How Does USC Talent Compare To Top Schools?

Below are the schools that received the most ESPN 300 commitments from the recruiting classes of 2017-2019. Hard to believe USC and Clemson are tied. Does coaching make that big of a difference?

The other thing that stands out is how none of these teams had losing records  . . . except USC and Florida State. Miami was 7-6 and the coach resigned (Mark Richt).

ESPN 300 commits (2017-19)

  1. Alabama: 58
  2. Georgia: 53
  3. Ohio State: 44
  4. LSU/Texas: 37
  5. Michigan: 36
  6. Oklahoma: 34
  7. Clemson/USC: 33
  8. Notre Dame/Florida: 32
  9. Auburn/Florida State: 31
  10. Penn State: 29
  11. Miami: 28
  12. Texas A&M: 26
  13. Oregon: 25
  14. Stanford: 22
  15. Washington: 20

14 thoughts on “How Does USC Talent Compare To Top Schools?

  1. If you’re trying to say that USC has not made maximum use of it’s talent —-everyone here agrees with you. But this thing can change. We do have better guys coaching the lines, a way better offensive coordinator (& qb coach) and, according to many, a Defensive Coordinator who can do enough to help the offense stay ahead in close games.

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    1. Ha! MG, Didn’t those guys drive a Gran Torino? No wonder Detroit went under…

      And what Scottie fails to mention is the programs that do more with less, which is perhaps a better signal of how much good coaching matters. Wisconsin typically has a recruiting class ranked in the 30s to 50s. Yet they are winning nearly 75% of their games for the last couple of decades, maybe more. And in a tougher conference (at least now) than the Pac-12.

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      1. Yep, 67 —red and white 1975 Gran Torino —the biggest joke car in television history (except for the one Columbo drove)….


      1. I know, I know. Hard to believe, GT…..
        #ThinkingBack –WhatAOnceInALifetimeTeam!….


    1. Mater Dei beat IMG Academy this past year.

      IMG Academy football has a team made up up the best players the south has to offer. Players from 11 states.

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  2. This is over a period of 3 years I think, and doesn’t show the slide USC took this year. Either way because of the way athletes are managed the system at SC is messed up. With all of the talent we didn’t get much bang for our buck out of the kids. To put it another way our drafted players (if we were an NFL team) were as good as most but we still haven’t been to the Super Bowl in a long time.

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  3. USC had the most talent in the PAC 12 even through the probation, and scholarship limitation period. But the powers to be, loved to make excuses for their poor choices of coaches, and continue to do so .

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