USC At NFL Combine Marks

Here are some of the marks at NFL combine:

40 times

Iman Marshall, 4.54

Top cornerback times

Jamel Dean – 4.30 Mark Fields – 4.37 Greedy Williams – 4.37 Isaiah Johnson – 4.40 Sean Bunting – 4.42 Ken Webster – 4.43 Derrek Thomas – 4.44 Kris Boyd – 4.45 Michael Jackson – 4.45 David Long – 4.45 Trayvon Mullen – 4.46 Amani Oruwariye – 4.47

Top safety times

1. Zedrick Woods 4.29

2. Darnell Savage, 4.36

3. Darius West,  4.39

4. Will Harris, 4.41

5. Juan Thornhill, 4.42

Marvell Tell had the second-best vertical leap at 42 inches.

1. Juan Thornhill, Virginia 44

2. Marvell Tell, USC, 42

3. Darnell Savage, Maryland, 39.5

4. Sheldrick Redwine, Miami, 39

5. Amani Hooker, Iowa, 37

Tell’s mark of 11’4″ in the broad jump today was the fourth-best of any player to this point in the combine.

Cameron Smith had the second-best vertical leap

1. Devin Bush, Michigan 40.5

2. Devin White, LSU, 39.5

3. Cameron Smith, USC, 39

4. Christian Miller, Alabama, 38.5

5. Andrew Van Ginkel, Wisconsin, 38

Here is where Smith’s 40 times compared to other Pac-12 linebackers

4.56—Ben Burr-Kirven, Washington

4.58—Bobby Okereke, Stanford

4.64—Cody Barton, Utah

4.69 Cameron Smith, USC

22 thoughts on “USC At NFL Combine Marks

  1. bozo combine low-end drama:

    Biggy Alligator: 40 yd tractor speed – 4.54 – thirteenth among competing CB’s

    Porter Gustin: So far has failed to get hurt but there’s still time.

    A multiple choice question for the Pusley:

    ****How many times did Cameron Smith chase UCLA’s J. Kelly into the bozo endzone?

    a) Don’t care, but it was a lot.

    b) Don’t remember, Smith left the game early because he got tired of chasing Kelly.

    c) Too many times to count on Pusley’s fingers

    d) Not a fair question, because the crack bozo defense bent over and grabbed its ankles by the second quarter.


    1. Just Rent or aka Mr. Night Train,

      I don’t see defunct U Cockroaches of LA ex-convict players out there being timed. Oh, I forgot, they have to meet their delivery quota for Papa John’s Pizza or they will be fired. The only gig they could get.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Owns you beat USC. Hats off to you. Did you upset us. Heck no. We were the team with more talent but it was not an upset and USC fans won’t ever look back at that game and be sad because we lost that game before we even took the field.
      In that particular game we played bad and still stayed close. Go back to the video and you wont be so jipper because Tyler Vaughns literally dropped two passes that should have been touchdowns and one was in the endzone. Again, congrats.

      But ya welcome.


  2. MG – “like button”.

    For owns, a bruin can do no wrong. Even if it is treason.

    And by the way, what was up with the diatribe about John Wayne by owns? As far as non sequiturs go, that one takes the cake.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 67 —I honestly don’t know where the John Wayne stuff came from. BTW–From 1965 -1970, I spent every summer on Balboa Island. Wayne couldn’t have been nicer to me or my buddies —even when we tried to sneak on his yacht to screw our girlfriends.
      Maybe it’s time for Owns to watch the John Wayne interviews on the Criterion Collection edition of Red River. He was a lot more complicated than the cardboard figure he’s being made out to be.


      1. What’s so complicated Clarence.

        While many Hollywood stars donned a military uniform to defend the USA in WWII, “the DUKE” donned shorts to defend the BI bridge entrance when he wasn’t killing Jap and Krauts on Hollywood backlots.

        Who could forget B. I. Johnny’s war acting chops in “the Flying Leathernecks,” “the Flying Tigers,” the Fighting Seabees,” and my all-time favorite: “the Green Berets.” Hey, Clarence, did Johnny have a pilot’s license?

        Clarence, you do know Johnny had a stunt dbl do the heavy work.

        Why am I not surprised you tried to sneak ugly chicks onto Johnny’s minesweeper and brag about fantasy sex. You remind of those horney jerks who claimed to do 1000 chicks in HS.


    2. He’s mad at me for posting articles about rosen’s miserable trade value after only a single year in the league.

      Unnamed sources are now saying that the cards will have to forfeit at least a third round pick to get someone to take rosen’s salary off their books.

      Hahahahaha. owns, owns,owns. How’s it feel to be the butt of so much humor? Not sure how to answer? Just ask teddie.

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      1. Personally —if I might say so— I like Owns lighter posts better. The ones where he’s gently chiding us about this or that. The longer ones tend to get a bit angry. And the John Wayne one was a whole other thing…..

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      2. Gosh Pusley, now you’re plagiarizing Commie Lush’s comments. Pusley have you no shame? WAFD

        Commie Lush graciously gave me the heads on the Rosen situation several days ago.

        So Rosen will eventually end up with a second team in 2019 – BFD

        Rosen will have to move 7 more times to match Matt “Barfly” Barkley’s NFL team odyssey.

        Barkley was drafted in 2013:

        1) Eagles (4 round)
        2) On to Az
        3) Then “da Bears
        4) Next up the 9’ers
        5) Back to Az – hahahaha
        6) On to the Bengals
        7) And finally to the Bills in 2018. What a sizzling year he had!!!!

        Pusley, where might the “Suitcase” Barkley wind up this year? Maybe, with all of Barkley experience, he can sit on the bench for a new league team for peanuts.

        UCLA 34 – SUCCX -27

        Ding goes the Bell.


      3. Last time I checked Matt was still getting paid..what’s your point.
        Just wondering how many passes has Hundley thrown during the regular season?
        Now that’s funny.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Pudly —Actually, the worst thing about Owns is the sheer amount of time he’s spent on John Wayne over the last 24 hours…..


      1. 67 —Even if you make all the ties into bruin wins (the way they do in Canelo Alverez fights), the bruins are just so far behind that they could never catch up…..


  3. Yo Clarence be shouting outloud:

    67 —Even if you make all the ties into bruin wins (the way they do in Canelo Alverez fights), the bruins are just so far behind that they could never catch up…..


    UCLA 142 – SUCCX 106

    SUCCx will have to sweep all the games for the next 18 years just to tie UCLA’s victories.

    The record for most consecutive sports victories against a rival is 52.
    UCLA BB 52 – SUCCX 0

    UCLA 11 NC’s – SUCCX 00000000000000 Forever.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell.



  4. Just rent, aka Night Train,

    We all know that Johnny “The Cheeter” Wooden bought 10 years of winning and 10 trophies. if the ncaa were to take away those wins and trophies, then you have zilch, nada, zero. Harrick bought the other one. So once again, ugly would have nuthin but that swimming hole called Polly “I want a cracker” povillion.

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  5. how did we go from combine stats, to SC vs ucla?
    didn’t bruins have any decent performances?
    it is good that porter has not hurt himaelf,right?
    did he do anything? at least he stayed to play through his senior year,unusual these days,a senior/team leader…bet he makes a good coach some day…


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