USC And John Havlicek Moment

With the passing of legendary basketball player John Havlicek, here is a picture of him playing USC at the Sports Arena on Dec. 30, 1961 in the Los Angeles Basketball Classic.

Havlicek came to town with No. 1-ranked Ohio State, which won the classic after a 76-66 victory over the No. 4-ranked Trojans in the championship game. Ohio State defeated UCLA, 105-84, earlier in the tournament.

In the picture, Havlicek (No. 5) attempts to block a shot by USC’s Chris Appel in the title game. Ohio State made three straight trips to the NCAA championship game from 1960-62.

Havlicek did not even make the all-tournament team, though, and was overshadowed by his teammate, Jerry Lucas, who had 30 rebounds against UCLA and 38 points against USC. Purdue’s Terry Dischinger set a record with 16-made free throws in a game. The four-day tournament drew 50,392 fans to the Sports Arena.

The all-tournament team was John Rudometkin and Appel (USC); Bill McGill (Utah); Rod Thorn (West Virginia) and Lucas.


20 thoughts on “USC And John Havlicek Moment

  1. I actually went to those games,the Rudometkin years(especially 60-61) were some of the best for SC …he was a 6’6″ center Hancock JC all american transfer. Chris Appel, Neil Edwards were really good guards Ken Stanley and Vern Ashby were the fwrds… Ohio St Jerry Lucas was ‘all world’ at the college level…the Johnny Unitas of college ball.

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    1. Mike the link on the bottom is a very well detailed and ugly study of USC from its beginnings through today. Very blunt of the control from the 20-90’s by West 28th frat boys but the follow-up on Sample and Nikias is well researched. This is not an easy ready but it is well researched top-to-bottom. As good as he was Nikias hung himself and USC as well through indifference and arrogance.

      Funny once again no one ever mentions Pat Haden and the Mayr Foundation

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      1. really? no one forgets…
        I sorta’ thought the article was on old basketball …a refreshing change from all the current crap


    2. That is a real mess for bel-air tech plus the corruption from the athletic assistants up to the 2nd =in command of the westwood athletic dept. – that mess isn’t going away and coupled with this one – boom!

      Good find Mike

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      1. Yeah I saw the article on USC. I am USC frat boy and I subscribe to some of that. However, I have some great friends who have made wonderful contributions to the world who happened to be frat boys from USC. Alv, don’t tar everyone who was in a fraternity with that brush. Besides, we both went to NDHS in Sherman Oaks. Thought I forgot did you?

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    3. ***Obviously missing link your reading comprehension must hover around -3 on a scale of 1 – 10.

      “On paper, Liu Cai was a model student. After moving to the United States from Beijing, he majored in biology at UCLA and volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club. A former teacher, Jose Echeverria, remembers him as “an excellent student” and a “great person” who was “easy to get along with.” Cai graduated in 2017 and landed a job at a health care technology company in Santa Monica. He appeared to be doing everything right.

      So it came as a surprise when, on a Tuesday morning in March, federal authorities arrested him on suspicion of facilitating an international cheating ring. According to prosecutors, Cai, along with four current and former UCLA students and another student at Cal State Fullerton, helped at least 40 Chinese nationals obtain student visas by fraudulently taking the TOEFL, an English proficiency exam, on their behalf. Cai’s ringers would show up to testing sites with fake Chinese passports bearing their own photos but with the names of the clients. Where Cai slipped—and where investigators caught up to him—was charging 39 test registration payments to his credit card.”

      ***May I remind you missing link, Felony U hosts the largest population of Mainland China Students of any University in the US. Chances are very high the majority applicants helped by the Cai scam enrolled at Felony U.

      Felony U matriculation is like a Tijuana bar i.e. If you have the cash, any TJ bar will sell you liquor regardless of age and SUCCX will sell you a diploma regardless of language inability or lack of academic qualifications.

      Lastly missing link, UCLA ‘s legal exposure vis-a-vis the Cai scam is ZERO. On the other hand, Felony U has four former employees currently facing federal felony charges of RACKETEERING; Tony Bland is awaiting sentencing for his bozo BB on-the-job scam.

      I forgot, has the Felony U, Geo. Tyndall Class action lawsuit been settled yet? What’s the nut now missing link: $300 million and climbing?

      Last but not least and what matters most to Felony U rah-rah’s –

      UCLA 34 – Felony U 27

      Gong x2 goes the Vic Bell


    1. Hmmm not so sure….Mike and I hail from the old ‘Catholic League’:
      Mt. Carmel
      Notre Dame
      Pius X
      Saint Anthony’s

      Mt. Carmel – long gone Hoover and 70th….Pius X ‘vanished’ then resurrected ‘in tandem’ with St. Matthias (Huntington Park) in 1975….Notre Dame went form ‘all boys’ to ‘coed’ in 1988 with Corvallis HS girls school.

      In 1967 NDHS played Loyola @ ‘on campus’…. Loyola didn’t return for over 45 years playing all over…St. Francis (La Canada) and Crespi ‘popped up’ and took the place of St. Anthony’s and Mt. Carmel

      All power to the soviets!

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    2. Yeah I played football and baseball at ND. That was back when Grady and Bergdahl we’re running wild. You had great FB teams but we got you in baseball. Russo is right on the old Catholic League. Actually in my time, Salesian and Alemany were not part of the Catholic League. Some great athletes out of both schools went on to bigger and better. ND went coed. In my time the only folks in skirts were the brothers. In retrospect, they were a weird lot.

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      1. Alv when I was at ND, Salesian and Alemany were NOT in the league. Played them in baseball as a out of conference team but not football.


  2. Sometimes people should think twice about posting on social media. For instance Reggie Bush who decided to defend a child beater….


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