Clay Helton Against The Spread

USC is 6-17-1 ATS in its last 24 games and has been worse as a dog. Under Helton, USC is 1-12 outright and 2-11 ATS as a dog. 11 of the 12 losses have come by double digits and 8 of 12 losses came by at least 17 pts. The avg margin of defeat in SC’s last 12 L as a dog – 18.8 PPG— Chris Fallica (@chrisfallica) July 9, 2019

18 thoughts on “Clay Helton Against The Spread

      1. Just Rent,

        If vegas loves SC, I wonder what they think of Chocolate Chip Kelly and his bad of lousy football? Do tell.

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      2. owns, failing to cover the spread is one thing. Going 3-9 is another. I know you like to ring bells, which happens about 1 year out of 4 for ucla.

        Does 3-9 ring a bell?

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  1. As one poster pointed out yesterday, the Trojans were systematically overrated last year. It took Vegas/gamblers some time to figure that out, and perhaps now SC will be underrated. It all boils down to what Harrell is able to do with the offense. Special teams and defense are pretty much the same as last year.

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  2. Wow! Not sure i like where the Trojans are headed . The fact that the Trojans are down doesnt help the conference at all. And with the first six games on the schedule this year does anybody see this changing anytime soon .

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  3. The picture won’t become any more clearer, that Clay Helton is a Dumb Ass, after the first 6 games of the season . So if the USC, Rah Rah’s continue to pretend after that, then put them in the Dumb Ass, category, too 😂


  4. Against the spread? My middle school mind went a totally different way with this low hanging fruit. Such as Helton against the “spread” saying, “Ah shucks ma’am my tiny organ is too small fer that cathedral. I guess I’ll just lickidy- split on out of here.”
    But of course if I was a betting man I have odds on over and the snap of the ball by Toa Lowbrowgone. Over the head or under the knees. Either way the center killed us more often than any other player .


    1. I thought maybe you were talking about the spread on sandwiches. Helton can’t tell the difference between Hellman’s and Best Foods mayonnaise. No wonder he can’t beat the spread.


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