The USC Fall Showcase Is Set

Below is the information for the first USC Fall Showcase that Lynn Swann said will draw 10,000-15,000 to the Coliseum. Tickets are $10.


9 thoughts on “The USC Fall Showcase Is Set

  1. Should be named, “USC Showcase Failure” because that’s what it will be. The highlight of this event ? Taking your picture with a horse ! Really ?


      1. Only Jesus saves and he’s coming back soon very soon! Wake up! This life is temporary the next one is eternal! Focus on things above and unseen not on this temporary fallen world! Jesus is the way the truth and the life and the truth will set you free! The Rapture is imminent you don’t want to be left behind if you are don’t get the mark of the beast! Accept Jesus today best decision you will ever make! Jesus loves you! John 3:16 Acts 4:12


    1. So what exactly about you is USC Proud? Are you a USC alumni? What year did you graduate? Are you a longtime native LA legacy fan?

      Or are you just a proud person proud of her/him self on the internet?

      Do tell…..

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  2. You also get to check out the bag that USC uses to give the money to recruits during the scholarship tower tour! I AM the one that fills the bag with cash!



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