A Video Look At Coliseum Obstructed Seats

Here’s a virtual video that gives you a better idea about the obstructed-view seats USC claims it will not sell for football games.

32 thoughts on “A Video Look At Coliseum Obstructed Seats

      1. Pudly —Players are ready. Harrell is ready. Pat Haden didn’t do fans any favors, though. And I want a voice analysis done on this video —is that Yogi Roth doing voice over?

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      2. Probably scottie, no?

        He’s got the voice of a print journalist
        He’s got the looks for radio
        He’s got the writing skills of ESL student

        No wonder he’s so angry !!


      3. Pudly —As Descartes famously asked, “If not for Scott, what could possibly be?”
        #[“Second Meditation”]…..

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      4. You’re right. I shouldn’t have put those kids down like that. Please express my apologies to the students.
        BTW, I’m ESL myself.

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    1. Mr. Swann might say he is encouraged by his improvement with his diet, golf game, travel plans as well as progress regarding corporate stadium facilities and optimistic regarding the future if USC sports under his guidance.

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      1. Nice. Lynn oughta hire you to write his next Athletic Department Statement….or just pay you for this one. [I bet ya anything he read it and thought, “wow —this covers everything!”]……

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      1. Yes, gt —the boycott is still on and Pat’s still leading it……


  1. Pat Haden must’ve made up his mind —“I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be remembered for bending over to take it up the shorts by the NCAA —I have to do something that eclipses that memory FOREVER…!”

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  2. So are you claiming the school is lying scottie?? Funny you couldn’t prove Lynn lied about his golf outings…why do you throw so much crap against the wall, your room must really stink.


      1. Perhaps it helps him to forget his performance at the Coli in the ’78 NFC championship game (of course, I can only imagine what it would be like to have the opportunity to be in that position!) – in fact, maybe that obstructed view reminds him what it was like to stand in a pocket with Too Tall Jones, Randy White, and Harvey Martin bearing down on him…

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      2. What are Pat Haden’s connections to the company doing the renovation of the Coliseum? Scott should investigate that!


    1. Pudly —The one VERY, VERY bright spot in all of this—-one that is overlooked by the cynics and the haters —- is that none of the kids knew anything WHATSOEVER about what was going on…..

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      1. How about those SUCCX architects, mikey boy?

        Overheard Architect conversation in bozo meeting on the Crumbling Mausoleum zero sight seat problem.

        “But Bitsy, there are so many seats with zero views of the field.”

        “Don’t worry Algernon, bozo marketing will dream a special name for those no view seats and sell for “em a huge premium to Fat Cat drunks as a prerequisite to join the McKay Group.”

        “Bitsy, what’s the McKay Group?”

        “Damned if I know Algernon!”



  3. Those seats should be used for people who aren’t really interested in the game, but want to be seen at a USC football game


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