A Big 12 Coach Likes Clay Helton

A coach from a Big 12 school laughed when I asked him why Clay Helton takes so long to offer scholarships to some top Southern California prospects.

USC offered cornerback Clark Phillips of La Habra last week. He is a 4-star prospect in USC’s backyard and already has 36 offers including Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU and Notre Dame.

“I don’t know why he is so bad but I hope he keeps it up,” the coach said. “No leadership.”

The truth is opposing coaches are just keeping their fingers crossed USC keeps Helton.

The funnier part is a small segment of USC fans think changing three assistant coaches will make everything better.


19 thoughts on “A Big 12 Coach Likes Clay Helton

  1. Slow news day?? You ran with this identical storyline already less than a week ago. Must be hard to come up with original material when you don’t actually go to practice and ask questions?

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    1. Nor do you know what you’re even looking at. You show yourself to be a bad house guest who lacks understanding and perspective, but, still, you rattle off like a disrespectful supposedly grown person. Your growth was stunted long ago….at least, Scott’s still providing knowledge.


      1. Aw, somebody got piss in his cereal? Now you rate th guests. Still you lie and cheat but call yourself a Christian? Hahahahaha.
        Away Pharisee.


      2. Hey pal, Pudly is correct. Wolf ran this story quoting some coach a week ago and of course never named the source. I don’t know where you came from but I will hold the door open to send you back. Wolf provides very little knowledge. If you had been around for a while you would know that.

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      3. I’m not your pal, Linkster. I don’t come here for that…Why do you come here if Scott’s so bad? Go somewhere else, if you don’t approve….


      4. Hey butt wipe – what is your Trojan rating? You are a Johnny come lately around here with multiple posts that add NOTHING. Why do I come here? Because there are clowns like you to laugh at. Remember, we are all laughing at YOU.

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      5. My Trojan rating: 5. There are many ahead of me, it’s true…but, in courage, I’m capable of defeating you in person….


    2. Pudly —Hey bud! I just got back from a swim to check out you responding to what’s his name. Let’s have a deal, ok? Let’s not waste our time.

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      1. Two wrongs never make a right. Guarino, a 7, but he’d be higher if actually had the courage to separate.


  2. “The funnier part is a small segment of USC fans think changing three assistant coaches will make everything better.”

    That’s because the Helton Sunshine Pumpers are a bunch of idiots.


  3. SCooter,

    It is not summer yet, so don’t do any reruns. You had this blog about a week ago. Michael G had an opinion who the coach was and so did I. Get something new buddy.


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