Tennessee Offensive Tackle Drew Richmond Transfers To USC

Drew Richmond, the graduate transfer from Tennessee who visited USC last month, announced today he will transfer to USC.

Richmond was the No. 2-ranked offensive tackle in the nation in 2015 by Rivals. But he played for arguably the worst offensive line in the nation last season.

The Vols’ offensive line was ranked last in the nation (130th) in “stuff rate,” which measures the percentage of carries by running backs that are stopped at or before the line of scrimmage. The Vols’ offensive line also ranked 127th in “line yards per carry” and “standard downs line yards per carry.”


38 thoughts on “Tennessee Offensive Tackle Drew Richmond Transfers To USC

  1. The guy had offers from the entire SEC, plus Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan.

    Found the following from Rivals:

    “Richmond has great size and excellent feet but he never found his way at Tennessee, a program under Butch Jones that didn’t develop a lot of former five-stars. His size and athletic ability have a lot of schools interested, and I still believe he can turn around and become a consistent run blocker to go along with his pass-blocking prowess.”

    Elsewhere, people remark that he was Tennessee’s best pass blocker.

    Scottie, don’t hide your enthusiasm.

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      1. MG, playing in the pac-12 will look like a walk in the park for this fella after the SEC.

        And perhaps a change of scenery and some better coaching will be the difference maker.



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      2. 67 —-I wish we had replaced Drevno but he’s marginally better than Tennessee’s o-line coach….

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      3. mikey boy, what a crock of BS.

        Once again a Clown U rah-rah is happy to add an admitted OL loser to the wretched bozo FB team and then scream hysterically”We’re #1.”



    1. Hey Alv, saw this this morning and wonder why Larry Smith is still working. Until the pac12 networks starts doling out money like the sec and acc or even the b10, we’ll keep falling further behind….

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      1. You’re very kind, Pudly ( but I know I’m right about the “piece of work” part—– he’s all icing and no cake —-only a conference as weak and non attentive as the Pac 12 would, not only keep him, but pay him outlandish sums of money)…..

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      2. Pud my guess is until USC has a strong AD this is what we deserve. We used to control the conference and all did our bidding. Bad as Garrett was he never would have allowed a clown like Helton to stay after Darnold left I even doubt Haden would have. Better days are hopefully coming but not until both Helton and Swann are both gone

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      1. Fewer and fewer people will be picking UCLA, Alv…….

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      1. Pudly —Joshy is doing just exactly like he promised when drafted —“proving everybody wrong.”

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      2. You know I don’t like to put rosen down ever, let alone every chance he gives me. But last year he got his second coach fired in as many years. Now I’m not sure, but I heard that KK is not a fool and noticed it right off. It prompted KK to post this tweet to throw josh off the tantrum trail and not try to subvert his authority….

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      3. I’m proud of Kingsbury —he’s quickly learned to speak in NFL code (“Josh is our Guy” really means “Die Josh”)…….

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      4. Whoa Pusley, nice cut and paste “Stop the Presses” bombshell scoop that Rosen “…unfollowed the Cardinals on Instagram.”!!!!!! This is huge, signifying nothing.

        MF’er Pusley, you’re the bozo go to honcho when it comes to conspicuously cut and paste, petty/useless BS.


      5. Cut and paste vs plagiarizing like you??
        Here is some more cut and paste from the NFL Network on little joshie rosen from Steve Smith sr.

        “Every team is drafting. We’ve got six rounds in the next couple of days. Guys are getting replaced. You are replaceable. … They say in the league, the more you can do, it helps your opportunities. So now you’re mad because they brought some competition in here, so you’re gonna try to take your ball? First of all, son, it ain’t your damn ball to take anyway. So, you just keep playing with your phone, and you just keep showing us what the stigma of you and who you were at UCLA, now you’ve brought it to the professional level. You’ve showed us when things don’t go your way, you’re going to cry in a corner. But guess what? They’re gonna ship your ass home, somewhere else, and you can go cry and be their problem.”

        Cut and paste this you little wienie!!!


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      6. Unfollowed the Cardinals? Who ever followed them? For Rosen it was an accident, he dropped his phone in the hot tub. I’m sorry if you have a diamond-even a diamond in the rough, do you show a baby bear turd?

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      7. Pudly —You don’t know why Owns is so upset? Let me give you the backstory. Last summer Owns and Josh were placed in the same summer camp by their rich parents—and they didn’t get along. So the Camp Director said, “now girls, if you can’t get along I’m going to put you in the same tent for the whole summer.” But after a week of living, eating and sleeping together —they realized they were twins…..

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      8. But Michael you left out the best part… the realization didn’t hit them until they were done playing a viscous game of tummy sticks (the only off season activities josh was allowed due to concussions)

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      9. Yes, Pudly, you’re right —that’s exactly the moment it happened —I only left it out cuz I’ve been made aware that impressionable young boys frequent this site and I didn’t want them to hear about that aspect of bruin life via this blog—better they read about it in court press releases when they’re older….

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  2. Coming from the SEC , he’ll look like a first team all American against the PAC 12 defensive players. He would have been better off playing for Herm Edwards at Arizona State, or David Shaw at Stanford, because Bozo the buffoon Helton, and his staff will diminish his skills .

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  3. mikey boy, Kliff Kingsbury was the bozo u FB OC for how long?:

    A) 1 day
    B) 1 week
    C) 12 hours
    D) 6.35 hours

    Ah mikey boy, speaking of bozo FU departures, did Bru McCoy leave a forwarding address on his Clown U SUCCX exit?



    1. Yeah. Bru’s forwarding address was delivered right after mique’s and jalen’s…you’re the only one stupid enough to come and talk about players leaving. How many did the ruins lose this year? I stopped counting at 20, including your starting tackle who wanted to come to SC.
      Dumb as dirt =ruin


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  4. nice…he may bring some sec juice to the line play…if helton lets him; or he may just go along with the shorts and no full pads,blocking or tackling aka no hurties allowed in practice

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