Is USC Selling Arizona State T-Shirts Too?

USC’s online store emailed this ad to fans. And it includes an Arizona State T-shirt complete with pitch fork.

Who goofed? I’ve got to know.

10 thoughts on “Is USC Selling Arizona State T-Shirts Too?

  1. SCooter,

    You should know this, SC would sell your mother for money if they could. You aren’t worth a dime, but your mom is worth that or more.


  2. USC got caseloads from ASU when they joined the league and refused to change their colors. For a long time there was a feud between USC over the right to wear school colors of cardinal and gold, but it was settled and USC won the truckload of useless tee-shirts. They also have socks and underwear, look for them in the next bargain basement ad.

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    1. “The Honors and the Awards just keep on coming!” — Brent Musburger 2008…..
      “It must be hard for Helton to keep on failing with so many blue chip players…” Notre Dame Blog 2019

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      1. I stopped counting after the first 2 dozen qb sacks….


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