Can Clay Helton Break His Trend?

Back in July I mentioned Clay Helton is 1-12 against the spread at USC.

So how many of the first six games will USC be an underdog?

Road trips to Washington and Notre Dame are a given.

But what about the road trip to BYU? Or home games with Stanford and Utah? USC is a 13.5-point favorite over Fresno State.

Given his history, Helton can’t afford to be an underdog in more than two of the first six games. After all, he doesn’t have Sam Darnold anymore.

35 thoughts on “Can Clay Helton Break His Trend?

  1. That fucking clown Clay Helton will have the Trojans losing to Fresno St. 24 – 17.

    Only way the Trojans come away with a win vs the Bulldogs is if Trojan talent can overcome Clay & Clancy’s incompetent coaching.

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    1. or…SC goes to a running q/b like they should have last year
      which helps negate the ‘O’ line problems and receivers not getting open…when Sam rolled out and was a threat to run things improved in all aspects

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      1. USC should have went with Jalen Greene in 2015. The one game he saw action as a true freshman was vs the Irish in South Bend when Cody “The Statue” Kessler was stinking it up.

        Greene came in and promptly torched the Irish going 3 of 4 for 127 yards 1 TD.



  2. How many coaches on USC’s schedule are worse than Gomer ? BYU ? Colorado ?

    How many teams on USC’s schedule have worse talent than USC ? Probably most of them, but that doesn’t matter when the head coach is a moron and the way Gomer is recruiting these days, this won’t be a plus for USC in the future

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  3. Fake Trojan fan MG gets ruined…again

    Oh wait, what…it was Jalen Greene as a true freshman playing against the Irish in South Bend that had to come in and tbrow the Trojans first TD pass of the game, 75 yards to JuJu Smith Schuster

    Oh yeah, but Jalen Greene being a TRUE FRESHMAN in that game wasn’t any good at QB…doesn’t make sense that Errand Boy would bring him in vs the NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH IN SOUTH BEND, INDIANA!



  4. Looks like Michael Pittman is once again headed into Clay Helton’s dog house.

    From WEARESC :

    “Pittman didn’t have his number called a lot during the scrimmage, but he did wind up on the receiving end of a deep Fink pass during a two-minute drill, where he ran a double move to get loose against coverage from Steele.”

    Clay Helton already thinking up some mysterious injury to lay on the Trojans best receiver in order to keep him on the bench.

    I guess Michael Pittman hasn’t been showing Errand Boy the love that’s expected of Trojan players who want to start.

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      1. Graham Harrell was on his way out at North Texas…he’s just grateful he found a program run by idiots and stupid enough to give him a job.

        Harrell as Trojans OC is nothing but a smokescreen.


      2. Here is my HOPE, Tim —- Helton has charged himself with conducting an occasional (empty gesture) post practice presser but the real work is being done by the Coordinators. This is the team’s only chance. If, on the other hand, Helton is actively involved in game planning and, worse yet, playcalling, USC will get off to a disastrous start ….and Helton will be gone by mid season…

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      1. From WEARESC :

        “Pittman didn’t have his number called a lot during the scrimmage, but he did wind up on the receiving end of a deep Fink pass during a two-minute drill, where he ran a double move to get loose against coverage from Steele.”

        End quote…try and keep up, huh!


    1. Helton didn’t think much of Sam Darnold to start the season and we all sae how well that turned out…

      Darnold improvised out of Clay Helton’s crap play calling to earn the starting job which salvaged the season and Helton’s career.

      Hey ClownShaman, go sell stupid somewhere else…your Errand Boy Helton is a fucking clown and everyone knows it.

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      1. couldn’t you phrase in a more ,let’s say , eloquent fashion…you would still make your point…you are correct often whether you are a real SC guy or not…

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    2. Cloud — Sam also LEFT EARLY because of Helton.
      [Is it possible that t-bum is not, as Cal75 suggested, a bruin troll? Could he be a USC Athletic Department plant —sent to end all traffic on Scott’s blog?]…….

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      1. “Could he be a USC Athletic Department plant —sent to end all traffic on Scott’s blog?]”

        That’s code for #WeInTheUSCAthleticDept.NeedToFigureAWayOfGettingThoseWhoSpeakTheTruthAboutTheIncompetentBros.Swann,HeltonAndPendergast…Banned


    1. Got your nerve up yet Call boy hippie?

      Where should I meet you at the Trojan Scrimmage Showcase?

      You sell ‘guns & howitzer’s’…you’re a damn joke.

      Like I said, I have no problem coming to see you.


    2. Cal75 —Are you as thoroughly impressed as I am with the way little tweedle-bo (1) can say something bird brained and, then, (2) get girlishly hysterical when someone points it out? A mind like his comes around maybe once every 500 years…..


  5. Tebow……your last comment is something that I’ve considered. They must be members of Helton’s church. immediate family or coaching staff. Anyone who knows much about football…..after watching our games the past several years would have to maintain a personal motive to be defending this man. He is being paid 4 million per year and has no clue how to be a head coach.

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    1. No real Trojan football fan would ever back an idiot like Helton after witnessing Helton keeping this clown Neil Callaway around for as long as he did, knowing full well Callaway didn’t know shit about coaching.

      Look at this video, if seeing this video of Callaway doesn’t piss you off…there’s something wrong with you

      Helton’s dumb ass should have been fired right along with that idiot Callaway


    2. I think they are just trying to make the most,silver lining stuff, of a terrible and morbid situation, thanks to the AD…
      hellton is a pure liar,and yet people call him a good man…he isn’t.

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      1. “Pure liar” is correct but it doesn’t quite capture Helton’s essence, Tim. I’d say it’s a case of Helton being spontaneously dishonest —he lies even when he doesn’t have to. Everybody has a “tell” before they lie (e. g. Kamala Harris takes a big gulp) —- Helton’s tell is hilarious: He prefaces his lie with the comment “to tell the truth —blah, blah, blah.”


  6. ObummerMcTrollshit must have a 243e1 because he’s not able to attend any show where real steel is on the table.

    Or a 273.5
    But he does post 17 times in one thread. Incredible. Just keeps on point with the same tedious uninformed posts.


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    1. You got called out Call boy hippie, you’re nothing but a big talking chickenshit and everyone has now seen you for what you are…just that.


    2. Cal75 —Apparently Tweedle-bow doesn’t get the fact you don’t want to go two feet outta your own backyard to meet him………


      1. MG,
        Normal people do not aimlessly venture to the L.A. Coliseum. Last time I took my life in my hands was(I think) 1989 to take a client to the 49er/Raider game. Holly cow what a loser area. We got to the game, had a beer & looked around. And left at half time. Lol.

        ObummerMcTrollshit, you are a troll. A cancerous troll with an agenda. No one trashes their school like you trash SC. Either you are jealous of SC or you are being paid to trash the school. Your name comes up, I just scroll past. At least I stop to read the mule because once in awhile he launches a zinger.

        ObummerMcTrollshit, you are a boring, tedious troll. I would doubt your obama phone rings much.


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  7. Call Boy 75 –

    I’m sick of reading your glorified “war stories”, they’re tantamount to nursery rhymes. I’m a proud SC alum whom thinks you and the people running SC are a disgrace. Now go pleasure Sling Blade, I mean Pudly.


    1. I am retired from my job in LA,
      now moved to Va …at 61 yrs of age,15 yrs ago.
      Went to SC home games starting in ’51…last time time was in mid 90’s.
      I last worked Coliseum area Univ/S/W Div in mid 70’s after 77th…then the parking on streets wasn’t real user friendly at SC/ Rams/ucla events…so, I watched it change drastically over decades…
      I am sure day time on campus is fine…night time, and parking and walking to vehicles ? Make sure your life Ins is paid up…


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