Naming A Field Is Tricky Business At USC

USC football will play on United Airlines Field.

USC basketball plays on Jim Sterkel Court.

Sterkel was not one of the best players in USC history but his friend donated millions to get the court named after him.

“Do you think Duke or Kansas would do that?” former USC coach Bob Boyd used to say.

USC baseball plays at Dedeaux Field and the track team competes at Cromwell Field but those venues were named in the pre-naming rights era.

And Cromwell Field might undergo a name change since the university has created a task force to create principles that can be “used to guide USC in decisions about whether to remove a historical name from a building or other
prominent structure or space on campus.”

Former USC track coach Dean Cromwell‘s past will likely be under review because of Cromwell’s past racist comments and accusations of anti-semitic behavior at the 1936 Olympics.

16 thoughts on “Naming A Field Is Tricky Business At USC

    1. Chip Kelly: “I’ve had teams practice on 100 yard fields and I’ve had teams practice on 80 yard fields. My 100 yard guys seemed to routinely win 9 or 10 more games a year than my 80 yard guys….. but that might not be due to the field. I’m reserving a 51% chance that the guys I got now are just losers…”

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      1. MG, Owns says “SC has a 100 yard practice field, but it doesn’t mean shit at game time.”

        Am I mistaken, or is the SC-ucla record something like 49-32 in favor of SC?

        The U.S. schooling system really has failed…owns somehow thinks ucla is on top.


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      2. MG, it a well-known fact, CK has zero inclination for intercourse with a certified Clown U boob. So, I’m betting that your false CK quotes were actually plagiarized from Pusley’s pixie dust Blog “I suck good for bozo information.”

        #DING goes the Vic Bell


      3. 67 –My Friend Owns is loyal to UCLA…

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      4. Charlie —Okay. Okay. You win. Full last sentence: “I’m reserving the possibility that the bruin football team [although I’m embarrassed to be seen on the field with them] are still good enough to whip USC ONE TIME IN A ROW EVERY DECADE…”


    2. Oh, that hurts.

      UCLA 34 – Felony U 27 – J. Kelly rushes for 289 yards on 40 carries vs the 1/64″ thick balsa wood bozo defense.

      Mickey me lad, it’s true Clown U has a 100 yd practice field but obviously, it doesn’t mean shit at game time.

      Wait for it…………..DING goes the Vic Bell!



  1. Memo to 67:

    That all-time bozo FB win differential doesn’t mean squat. Felony U had a 25-year headstart in organized collegiate FB.

    But UCLA holds the all-time record for most consecutive rivalry FB wins at 8. I remember the bozos crowing about tying UCLA’s record but the Clownsters ultimately lost to an inferior Bruin team 13 – 9 at the crumbling mausoleum and that choke loss cost the bozos a lock bid to the BCS Championship game……..Ho,ho,ho,ho!




      1. I stand corrected with head bowed and hat in hand.

        On the other hand, SUCCX still lost 13 – 9 and blew a lock bid to the BCS Championship game.

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      2. May I retort, Owns? USC creamed Notre Dame in the game before UCLA, and creamed Michigan (in your Rose Bowl) in the game after UCLA. Remember what UCLA did after the USC game? They went to the EMERALD BOWL and got creamed by a really awful Florida State team.

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  2. My “may I retort” retort to MG’s whiny, pathetic what the bozos did before the rivalry game and did after the rivalry game 13 – 9 loss retort.

    The point is MG, Mighty SUCCX, the vastly superior FB team that day and season, had two mega motives to win the rivalry game, and they choka, choka, choka, choka, choka choked.

    1) With a win, the bozos would tie UCLA for the record for most consecutive rivalry games won (8).

    2) And more importantly, with the win, the bozos were a lock selection for the BCS Championship game.

    Mikeyboy, you poor, poor, blind loser, LittlePetey blew the easy must-win rivalry game 13 – 9, and had to settle for the sloppy seconds RB invite instead of the more prestigious BCS invitation. Correct me MG if I’m wrong, but aren’t FB NC’s the Clown U FB program’s goal. Oh well, just not in 2006/07.

    Oh, and MG, don’t forget UCLA still holds the record for the most consecutive Rivalry FB games won (8).

    How about them pesky Bruins.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell



    1. My Dear, dear friend Owns—-
      And isn’t the Reason For UCLA Football’s Existence to Make it to & WIN the EMERALD BOWL?

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