Morning Buzz: All Not Quiet On USC Front

Week 2 for new USC president Carol Folt is not exactly going quietly.

Folt is still getting emails and phone calls from USC fans regarding athletic director Lynn Swann.

And now a well-heeled group is asking for an apology. The Board of Leaders for the USC Marshall School of Business have asked Folt to apologize to former business school dean Jim Ellis over allegations he mishandled race and gender bias complaints.

The Board of Leaders includes people like Marc Benioff of and Paul Orfalea , the founder of Kinkos. It also includes Ed Roski, who is on the Board of Trustees.

In January, the Board of Leaders asked for the immediate resignation of Rick Caruso, who is the chair of USC’s Board of Trustees.

  • The stat from Chris Fallica yesterday that USC is 1-12 outright and 2-11 ATS as an undedog is a good comeback for people who have to hear, “Clay Helton has won a Rose Bowl and Pac-12 title at USC.”

Another good response is “the avergage margin of defeat in USC’s past 12 losses as an underdog is 18.8 points.”


16 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: All Not Quiet On USC Front

    1. Hoping it is Roski in a knockout. Ellis was treated horribly. His firing was over 6 or 7 allegations that occurred over his entire tenure, and that his office of diversity never brought to his attention. I know 2 women (and they are “women of color”) who work at Marshall, and who wrote personal letters to Austin to have Ellis reinstated. Ellis was perhaps the most effect administrator at SC in the last decade. And they go and fire him SMDH.

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      1. Roski was part of the crowd who didn’t think Max should have resigned. Ellis was treated shabbily, but Roski as some savior is a joke.

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      2. IG – agree. My comment was solely about the Ellis event. I think that the bloated BOT should be restructured from its current size down to about 15 people who really know the university and who have a sensible vision for getting the university back on track. And who aren’t necessarily the biggest donors.

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  1. Folt better lay off the weed for a very long time. She has a lot of work and thinking to do. The first assignment should be a no brainer though, Swanny, Ceeya.

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  2. Rick Caruso should have been removed years ago, and why do I get the feeling that Lynn Swann’s going to survive, doesn’t his current contract expire this month?

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  3. The university has become an outcast. New President Folt had her
    troubles at UNC. Hired because of gender equality. Too much money
    greed turned the school into their own private domain where they were
    above the law/ethics. Nikias was the 1st big mistake, and Haden/Swann
    followed ruining the athletic dept. Not the same since Sample & Carroll
    in their glory days. A 1967 Alumni following the great sports times from
    1959 to see the almost total collapse of this tradition. Men coaches back
    in the day of John McKay, Rod Dedeaux, Verne Wolfe ( Track ), Bob Boyd,
    Peter Daland ( Swimming ) and Tennis were the cream of the crop.

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  4. I don’t know two people who like Lynn Swann. But I’m sure they exist maybe a guy named Clay or Clancy, they owe everything to their “boss”. Anyway once the president gets a look at the vetting process during the hiring phase of Swann’s tenure I am sure he’s a cooked bird.
    As far as I’m concerned, the rest of the story is up to Folt. She entered the burning building, she has to take the heat.
    As for taking valuable practice time for autographs I am not as concerned over that if they hold a REAL scrimmage and not one those spring game non contact dog and pony shows.

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  5. Carol Folt is not the type of person to deal with the Board of Trustees – a group of spoiled adults kicking sand around in their little sandbox. She doesn’t have the smarts or backbone to deal with nasty people who feel so entitled. She’s going to have to surround herself with strong, new assistants, who can tell the Board to fuck off, and who can show Nikias, Haden and Swann the door.
    if she’s smart, she’ll do it ASAP. But, if she’s thinking she can warm everyone up, like Wanda Austin thought she could, this Folt gal will not last. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your head spins every time a new story comes out about how fucked up Nikias and Haden left USC. If Reggie Bush can be banned from campus, so to must these idiots.
    See the latest story:


    1. Essentially I agree with your point of view. I do not think Folt is a strong enough leader to correct the current USC mess overall and in athletics. The guy from Northwestern would have been perfect IMO. Caruso is a total hack. He is using his post as a jumping off point for running for the Mayor of LA. Can you imagine what a progressive POS you would have to be to pander to those axxholes to run for Mayor. Just as long as he leaves, sooner rather than later.


    2. Just looked at the LA Magazine article on USC and also the other articles as well. This is a typical, left wing, progressive/liberal publication pandering to all the Hollywood and West Coast elites. Trash….

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      1. No doubt Missing Link, that trash has too many 3 syllable words you don’t comprehend and not enough pictures of the effects of an artillery barrage on an urban population environment.

        Join Missing Link next week for his annual goosestepping for legal hand grenade sales for home security use.


      2. Owns —-Grenades are a poor choice for home security. I can’t tell you many of my neighbors have had manicures damaged by overestimating the amount of time they had after pulling pin…..

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