Out Of State Exodus Continues

Wide receiver Johnny Wilson of Calabasas committed to Oregon over Washington and Texas. Tailback Kendall Milton of Clovis will commit to Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia or LSU tonight.

That means 11 of the 15 players who have committed from California in ESPN’s top 300 will go out of state.

UPDATED: Milton committed to Georgia.

12 thoughts on “Out Of State Exodus Continues

  1. Why wouldn’t you go?
    USC is Coached by Pop Warner level idiots!
    Until Swann,Helton and Staff are fired,
    USC will remain a second tiered team!
    Very Embarrassing!


      1. Justin Wilcox, California Pyrite Bears

        “California was another team in transition last season and it quickly became apparent that they would have a strong defensive group, but their offense left a lot to be desired. Wilcox did not disguise this fact as he picked out every position on offense and stated where they need to improve. The offensive line does not have a lot of depth and will be rotating players, the receivers have a lot of inexperience, the running backs are unproven and they have not settled on a quarterback.”

        One such QB is the “prortal” landed former UCLA QB, Devon Modster.

        “86, instead of repeatedly making a fool yourself on Wolf’s blog, consider lining up a Dandelion Canyon balloon vendor route for 2019.


    1. Just Rent,

      I notice that there was no mention of Thug U aka ultimate cheaters aka ruinville in the conversation. Not for a split second did they consider Chocolate Chip Kelly and the fence jumping ruins.


  2. Pat Haden said the three years of sanctions would have long term effects on the program. What he didn’t say was he’d make sure his prediction came true. His actions set in motion the worst era of USC football on record. Consider his first coaching search. Lane Kiffin was a proven flop as a head coach. He was so hated by Al Davis, that Davis called him a liar and refused to pay his remaining contract. He then took the Tennessee team for a ride before coming to USC. Haden fired Kiffin after keeping him in for unknown reasons. USC had a former head coach on staff in Ed Orgeron and he was tapped to finish that season. However, Pat didn’t even consider Orgeron when looking for a permanent replacement for Kiffin. When Pat passed Orgeron over Haden tapped Clay Helton for a one game audition. Unfortunately Helton translated that one game into proof that he could assume the position of head coach successfully. What Haden didn’t factor in was the Orgeron effect, which caused the team to rally together for one game. When 7 win Sark was hired few expected a quick turnaround. When he proved to be unfit for his job, Haden again tapped Helton to lead a disillusioned team. Even though Helton had no real experience other than being extremely lucky, Haden conducted a one candidate search and handed the keys to the coach’s office to him. By the time Helton’s luck ran out and he had been exposed as an inexperienced, incompetent boob many times over. There are many reasons to believe things will not change at USC for a long time, but the biggest reason to accept the status quo is the hemorrhaging of money because of the mismanagement of the school. This not an excuse, it’s a fact.


  3. The sooner Troy burns to ashes, the faster it can be rebuilt. This is like watching an old aunt or uncle pass away. It is very slow and agonizing and it won’t end.


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