USC Afternoon Notes

I was a little surprised USC had former senior vice president Todd Dickey go on radio station KPCC today to defend the naming rights deal for the Coliseum.

Dickey is technically an emeritus (like Max Nikias!), which means he still works as a consultant, but I would think an athletic dept. official could handle this. Maybe they are all too scared to make public comments right now with the big college admissions scandal.

Dickey said L.A. County supervisor Janice Hahn‘s proposal to keep the Coliseum name and call the field “United Airlines Field” would cost USC money.

“It’s pretty significant, could be 30-40 percent reduction,” Dickey said. “USC is simply following what the commission asked us to do seven years ago when we signed the lease and that was they were very concerned, as were we, about honoring veterans so they asked us to keep ‘Memorial Coliseum’ in the name, but that we could take out ‘Los Angeles’ and replace it with the name of a sponsor. We’ve followed that to a T.”

Said Hahn: “I just believe it is wrong to change the name of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It was a war memorial that was built to remember the Los Angeles boys who marched off to World War I and never came home.

“To take out Los Angeles really desecrates the memory of those who lost their lives.”

Full interview here.

  • USC has offered three-star linebacker Romello Height of Dublin, Ga. It’s good they are offering someone from Georgia before someone in Southern California they might have seen in an actual game instead of a 7-on-7 camp.
  • A USC flag has reportedly been removed from Lori Loughlin‘s Bel-Air home.
  • USC baseball has to play No. 1-ranked UCLA this weekend. The Trojans did beat Long Beach State last night, 8-5. Woo hoo!
  • USC had more than 66,000 students apply for admission and accepted only 11 percent. Thirty-six percent of admitted students are from California and 47 percent from other parts of the United States, representing every state, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam.
  • Fifteen percent of admitted students are the first-generation to go to college.

15 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Sad story. It would be wonderful to preserve and celebrate the memories of the Angelenos who served in the war. But where will the money come from?

    Unfortunately, so many $$ were lost due to fraud and incompetence in that complete clusterf**k that occurred year in and year out.

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    1. Where was Hahn’s righteous indignation when the discussions were first going on? It would seem that Angelino Memorial Coliseum would’ve been more appropriate rather than LA. But over a year after the deal was struck, now Hahn wants to revisit the issue? Makes no real sense except as a political grandstand. Hope I’m wrong again.

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      1. Pusley’s comment has the same relevance as a loud swamp fart during a category 5, hurricane.



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  2. Long Beach State has a real good baseball program going back many years Wolf. I am sure with your in depth knowledge of local baseball programs you knew that, right? Not…. will see what happens with UCLA this weekend.

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    1. So were the titans at csuf. Remember when Auggie Garrido (RIP) was coaching and the likes of Tim Wallach going thru there. Both the Dirtbags and the Titans keep coming up with good teams every once in a while.

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    2. Missing Link, please be specific on how many years re:

      “Long Beach State has a real good baseball program going back many years Wolf.” (sic)

      Missing Link cranks SUCCX Enquish.



  3. I just came back from a week in Hawaii, where we were driven to the WWI memorial erected in honor of people from Hawaii who didn’t return from the war. My point is nobody but our bargain basement tour actually visits this memorial. In fact I am willing to bet by the next time my family has money to visit the island this chunk of real estate will be gobbled up by a builder of something. The land is just too valuable to leave empty. It is not a grave site and this place has had many uses. It is possible that it has run its course.
    As for the Coliseum, I have been attending events there for more than 50 years and in that time I never knew the seats of rotting plastic I was honoring people who died.
    If that poorly run, rotting state owned building is memorial, please stick a bone up my arse and let the dogs tote me away I’d fare much better.

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    1. Regardless of the seating whether bench type with backs being what I remember most or individual, the stadium has an actual historical aspect to it, whether one recognizes it or not. Rotting war memorials to veterans are nothing new in rotting societies and veterans are used to it since the 60’s, 70’s,and on.


  4. Across the street from Los Angeles High School (Rimpau and Olympic Blvd.) is the LAPL Memorial Public Library – the windows that are arrayed around the branch honor the fallen who gave their lives for the USA in the Great War. The building is all that is left of that truly beautiful old high school directly across the street that was torn down and had that awful ‘GOSPLAN’ bolshevik functional sterile block house akin to some nightmarish ‘bauhaus’ structure that sits there today.

    I can’t stand Hahn either – just like her camera loving daddy ‘Kenny’ – ‘but’ she was not a county supervisor when USC signed the deal to re-name the Coliseum omitting ‘Los Angeles’. USC is 100% culpable in making that agreement and omitting ‘LA’ from the new name – they never should have agreed to that – ever.

    Wonder if Haden had a hand in this deal huh? Bet that clown did. Run Pat run go on run run run ‘Capper’

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    1. Another piece of shit russoviet. You know nada about the Hahn family so shut your political conservative mouth. You and Pudly are a worthless pair
      living in the dark ages of society. Sad , sad you are posting here. Who wants you to ever be on the rooting side for USC.


      1. Ah gee honey still smarting from that beatdown Mueller couldn’t deliver last Friday? Yeah cornpone Kenny — another career demoncrat politician “Ask not what your country can do for you but what your: daughter, sister, wife, mother, granddaughter, niece, cousin girlfriend will do for me tonight in the rack….I am the jockster aka Jacque Strap! Come and get your love demoncrat style….

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      2. Steve the Preachy Libtard is in a foul mood now that his Russian Collusion Conspiracy blew up in his fat preppy face! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. SCooter,

    Besides the countries you had mentioned, how many were accepted from Asia? Out of country and state tuition is what the uc schools and SC want. They can charge more. What pisses me off though is that the uc system has taken in a lot more out of state kids due to the higher tuition that they can collect. There is no loyality towards the parents that have paid their taxes here in california.

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