USC Morning Buzz: Pat Haden Falls Even Further

Is Pat Haden such a diminished figure that he is now reduced to speaking through his son-in-law?

He already has cut himself off from USC, including people who knew him as a player in the 1970’s, and when desired can hide away at his desert house.

But at least the Wall Street Journal let us know he is one of the big fish out there who could find himself embroiled in the College Admissions scandal. Donna Heinel needs to give the federal prosecutors something and Haden would be a perfect gift.

Already, 22 of the 50 defendants in the scandal plead guilty or agreed to at a later time. The more who plead guilty, the more pressure it puts on Heinel, Lori Loughlin and everyone else who is not currently cooperating.

When former USC women’s soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin plead guilty early this week it was significant because some oberservers in the athletic dept. believed he had the ego/hubris to try and fight the charges until the bitter end. But even Khosroshahin knew better and is cooperating.

Haden’s denial — through his son-in-law — that he had no relationship with William “Rick” Singer might sound more convincing if he did not already have a record of shady behavior.

Remember, the Los Angeles Times reported Haden made more than $1 million in his role as chairman of a foundation that gave academic scholarships to students studying at USC and other schools.
Haden, his daughter and sister-in-law together collected about $2.4 million from a foundation for part-time roles
“when the number of scholarships awarded by the charity fell dramatically,” the Times reported.
It all smelled and Haden never adequately addressed any of it.
What happens if the feds come after Haden? Will he then turn on someone else?

40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Pat Haden Falls Even Further

  1. Well if your inference is he’s going to roll over on to Nikias, you believe that’s credible? There is no one else Haden was beholden to. Your hinting Haden actually understood fully what Singer was proposing and then took it to Nikias?

    Sad to be Pat Haden today….hope he has his faith because this is one ugly situation he is in and hope he has others to turn to for ‘support.’

    Praying for Haden – I truly am.

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    1. Commie Lush prays for the insidious St Pattykins!!! Truly, WAF’gJ.

      As I write clownsters, fat pigs and cows are flying over Felony U.

      Will one of the rah-rahs remind me how St. Pattykins Felony U’s legacy might be articulated?

      Perhaps “In the beginning, unlimited fireballs were available,” might be a fitting legacy thesis.



    2. As Haden said upon accepting the position of athletic director, “Winning any way other than the right way is not winning at all.”

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      1. gt –Thanks for recollecting this wonderful quote —a timely reminder that Pat couldn’t be guilty of anything except being too holy……
        [On the other hand, I think Alv is right: we SHOULD pity Pat —-he succumbed to a culture that is sorely in need of a jump start]…..

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  2. The one good thing about all of this is that income President, Carol Folt will realize she needs an experienced leader directing her athletic department, and that wouldn’t be Lynn Swann. A house cleaning is in order, regardless if Swann had anything to do with the scandal.

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    1. I don’t believe Swann was involved based on his reaction when asked if he had met that father in Augusta. This was ‘in situ’ based on the timeline described in yesterday’s report. The initial meet btwn Singer and Heinel had already taken place courtesy of Haden.

      You are right though – Swann will be shown the door because he did nothing after he was given the job to understand who did what – that stunt flying to Virginia to sign autographs is proof enough of his lazy incompetency.

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      1. Folt attacks whistle blowers? Sure hopes she does that again….

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  3. It should be easy to determine if Pat Haden was involved in this mess. Many of the key figures have pleaded guilty in this scandal, including Singer, who was wiretapped and cooperated for months.
    After almost two years of looking into this case, the feds did not charge Haden with any criminal counts in this case, despite having ample access to determine if he was involved. The fact that Haden’s name was leaked to the Wall Street Journal and other news sources this week, tells me that Donna Heinel’s lawyers have started their push to try and prove her innocence in this case. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leaked info to the WSJ and other media. Their only chance to win this case is to prove that Haden ordered the “Code Red”, and instructed Heinel to raise money for USC athletics illegally. This won’t exonerate Heinel of all charges. But it would soften the blow and possibly cut her prison sentence in half.
    As much as I despise Haden’s record as USC athletic director, I don’t believe he was involved in any illegal activity in the Varsity Blues case.

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      1. I agree, Alv —-but guess what? Pat’s foreseeable future is going to be filled with doing interviews with the feds on criminal matters and responding to interrogatories on civil matters.

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  4. at least Swannie has the excuse that he was knocked unconscious a dozen times by the Stealers safeties….what’s Haden’s? stole millions from disadvantaged kids and never answers for it?

    he never took a hit as Ram’s QB, he would always get rid of the ball on a bounce rather than take a hit.

    and i’ll never forget his little Haden hands unable to grip the ball in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. here’s hoping they send Haden to the Federal Pen.



      1. Haven’t you been reading these guys? Compassion and understanding for Angela Davis —- death penalty for Pat Haden…..

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      1. no trojans have no trouble with Bruins at all…..except for football, basketball and baseball….and Beach VB.



    1. You really are fixated on the every aspect of anal sex. You seem to want to deride all those who have those tendencies as somehow below you. Your consistent reference to homosexuality as a lesser than normal lifestyle is telling, in both your stupidity and your insecurity.
      Always nice to read your posts, they offer so much. Thanks in advance for your next one.

      Troll on you pos.


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      1. Well, at least karma has finally returned to us after spending several days on the shirtless Sears photo…..

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      2. Ah poor little homophobe. Of course in your mind the only pedophiles are gay. Makes sense, you rotten pos. You keep acting like this bothers me. Unfortunately at my age the dyes have been cast and whatever my orientation I’ve long ago embraced it. Unlike you who still struggles with anal issues and sexual identity. What a putz little boy.

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  5. I read the Los Angeles Times article today where, in the Tony Bland matter, USC submitted a victim’s statement attesting that Bland”s actions diminished the university’s reputation. Really ? The guy gets caught taking $4,100.00 and now SC has the nerve to claim this damaged its reputation. Jeez, the list can go on and on about all the other things that damaged USC reputation – a drunk football coach, a former medical school Dean fucking some young whore in Pasadena and giving her drugs, another medical school Dean harassing other employees, soccer and water polo coaches taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes for rich kids who couldn’t get admitted into the school, another Health Center doctor fingering Asian students and taking photos of their private parts for decades, another male doctor at the same Health Center fingering gay guys and being allowed to stay on staff, Nikias being told of the medical school Deans’ antics and him ignoring the complaints, Nikes being given a university loan to buy a house in Manhattan Beach after he leaves the Presidency in disgrace and in shambles, the Business School Dean being kicked out on his ass for allowing harassment for years, the School of Social Work sullied in its reputation when the son of Supervisor Ridley Thomas is given a $100,000.00 job for doing crap on campus, etc. I mean, this shit goes on and on and USC tries to increase the punishment for Bland for getting $4,100.00. All these assholes need to be in jail, not given golden parachutes. Meanwhile, scandalous Pat Haden remains on payroll at the school for giving advice on the construction of the new Coliseum ? He takes money from charitable organizations where he and his family don’t do shit but they are the first ones with their grubby hands out. What a mess.

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      1. Not really, Pudly. Nikias, Haden and the the former Dean of the Business School, despite their many shortcomings, made some positive contributions and worked hard for the University. As for the Clinton Foundation —the people in Haiti who they claimed to have spent millions of dollars helping are still waiting to see a penny’s worth of assistance.

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      2. Pudly claims he was repeatedly fisted by the Clinton Foundation members, to which he then stated, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.


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    1. Double murders, drugging and sodomizing co-eds, lier “hero” and all around scum fan base represented by likes of Pudly don’t even make the list of embarrassing @sswipes at southern cal….



    2. Proud: sending you an honorary Bruin tee.

      Steps to Disavowing SC degree:
      1) burn all SC gear
      2) take UCLA extension course
      3) memorize “They Call Me Coach”


  6. MG: “Not really, Pudly. Nikias, Haden and the the former Dean of the Business School, despite their many shortcomings, made some positive contributions and worked hard for the University. ”

    AHA HA HA HA! Gawd Damn! So positive were their contributions, they were kicked to the curb, thrown out on their asses and are now viewed as a Gawd Damn embarrassment personally, as well as casting embarrassment on USC.


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