from stories that you seem to think have more journalistic value. Like spring practice schedules. There are 20 other USC blogs that post exactly those stories, with all the helton puff, that maybe you should visit instead.

      Personally I find a lot of value in SW providing a forum to provide insight into things I can’t just google. Like, um, a spring practice schedule, or any of your other suggestions.

      You’re probably a fat grump


      1. You so right… here this for you


      2. I’m trying to see where I defended Clay, maybe you could help me out? The truth is not a defense it’s the truth. How you spin it in your own little head is opinion and that would either be defense or condemnation. Why does the truth hurt people like you? Looking at this program there is so much not right that when there’s a correction based only on a fact it’s bothersome to you?
        Fact is this, I’m for the team. This team. That I don’t publicly call for someone’s firing is hardly a vote of confidence. That it bothers you speaks to the point of calling me names must mean you’re right. That it bothers you that I post twitter posts relating to certain players or the team vindicates your point even further. I am fat as you can tell by my pic. You’re so smart as I can tell by your intelligent response.


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