USC Night Notes

Clay Helton ranks No. 4 on the list of nine coaches on the hot seat by Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

Money quote: “If Helton doesn’t make it, what history does (Lynn) Swann have of hiring Power Five head football coaches? If you guessed none, go to the head of the line with USC’s anxiety.”

  • The NCAA delivered a notice of allegations that charges the North Carolina State men’s basketball program and two former coaches with major violations.

This is the first response by the NCAA from the federal corruption scandal. If former coach Mark Gottfried, now at Cal State Northridge, is found responsible for a Level I head coach control violation, he could miss at least 30-50 percent of a season.

Will the NCAA get around to addressing USC this summer?


17 thoughts on “USC Night Notes

  1. About 20-25 percent of these jobs turn over every year. Yet only 3 jobs out of 130 are ranked here as “Must Win Now”. This ranking is way too optimistic. Many more coaches will be fired next year than what is predicted.

    Helton should be in the “Must Win Now” category, but he is in the “start improving now” category.

    And Chocolate Chip Kelly is ranked in the category as “All good for now”. Really? After 3-9? And after a horrendous recruiting class, and players jumping over themselves to enter the transfer portal?

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    1. 67 you pathetic twat, I understand now, you have a heavy-heavy man-crush on CK and UCLA.

      BTW 67,’s pre-season College Football Rankings reveal two important facts:

      Fresno St. is ranked #21.

      Felony U is unranked.

      Therefore –

      #Fresno St 35 – Felony U 12. (4 FG’s)



      1. Just Rent,

        You pathetic piece of trash. Ur dna of being a ruin fan shows through ur disgusting and absolutely no class thinking. To use foul language is offensive. But what do u expect from a gutter troll who spent his federal money on Night Train. Refrain from cussing u idiot.

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    1. flyerz73 —It actually starts, “what will get everybody riled up the fastest?”

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  2. Helton is on thin ice, there is little doubt he is on a hot seat of epic proportions. Personally I don’t think he has the gravitas to pull off a major turnaround. Based on his in game calls I don’t think he thinks in a winning fashion. Any winning coach will tell you don’t let up, you take out poorly performing players and you pull boneheaded mistakes makers without hesitation. This is part of being a leader who wins. I understand the players have feelings, but to sacrifice the game for the sake of a kid who can’t snap the ball right, is totally counterproductive.
    Helton would need learn to be ruthless , but I think he wants to spare Ruth’s feelings.

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    1. Good call —but men change sometimes when they’re in fear of losing their livelihood…

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      1. Obviously, she’s getting egged on by self interested parties, gt….

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  3. If that stupid ass, Lynn Swann would hire a retread in Mark Trakh, who wasn’t effective his first time around at USC , then I can only imagine what that imbecile would do with a coaching search for a football coach. Remember, this is the same fool, who saw the need to sign, Clueless Clay Helton to a unnecessary extension .

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  4. Out of all the years Clay Helton has been coaching at USC there hasn’t been one game the Trojans have won where it can be said that Helton’s coaching directly attributed to the win. Not a single game.


    1. That’s because he’s a Dummy with a head coaching title, Pat Haden thought so much of the USC football program, that he thinks anybody could do the job … WRONG!!


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