Beware Who Explains The Air Raid Offense

Here is USC offensive line coach Tim Drevno talking about the Air Raid offense after Tuesday’s practice:

“We go so fast that we slow down blitzes. It’s really about wearing the defense down.”

Isn’t this what you would hear from any spread-offense coach too?

I wonder if Drevno ever suggested to Jim Harbaugh that he run the Air Raid when Drevno was the offensive coordinator at Michigan? I doubt it.

Also, can Drevno point out how many national titles the Air Raid has won?

Don’t get me wrong, I think USC will benefit from having the Air Raid. I just don’t want to hear Drevno tell anyone what’s so great about it when he’s never run it before and the offensive line has never played great under him during the Steve Sarkisian or Clay Helton eras.

  • Meanwhile, here is a petition from L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn urging USC not to change the name of the Coliseum.

You know why I like this? Because I like anything that makes the entrenched ruling class at USC uncomfortable, especially after all the things they have done to hurt USC’s reputation.


30 thoughts on “Beware Who Explains The Air Raid Offense

  1. Drevno knows everything Harrell has told him about the Air Raid offense (and the blocking necessary to make it go). That’s literally all he knows. No more. No less. We should gotten ourselves an o-line coach who was intimately familiar with the Air Raid offense —-not a guy who Clay likes to have around so he has more allies on the staff than Harrell.

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    1. Harrell did bring in 4 analysts and assistants to help him out. Not exactly all alone here. But if he feels uncomfortable with Drevno he should’ve replaced, if not Drevno seemed good enough for harbaugh to keep around for years as a line coach. Harrell made the point of the simplicity of the blocking scheme so that shouldn’t be a big problem.
      But I agree with you Michael, the new OC should have his own choices as his assistants.

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      1. Read that. What can I say, I don’t condone it if it’s true. Not ready to convict anyone over a single accusation either. More should come out if this was true.

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    2. Tell Trojan nation, Michael Guarino and Pudly76… what sports did you ever excel at? Both of you pedal JT as etched in stone all the time…did you watch last season? Of course, you did…So far, you’ve sold us a bill of goods…


      1. I’ve got your bill of goods hanging right here…

        Mr baseball knows it all? You’re afraid of the truth.


      2. Hey Hey Hey….Pudly is an all american in basement commenting as well as spinning southern cal football news. He also excels in fudge packing, pillow biting and driving the hershey highway!



  2. People in charge should feel uncomfortable with decisions of this’s sort. There is always truth on both sides of issues of this sort that must be considered. That said, show me the money.

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    1. Pudly —I’m sure if Harrell were more experienced in these kinds of things, he would have insisted on bringing in one of his own guys for o-line coach (and I’m doubly sure Kingsbury would have). Drevno may be able to get the line ready for opening day —but the sad truth is he’s learning the offense right along with his students. For an obviously smart man Helton has never appreciated the need for making all the parts of the puzzle fit. Drevno is NOT the name that jumps to mind when you talk Air Raid (he’s not in the top 10 —or the top 20 —-or the top 50).

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      1. Micheal, I agree with you about Drevno not being an air raid coach. But then who would be other than those who played for or were coached by Mike Leach? At some point Leach and others bring in assistants who learn the system and go on to coach it. If Harrell has a problem with his line coach, I hope he just pushes him aside.
        Seemed like most were happy he was named coach last year (as most thought he’d take over the line) and even happier when he was named line coach. Things have a way of turning quick, before spring is even over.

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    2. It seems that most spread offenses use zone blocking schemes, with relatively large gaps between linemen. If that is the case with Harrell, then will Drevno be on board with implementing that?

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      1. Harrell and others have talked about the bigger spreads on the line. Drevno included. When asked about Drevno two weeks ago, Harrell said Drevno was surprised the install was complete and there were so few schemes to this blocking scheme.

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      1. You speak of opinions. At judgement, you will finally learn that there is ☝️ truth. Seek, and you will find.


    3. They ripped up God’s word and all you can come up with is “show me the money”! You are no friend of God. You don’t even know what’s in there half the time.


      1. The hell you say! No where did I see anyone ripped anything. As you know my comment went to the issue of the Coli decision. Any reference to teddies comment came later you knucklehead. And I thought Christians weren’t supposed to bear false witness!! Pharisee be gone.


    1. USC’s getting blitzed at the settlement box. How successful can they be, if they can’t protect the school against predators? Good shepards don’t let the wolves consume their flock…..


  3. Is this the best we can get from Tuesday practice from Scottie? A one-liner from Drevno?

    Scottie, you can do better than this – were you even at practice?

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    1. Scott doesn’t go to practice. he picks up bits and pieces from “sources” that only he knows. As I have said for years, Scott should work to the National Enquirer. He is no more a journalist than the man in the moon.

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  4. It’s the same offense that Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton run.

    If USC ever gets a clue and hires a real head coach that will at least try and use a dual threat QB to really open up the offense…then they’ll be onto something.


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