USC Pac-12 Odds

BetOnline has more odds, this time on who has the best chance to win the Pac-12.

Pacific 12 Championship

Oregon                         9/4

Washington                   9/4       

Utah                             15/4

Washington State          17/2     

USC                             9/1       

Stanford                       20/1     

Arizona                         20/1     

Arizona State                25/1     

California                      25/1     

UCLA                            33/1     

Colorado                      80/1     

Oregon State                100/1   


28 thoughts on “USC Pac-12 Odds

  1. Luckily, we get to play 2 of the teams ahead of us (Utah & Washington) BACK TO BACK in SEPTEMBER (with Utah on a short week —-and Notre Dame after Washington —with both games being away)!!

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      1. So what happened to SUCCX will play any team, anywhere, anytime, hogwash??!!!!

        Just another Felony U FB fallacy uh 67.

        #Felony U: 4 – 8 mushroom fertilizer


  2. I just put a cool million on Washington to win the Pac-12! I know some of you poor die-hards (I mean financially poor) will question why I would not put money on USC? I didn’t get this rich by being stupid… You are living in the Inland Empire, Pacoima, Pasadena etc. and eating at Applebee’s for a reason.


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    1. NOBS —I loved this tact (the first half dozen times)……
      I guess we’re getting to the point now that somebody needs to point out this isn’t actually how rich people talk……

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      1. Rocco, from the Godfather.”Difficult,…… not impossible”. (When asked if Roth could assassinated.


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    2. NOBS, I love that you think you are rich, and you may even have money to burn. However, I am rich and I don’t have to brag. My son and daughter, both young adults, still love hanging with mom and dad. My friends exist in a real world where I can connect with them when I need them without an appointment. I like my job it gives me sense of purpose.
      My wife treats me like a king, I know I don’t deserve her. We own our house in the Inland Empire and our retirement home in San Marcos. You may pay $52 for a steak and still pay $10 for your baked potato. With a little care I can feed my family 4 better for under $20 by cooking the dinner myself. I make slow cooked beef ribs that put the high price BBQ restaurants to shame.
      NOBS your money will never buy you happiness until you know how easy it is to be happy with an Applebee’s menu in your hands in the Inland Empire.

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      1. An underappreciated aspect of Applebee’s is the staff who work there. No entitled millennials. Young workers who try their hardest, great attitude, they know where they want to go in life and are enjoying the journey of getting there.

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      2. NO BS is a junior at UC L.A. in a 3rd tier frat. Probably Lambda something. Good luck NO BS. Go buy mule a steak & get him a tarp for the cardboard box. Money well spent.



  3. Where does Scottie find this stuff? The implied probabilities of the first 6 winning exceed 100 percent…


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    1. Whoooooooooa, 22 (AKA Jimmy”Scoop” Olson) cuts and pastes the No. Ca, “nothing burger” story.



    2. Good catch GT22
      Robbins…a fine pedo felon. He likes his money soiled & his weemens fresh. Leopards don’t change their spots. Right mule?

      #WestwoodUC L.A.FlushIt


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