USC Morning Buzz: Money Talks Edition

Everything USC does has a common thread: Money.

It will pay UC Davis only $725,000 to play at the Coliseum in 2021 per The Athletic. USC paid Western Michigan $1.2 million in 2017 for a nonconference game at the Coliseum.

Now that’s a good reason for the skin flints in the athletic dept. to bury tradition.

Insiders believe money was the reason successful men’s tennis coach Peter Smith and John Robinson “resigned” their positions.

And yet . . . Lynn Swann makes $3-4 million a year.

  • Do you remember a couple years ago how recruiting analysts raved about JT Daniels’ scrambling ability?

“He went from like a C-minus to an A. I haven’t seen anything like it,” said Greg Biggins of 247Sports.

Maybe this year USC fans will see that from Daniels.

  • And finally . . . from Mike Leach.

24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Money Talks Edition

  1. USC Football: Drop UC Davis From 2021 Schedule

    7 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

    John Schlaerth started this petition to USC Athletic Department and 2 others

    Until now, USC football has never scheduled an FCS opponent for a regular season game.  It was among only three remaining teams carrying on this tradition, along with two of USC’s most storied rivals: UCLA and Notre Dame.  To surrender the equivalent of the “moral high ground” to these conspicuous remaining teams in such a high profile sport is unconscionable with the heritage and tradition of USC football.

    It seems a strategic error has been made by the USC Athletic Department in scheduling UC Davis, which would be its first FCS opponent in history, in 2021 for a regular season game.  The apparent reasons were that no other FBS teams were available or willing to play a game on that open September 4, 2021 date.  So instead of adhering to an admirable legacy and leaving the date open while continuing to solicit other FBS schools, USC Athletics went to the FCS, breaking with a sacred adherence embedded in the fabric of USC history.  This decision runs considerable and unwarranted risk among USC Alumni, the USC Community, and all those who know and love USC Football, of drastically and permanently affecting their view of the USC Football Program and of the University in general.

    We urge in the strongest possible terms that the USC Athletic Department reconsider this decision to schedule USC Football against FCS UC Davis in 2021, and leave the date open playing an 11-game regular season if an FBS opponent cannot be scheduled for that date.  It is simply the right thing to do.

    Want to share this petition?

    Copy link


    21 hours ago

    5 supporters

    2 weeks ago

    John Schlaerth started this petition


    7 people have signed the petition and it’s been available to sign for two weeks now.

    How fucking embarrassing!

    Just when you thought Trojan football couldn’t reach a new low…the clowns running the USC shit show reach a new low!

    Well done.

    What a Gawd Damn Clusterfuck USC has become.


    1. Ooo! Your righteousness indignation is so heartwarming…I’m sure you’ve already signed the stupid petition. Hahahahaha, the way you fuse your “copy and paste” and potty mouth vocabulary shows your true intelligence! Cussing makes you right too, that was the first rule of every philosophy and logic course I’ve ever taken.
      And now you blame the school because no one signed your stupid petition?? Smdh, if it mattered so much to you why didn’t you copy and paste the link??? I know, because trollboy – pornboy – krappa are all bark….


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      1. I guess you haven’t seen the “light” yet, Pudly —the first person to say “clusterf**k” in an argument always wins…….

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Read the stuff little te-bot has up today. You’d have to be crazier than he is to EVER believe he has USC’s interests at heart. He hates us. Let’s hate him back.

        Liked by 3 people

      3. The fact that we might be trending for 5* RB, Bijan Robinson has him all confused. Bijan will be announcing Friday I believe.
        God forbid we win a couple games early this season, he could go apoplectic!

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      4. MG, my friend. I am going to call you higher on this and ask that you don’t hate anyone back. Stay out of the mud, take the higher road, and don’t let hatred infect your heart.


        Liked by 1 person

      5. Pudly —If USC gets off to a miracle start (beating Stanford, Utah and Washington), the haters will be placed on suicide watch along side with Mueller….

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  2. Your reach exceeds your grasp on so many levels Scotty Potty.

    I read this crap and wonder…does Scotty Potty have a significant other?

    The unimaginable prospect of waking up to another day of having to listen to the gooble-dee-goop that somehow tumbles down the empty staircase from Scotty’s shriveled brain and out of his mouth has got to be excruciatingly painful.


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    1. He did an interview from his office last season and in the background, behind his desk, there was hung a large portrait of himself reclining nude…(no tbone, he didn’t expose himself).
      What other coach has the brass to pull something like that off?

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      1. The answer to your question is: NO other coach has “the brass to pull that off” —-not Saban, not Meyer, not Carroll, not even Dabo Swinney (well, maybe Dabo)…….

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      2. Not just the brass to pull it off and put it up on the wall. But can you imagine if someone actually got him to talk about it?

        The wit and wisdom of Mike Leach combined with a nude photo of himself = pure interview gold.


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  3. Thoughts about USC football on social media…

    ScPa5 1757 postsJul 27, 5:38 PMvia Mobile

    Greg Biggins had a lot to say on Clemson board about Flowe and USC


    TroyAreaCA408 4633Jul 27, 7:41 PM

    a lot of Helton pumpers on facebook were saying that people shouldn’t worry because Helton and staff would get Flowe. They’ll look like buffoons if Flowe heads to Clemson (don’t blame him, Clemson is rocking).


    Dickens 11164Jul 27, 7:46 PM

    It seems Clemson fans are pretty up to speed.. 

    diegotigre said… (original post)

    Thanks for the insight, Greg. I’d say there’s a really good chance that SC makes a coaching change this year, and if they pull their head out of their ass and hire outside of the USC family, and actually hire a coach deserving of the job, then we will definitely have an issue here, but it’s SC sooooo

    Flagging offReplyQuote

    FightOn714 13291Jul 27, 9:14 PMvia Mobile

    USC has lost its luster

    We are at Miami level

    Has beens


    Wubbersgone 1353Jul 27, 10:18 PM

    FightOn714 said… (original post)

    USC has lost its luster

    We are at Miami level

    Has beens

    USC is not a football school anymore. It’s a daycare center.


    OldSunsetFan 28117 hours ago

    Kids ice cream parlor.





      1. Wow, I guess it’s over. Flowe is not ours.

        Oh! Wait! Biggins was the same guy who said that Steele was going to:



        sooners….he said there was NO WAY he would end up at SC. Hahahahaha!

        Oh! Wait! Chris is a Trojan!

        You are a dolt.

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  4. Good Gawd Almighty!

    USC football has become such a huge shit show with Steve Lopes, Lynn Swann and Clay Helton running the Trojan football program into a shit hole that even Scott Wolf is having trouble coming up with blog topics to talk about.

    Wolf’s blogs are being generated at a glacial pace.

    USC football is on the verge of being officially irrelevant…Priceless!



    1. Dear queenobummer1,
      I wish you well in your senior year of high school. I’m sure the challenge will keep you occupied & posting less. That’s not to say that your rambling oratory is not appreciated because it is.


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  5. My solution for all our woes. First ship Larry Scott to the ACC. Point out a team is willing to pay 17 million to exit, he’ll se the money and jump on it. Then send Swann to Larry Scott’s office, where he can pontificate on all things sports without having a clue about any of them. (Note he already does this at USC). Put Lopes and crew in a round tower and tell them to per on the corner. Move Helton up to the Athletic Director office where he can be higher in chief.
    Finally move Harrell in as coach let him find a decent defensive coordinator and problems are solved.

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  6. I watched the Pac12 chnl replay of Cal game… jt got scrambled by Cal
    He couldn’t get out of the way vs any Cal lineman.


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