Trey Davis Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

Freshman cornerback Trey Davis has entered the NCAA transfer portal, according to

Davis is an incoming freshman and when he committed last year I questioned whether he would ever actually show up?

His only other offers were from Portland State, Sacramento State and Washington State. Hardly a great list.

Some USC recruiting pundits tried to overhype him but now it appears he will play elsewhere.


11 thoughts on “Trey Davis Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

  1. Last thought on “Helton Against The Spread” —–recently posted photos of Helton seem to indicate he’s winning the ‘spread’ battle….

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      1. Yep, 67. Hard for players under his wing to take things as seriously as they would if they had a Marv Goux leading them into battle….

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    1. Maybe if Ed Orgeron gave them cookies to eat they might coach better?




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  2. Everyone wants to be first string the minute they walk on the field, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes a great player emerges by playing with other great players. I don’t know this kid or anything about him, but he should have known going in that he’d be in a line of players waiting their turn, so he either doesn’t want to compete or he has been told he isn’t good enough. I doubt he’s trying to leverage more playing time because of he were that good there’d be reports of how good he looked.
    If wish him luck but every transfer out I can remember has led to nothing big.

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