Morning Buzz: Are USC Coaches On Same Page?

I’ve heard there is a schism within the USC coaching staff. The new coaches hang out among themselves and don’t interact much with the holdovers who were not fired by Clay Helton.

The one exception is the fairly laid-back Johnny Nansen, who is able to interact with both groups. But the bottom line is the newcomers are probably not too close with special teams coach John Baxter or defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

It’s fairly easy for offensive coordinator Graham Harrell to ignore those guys but much tougher for defensive backs coach Greg Burns or defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a, who have Pendergast as their boss.

But Pendergast didn’t really hire either one and has a dry personality so it is not far-fetched to think they are not close.


15 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Are USC Coaches On Same Page?

  1. Grown men charged with turning a program around. It’s serious chit to them and all coaching positions are on the line. Might not be group hug butt slappin fist bumpin time.

    The Miss Congeniality award isn’t in play here.

    Check back after a few wins and see how convivial the coaches room gets.

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    1. “Check back after a few wins and see how convivial the coaches room gets.”

      Here are the Trojans first 6 games of 2019.

      Fresno St.





      @Notre Dame

      How “convivial” do you believe the coaches room is going to be when Errand Boy starts the season 2-4 with J.T. Daniels at QB…and that’s if they’re lucky.

      There’s always a chance that the talent USC annually attracts (USC is known as a school that recruits itself and attracts it’s share of top talent) will have the ability to overcome horrendous incompetent second rate play calling that is the signature of a Clay Helton coached system.

      USC’s best chance to overcome Helton’s second rate coaching would be to name Jack Sears as the starter at QB. Sears has shown he can improvise and move the offense in spite of Helton being clueless as a head coach.


    2. Not to worry trojan fans!!!! I will sponsor a top shelf drinking coach’s weekend to Palm springs!! All the Gray Goose VX and Patron extra anejo lalique limited edition ($7000 bottle) they can drink!! Just like I did for Steve Sarkisian!! I’m not like JT Daniel’s father who had a little ceasers pizza party! Just make sure the coaches don’t go to a public event and shout “git reeeaaady to fight the f@*k on”


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      1. Can you do anything about getting a speech therapist for Lynn Swann, the guy is 67 years old and still talks with a lisp.

        It’s bad enough that Swann has shown he doesn’t know his head from his ass, it’s even worse hearing him try to speak, sounding like the complete idiot he is.


  2. Sounds like a tempest in a teapot. Is the team being hurt because these coaches aren’t buddy buddy? Not all people get along like Tebow and Owns. Not all people enjoy the mastication of adipose tissue. Sometimes it takes a two camp approach. I am saying let them find a way to get along when they can, for now let them concentrate on the team.

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  3. SCooter,

    It might because they are preparing for the season and when the season starts, watch them interact more.

    Sheesh SCooter, what else are u gonna complain about?

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    1. No, Pudly, don’t be so naive—that’s just exactly what USC wants the NCAA and their own Compliance Office to think….

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      1. Pudly —btw tebow’s “schism” video explains every word he’s ever written to or about you……

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      2. Yes MG I have figured out queen obummer1 & mule’s role around here.
        They’re like the pubic hair which gets stuck in a bar of soap, forcing you to either dig it out with your finger nail or throw the whole bar away with disgust at the idea of someone else in the family happening upon it before it goes down the drain



      3. Cal75 –Ha! You’re bringing back unwanted memories of my days at USC when one of the prominent feminists of our time laughingly explained during a lecture that John Ruskin, art critic and virgin, divorced his wife after seeing on their wedding night that, far from resembling a Victorian nude painting, she had pubic hair —something he didn’t know existed. I had to explain to her that after he turned about 12 years old, Ruskin probably took at least one look at his own dick and was, from that time on, never too amazed at the idea of pubic hair.


  4. Hey, as long as Helton and his staff remain incompetent and dysfunctional, the tougher it’s going to be for USC’s BoT to justify keeping them and the idiot athletic director that extended the other idiot’s contract…around.

    The upcoming USC football season will be a “Tribute To Lynn Swann” and his stupidity for extending the contract of Steve Sarkisian’s “Errand Boy”…Clay Helton.

    Here is the “Tribute To Lynn Swann” theme song…


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